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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Jan 22, 2019.

By Jason on Jan 22, 2019 at 12:35 PM
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    The TooSerious tradition that is Rate My Team (RMT) is back in 2019!

    A quick refresher on the rules.

    1. In order to get feedback on your own team, you must first provide feedback on the teams that have been recently posted. This is the golden rule and is what makes this whole thing work. :)
    2. If you just post your team without giving any feedback, your post will be deleted. :mad:
    3. Please refrain from commenting on teams that have been posted by others that have not followed the golden rule. :cool:
    4. Keep it civil. Constructive criticism is fine. But there is a line and please don't cross it. :eek:

    To kick things off, here is my 2019 team. "I can't see us losing a game in 2019".

    Version 1 (January 2019)

    Version 2 (after JLT1)


    Version 3 (after JLT2)

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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Jan 22, 2019.

    1. stripey
      yes i've dropped Collins already - yes he might have JS but hes on my bench to make money and his price doesnt allow for much of that!
    2. JC
      Exactly, he could well be. What I meant was you could leave him out to start with, have a look at him for a couple of weeks and then bring him in for a poorer performing rookie if he looks the goods. But that could apply to a few of them, really.
    3. walesy
      Balta is in my AFLF team, cause that comp moves from week 1, but cause I don't trust him to last, I've left him as a possible correction trade come round 3. Feels like it's less risk to trade him in, than to trade him out.
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    4. IPOD
      last fwd option
      TU - Balta
      TD - Petruccelle
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    5. Owen
      West coast people: will Petruccelle get dropped for Cripps when he's fit, or is he taking over LeCras's vacant spot?
    6. port_leschenault
      On a scale of 0 to 10 where your TU option is a 0, I'm somewhere along the lines of 2-4. I think the temptation will prove to great to have him over someone like Drew who looks gone when Wines comes back next week. Such lack of js in the rookies.

      I've still got Collins fwiw. Think Scrimshaw is a chance to miss out so happy to select the sure thing.

      Petrol has the better job security imo, but Balta has the better scoring potential
    7. DCam
      Agree with the commentary re mid pricers but can see you prioritised your points structured around the top 5 in Gawn, Grundy, Danger, Cripps and Oliver.

      There will be some moves you will need to make to upgrade those mid pricers, being mindful that your rookies need to generate enough chash themselves otherwise you will chew through your trades too early on.

      Here's to your top guns firing!!
    8. Sean K
      Sean K
      This is my wife's starting team, pending selections. I'm not sure what her strategy is.
    9. IPOD
      Starting to doubt libba & or sheed put in Walsh

      Oprion 1- go with libba and sheed leave Walsh
      Option 2 - libba and Walsh leave sheed
      Option 3 - sheed and Walsh leave libba
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    10. benny01
      TS RMT Upload 2019v2.png

      Here's my team now after some further tinkering.
      I have given up on Smith and Liberatore and decided to just add another premium + rookie instead of the 2 midpricers. This will make my team require less trades to upgrade.
      Also went Oliver to Fyfe purely for the bye rounds. Oliver was a player I really wanted to start this year but you can't have them all.

      12 Fyfe, Macrae, Gray, Dunkley.
      13 Crisp, Gawn, Grundy, Dangerfield, Heeney.
      14 Laird, Cripps, Crouch, (Williams).
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    11. Jason
      Lobb and Darcy both being named for Freo is a big blow. When they both played together in JLT2, both scored around 60. When Lobb rucked solo in JLT1, he tonned up.

      Not sure I can play him at F4. May need a change...
    12. Len
      Yep, maybe a mistake but I just reverted to Grawdy as a result
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    13. Jason
      I'm back with Lycett for now.
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    14. IPOD
      Great start by Cripps 69HT
    15. Len
      I've ended up back there also, Grundy and Gawn sharing a bye was making my worst bye round look terrible.
      Allows me to put Dunkley back in and setup the Moore/Burgess swing as well
    16. anthak
      I’m still stuck on my F3

      Tim Kelly
      Robbie Gray
      Josh Dunkley
      Michael Walters
      Jordan DeGoey
      Jack Billings

      All 6 still a chance to come into my side, but I’ve only got room for 1
    17. Len
      I like Gray and Dunkley best, I have Dunkley over Gray mostly due to all the Port rookis I am carrying
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    18. IPOD
      Last one Gawn is R1 R2
      Option 1 - Martin
      Option 2 - Goldy
      Option 3 - Lycett
      Have goldy at the moment and have Cash for Grundy but don’t want a 0 when both ducks have there bye at the same time
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    19. Nick
      Scrimshaw v J Clark?

      TU: Scrimshaw
      TD: J Clark

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    20. Nick
      I’d rank them:
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