ORFFU Rounds 1 and 2 Review

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    After a big first 2 rounds, here are the scores brought to you by walesy's Statpages and Scoreboards
    Round 1: With the 2 week round, we had a rolling lockout. Some coaches adapted well to this and used switching well to win. We had some problems with the new TsLeagues system but a certain 'strong silent type' eventually learned how to use it well, some scoring problems arose due to differences in forum/TsLeague teams but it was eventually resolved:
    Gisborne 779 vs Goondiwindi 1445
    BAFFU (Best And Fairest for FU) Votes:3 Bruest (GOO) 2 Ward (GOO) 1 Sandilands (GOO)
    Trent West also proved a good addition to his new clubs (Brisbane and Gisborne) scoring 100 and getting the POOYA (Pull One Out Ya Ass) award for round 1 but outs proved costly for Gisborne.
    Eden 1217 vs Blanchetown 1450
    Votes: 3 Prestia (BLA) 2 Jones (EDN) 1 Pendles (BLA)
    Manangatang 1079 vs Banchang 1138
    Votes:3 J.Selwood (BAN) 2 J.Watson (MAN) 1 D.Swallow (BAN) *Selwood and Watson tied. Wining team gets the 3
    Southern Cross 1248 vs Cow Bay 1028
    Votes:3 Lecrae 2 Fyfe 1 Myers (All SOU)
    Pakenham 1299 vs Korumburra 1156
    Votes: 3 Ablett 2 Beams 1 N.Roo (All PAK)

    Coolgardie 1165 vs King Island 1070
    Votes:3 Wines 2 Mummy 1 Omeara (All CGD)
    Christmas Island 1140 vs Serengeti 1371
    Votes:3 Goddard 2 Deledio 1 Chappy (All SER)
    Ararat 1274 vs Groote Eylandt 1308
    Votes: 3 Treloar (ARA) 2 Zorko (GRT) 1 Hoff (ARA)

    Staghorn Flat 1274 vs Pearcedale 1049
    Votes:3 Rosa (PEA) 2 Birchall (STG) 1 J.Roughead (STG)



Discussion in 'Blog' started by HOLKY, Apr 1, 2014.

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