ORFFU Lucky Find PSD 2022

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    Jan 3, 2016
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    R17 Votes:
    B. Close (EDN) 5
    K. Coleman (BAN) 4
    T. Sonsie (PEA) 3
    J. Horne-Francis (BBU) 2
    M. Holmes (HSH) 1
    Total Votes:
    N. Daicos (KOR) 40, Z. Tuohy (GRT) 39

    B. Close (EDN) 28, K. Coleman (BAN) 25, D. Fort (CGD) 19,
    J. Gunston (SFB) 12, J. Horne-Francis (BBU) 10, J. Rachele (PEA) 9,
    , C. Taylor (EDN), L. Young (GRT) 8, L. Schultz (NV) 7
    W. Rioli (SOU), L. Meek (PEA), G. Clark (KOR), C. Nash (KIM) 6
    M. Holmes (HSH) 6, J. Gibcus (PAK), J. Koschitzke (SOU), B. Hobbs (CBC) 4
    T. Sonsie (PEA) 3, H. Ralphsmith (BBU), K. Strachen (BBU) 2
    J. Ward (STG) 1
    First time neither of the final top 2 polled in the last round. In 2014, neither of the top 2 going into the round polled leaving the field open for Jaensch.
    The winner is Pick 1 Nick Daicos. This is the 3rd time a Pick 1 has won.
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