Outsmart Barry Hall for your chance to win plenty of cash

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By walesy on Mar 22, 2017 at 4:02 PM
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    Righto guys, we've watched the pre-season. We've done the research and now, we've got an extra swing to turn that knowledge into some dollars.

    Draftstars is running a new competition over the first four weeks of the season, giving us all a chance to share in $10,000 per game.

    All you need to do is to beat former Swan and premiership captain, Big Bad Bustling Barry Hall.



    As most of you guys know, Draftstars does most of it's business on a game-by-game basis, where you pick your team and compete against others for free, or for cash prizes. There's no long term commitment, just quick, fun games.

    For more specifics, beating Barry will be played using the AFL Fantasy scoring model, using Draftstars Turbo format, which involves selecting a single player from six different groups of player.

    It's just that easy. Pick six guys, and if your squad can beat Hall's score, then you walk away with a share of the $10,000 prize pool for that game.

    The comp will run for four weeks in total, and every single game in round one will be free to enter.

    For the remaining three weeks, the Friday night game will be free, but the other eight games will have an entry fee. Still, twelve free cracks at beating Baz is a damn good deal!

    Taking a look at the Collingwood/Bulldogs game, we can already see Halls selections.

    Tom Liberatore, Lin Jong, Easton Wood, Marcus Bontempelli, Josh Smith and Adam Treloar.

    So that's it, beat him and walk away with a share of $10k. I would love to hear some strategies in the comments, but already I'm thinking that the best way to nail Barry would be to match 5 of his picks, and focus in on his weakest link with your 6th pick. Personally, I'm looking at you Lin Jong!

    In 2016, $4.8 million was won by Draftstars player, which technically, is more than every year of Supercoach and AFL Fantasy combined.

    So there we have it. Draftstars Beat Barry. Giving you the chance to beat Barry Hall nine time per week!


    Draftstars is licensed as a sports bookmaker in the Northern Territory and is available to over 18s only.Terms and conditions apply.|You must be 18+ | You know the score. Stay in control. Leave before you lose it.Gamble Responsibly. Call Gambler’s Help 1800 858 858 or visit gamblinghelponline.org.au
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Mar 22, 2017.

    1. walesy
      Further to the above, I reckon Nank is a great chance to outscore Armfield.
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    2. TheTassieHawk
      in theory that's the smart play if you are competing against a single opponent rather than the whole field of entrants, although 2 weak Bazza picks vs 2 other choices could also work out well
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    3. walesy
      I'm pretty sure that they are paying out the $10k as a split, for everyone that beats Baz.
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    4. Owen
      You'd think they'd keep Bazza's selection a secret until the game starts - oh well, that strategy seems to be a goer.
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    5. stripey
      Yes I've always felt the 2005 premiership was tainted thanks to the AFL tribunal....
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    6. port_leschenault
      Draftstars? Haven't seen them on every fantasy AFL site or book.
    7. Iain
      Even though I know nothing about NRL that seems to be the easiest strategy for that comp as well.
    8. Bearfly
      And as always, being from SA i'm not eligible to enter any of those free games - absolute f*#*ing bulldust :mad: Another big:thumbsd:to Draftstars from me
    9. Iain
      Still got that Tassie address somewhere Bear?
    10. walesy
      Boooo :( Crazy ol' SA legislation!
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    11. Bearfly
      Could possibly find it if I spend an hour or 2 searching through old sms on the phone............nah, think that's more effort than it's worth considering I have heaps to do today before game time (and also have to let the missus get on the computer for an hour so she can finish setting up her ORFFF/SC/RDT/AFLF teams for tonight).
    12. Bearfly
      So very true mate - miss out on all the good tasty offers and bonuses from the corporate bookies and things like DS :(:mad:
    13. walesy
      Such a busy time of year :D Welcome back footy!
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    14. Bearfly
      Especially when you're in 30 tipping comps - let alone SC/ORFF'S/RDT/AFLF and other Daily's
      Pretty much a full time job this footy season stuff :eek::confused:;):p:D
    15. pollypies
      It doesn't allow me to enter either and I am in Vic!
    16. walesy
      Have you logged in? When I first went there, it treated me like I'm in SA.
    17. Waldo666
      Anyone know of any promo codes for when making your first deposit?
    18. Senator96
      Outsmart Barry Hall? That doesn't sound like a difficult assignment!
    19. Mick
      Great minds @walesy

      I did exactly that and dug a hole in the draftstars coffers roughly the size of $2.87! :D

      Should be a solid strategy moving forward - towards early retirement :spoton:

      While I'm spouting about small victories and promos, Crownbet (Draftstars won't mind me plugging their affiliate) had a handy one on tonight's game that I took advantage of - keep an eye out to see if they keep it rolling...

      $20 (min stake to be eligible for the promo) on Richmond straight up @ $1.40 = $28
      $1 for every point your team wins by (132 - 89) = $43
      So $20 > $71 = +$51 for basically a lock (sorry Blues supporters) with minimal investment :thumbsu:
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