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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Jan 22, 2019.

By Jason on Jan 22, 2019 at 12:35 PM
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    The TooSerious tradition that is Rate My Team (RMT) is back in 2019!

    A quick refresher on the rules.

    1. In order to get feedback on your own team, you must first provide feedback on the teams that have been recently posted. This is the golden rule and is what makes this whole thing work. :)
    2. If you just post your team without giving any feedback, your post will be deleted. :mad:
    3. Please refrain from commenting on teams that have been posted by others that have not followed the golden rule. :cool:
    4. Keep it civil. Constructive criticism is fine. But there is a line and please don't cross it. :eek:

    To kick things off, here is my 2019 team. "I can't see us losing a game in 2019".

    Version 1 (January 2019)

    Version 2 (after JLT1)


    Version 3 (after JLT2)

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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Jan 22, 2019.

    1. crawf68
      Any comments appreciated. have i got too many premo/Mid backman?? 80k left SC.png
    2. Jason
      Cavarra is injured, won't be fit to play for several weeks at the earliest.
    3. stripey
      Initial thoughts are I'm not too keen on Rozee and Blakey's scoring ability for their prices... I would also expect your other rookies to change a lot when teams drop which would impact your kitty, if any... Cavarra is injured, Wicks wont be picked, Balta has iffy job security - i dont think you's want to have Gibbons, Parker, Hind, Rozee on field
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    4. Jason
      I'm not the only one to have suggested Lobb. @Len and @Royboy Forever have both suggested him previously in this thread too.
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    5. crawf68
      whoops, my bad wrong photo. sorry about that

    6. walesy
      Reckon I've picked it 3 years running now :D This time for sure!
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    7. RPritch
      Like the team a lot Jason, very similar to my own. Since you're such a keen Dogs supporter, why no Dunkley in your team? Surely based on how poor the rest of the forward options he's a lock in anyone's team that knows much about the Dogs. Pretty confident Bevo and co are backing him to play on ball even with Libba back
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    8. Nick
      Some selection updates:

      Carlton: Gibbons confirmed to debut tomorrow night (Bolton)

      Geelong: Clark "Brave coaching group not to pick him (Scott)

      Dogs: on Dunkley:
      Western Bulldogs: "Josh (Dunkley) had an outstanding second half of the year (in '18).. playing Midfield.. Josh will be Mid & bit Forward & that's how we'll start" Luke Beveridge via @1116sen

      From FF twitter
    9. Jason
      Beveridge has said that Dunkley will play midfield to start the season. There is no guarantee that he will stay in that role for long though. During JLT, he played the first match as a FWD and the second match as a MID. Last year, he played most of the season as a FWD and the last 6 or so games as a MID.

      If he stays as a MID, should be good to average around 100. I'm just not convinced that he is going to stay in that role. Toby McLean has been pushed into a FWD role for 2019 as a result of all of this.
    10. Jason
      Wasn't half a season, more like the last 6 rounds or so once Dahlhaus got injured and never played for us again.
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    11. stripey
      who's position would he take in the forward line if he didnt play MID...
    12. Jason
      I said above, Toby McLean has become a FWD because of Dunkley's changed role.

      Last year, Beveridge experimented with Easton Wood as a FWD. That lasted one week.

      Nothing is permanent when it comes to positions at the Bulldogs.
    13. stripey
      ok thanks... missed that...
    14. port_leschenault
      There's no.such thing as making enough money in SC and the game can go kaplooie at any stage, you have noway of knowing, so it is a risk to intentionally hobble your side.

      You have to ask yourself if saving a trade is more important than a cash cow? If he's a must have, he's a must have at R4/5 (the earliest he'll play 2 games), not now.

      NN is one I'm considering, definitely has the opportunity to score in that Carlton backline, and has proven it in the past which you like. Still, he's at Carlton.
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    15. stripey
      I was watching NN in JLT2.... he was awful, his disposal and decision making was woeful... Given I have him in the ORFFL I felt like a little part of me died...
    16. Jason
      You seem to have missed my point.

      I am risking some tempo in terms of cash generation but consider that I will still have generated enough money from my other rookies to still be able to start making my upgrades on-time.

      Yes, the trade is more important than the slight delay in cash generation.
    17. port_leschenault
      Well I see it as losing out twice: once on a playing rookie to put in your team before round 1 and once again on a mid-season downgrade target. Purposely choosing to limit your cash generation by having a non playing rookie over a playing rookie is not something I would ever recommend anyone do in their SC team. The game it hard enough with intentionally making the odds harder for yourself and no one can be over-confident that they've picked the perfect combination of rookies that will moo that they can afford another walking bye. It's a bold strategy, Cotton.
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    18. Jason
      I expect him to play R3. I get two loophole options in my MIDs with my emergency this way that a lot of other teams won't have access to (Fremantle play in the last game for the first two rounds). That and saving a trade are worth the sacrifice in my view.
    19. stripey
      Worse case scenario he becomes a correction trade I guess, youd want to be pretty confident he comes straight in though
    20. Owen
      This depends, I think what Jason is saying is that he would rather pick a rookie that wasn't named in round one who he is very confident will get picked in round 2 or 3, and that they're likely to score better and have a better JS than the other guy. Say for instance if Sam Walsh was to miss this week due to a corkie (or some other one week injury), you wouldn't pick him?

      I'm sure there's been times when we've been enamored by round one rookies, only for them to play one or two games and then get dropped and play bugger all for the rest of the season. Then there's also likely that there have been rookies that everyone had in their teams prior to round one, who didn't get named, so everyone takes them out of the starting team, only for them to be named in round 2 or 3.
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