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    So far PICK 24 in ORFFU for 2017 has travelled a great distance, this epic journey started in June 2016. Where will it end up is anyone’s guess!

    Starting its life in the Serengeti it was always going to be a long road ahead for this pick. Trade 11 in the MSD it was sent to Staghorn Flat on a 10,503km adventure in a multi prong deal. Once there it wasn’t long before it was heading to Eden in MSD Trade 15 on a 454km trip for Fasolo.

    The season came and then went in a blink of an eye and soon enough trading started up again. With that the second-round PSD pick was now to be known as PSD 24.

    Trade 7 in the PSD sent pick 24 to Nuytsland in the west on a 2,765km jaunt for Wagner. The pick was bandied around in many offers and eventually in trade 13 was sent to Staghorn Flat for Matty Boyd which added another 2,365km.

    Trade 15 was soon posted sending PSD 24 back to Nuytsland for Sammy Mayes on the return flick of 2,365km.

    With the first trading period closing at the end of November will this second-round pick get on the road again? Will it be a fresh start in the new year that will see this pick get the travel bug again? Who else will get their hands on this handy little pick? To date PSD 24 has travelled 18,452km, how many more will it travel or has it found its home in the west?

    Until next time, be safe in your travels where ever they may take you.
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    nice write up @YAD69 , im still shopping it around ;)
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