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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Jan 22, 2019.

By Jason on Jan 22, 2019 at 12:35 PM
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    The TooSerious tradition that is Rate My Team (RMT) is back in 2019!

    A quick refresher on the rules.

    1. In order to get feedback on your own team, you must first provide feedback on the teams that have been recently posted. This is the golden rule and is what makes this whole thing work. :)
    2. If you just post your team without giving any feedback, your post will be deleted. :mad:
    3. Please refrain from commenting on teams that have been posted by others that have not followed the golden rule. :cool:
    4. Keep it civil. Constructive criticism is fine. But there is a line and please don't cross it. :eek:

    To kick things off, here is my 2019 team. "I can't see us losing a game in 2019".

    Version 1 (January 2019)

    Version 2 (after JLT1)


    Version 3 (after JLT2)

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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Jan 22, 2019.

    1. Micksdemons
      Nice Jason only to many doggie mids and Fyfe and Greene miss a lot of games I won’t comment on the rookies and kids because I know you’ll sort but do get concerned when I see lots of one colour or in your case three !
    2. Micksdemons
      A lot to like about this team although I do have questions around Wingard Miles Dunkley and the low values on the bench - hard to do last minute trades to players playing if you have no coin ! Overall balanced and solid !
    3. Micksdemons
      1st draft to give you all something to comment on !


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    4. Micksdemons
      Appreciate if someone could make that bigger
    5. Len
      Done :)
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    6. Jason
      Interesting structure with so many of the slightly more expensive rookies. I count 8 priced between 140k and 210k which I think is too many. If you reduced 6 of these to 120k options instead, you'd have 250-300k spare which is enough to upgrade one of them into another premium/keeper.
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    7. Len
      Not a bad squad, I'm not sold on Smith, other than his 2014 93 avg he hasn't done a lot when he was fit.
      I can see a lot of people picking him, but I think if you do as Jason suggests, even to a minor extent, and turn him into Witherden the team has a more solid look. Westhoff in ruck is interesting but I don't see anything wrong with it, it would make him more versatile if you had an R/F rookie, even a floating donut in the fwd line.
      Overall looks good though.
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    8. Micksdemons
      Thanks good points well made - agree on Smith and have removed him and take your point Jason on $ rookies I’ve done it so i have flexibility and don’t miss a gun but upon reflection have probably gone over the top !
      ps got rid of Brodie and Devon as they are both a bit dubious !
    9. RPritch
      Not a bad squad, agree with the previous comments on Smith and the amount of expensive rookies.
      But I pose a question to the two of you and the others on here what about Roberton as a straight swap for Smith?
      Seems to have gone under the radar. Averaged over 90 across a full season twice in his career already and is priced under $300k!
    10. Len
      He'd be a preseason monitor if I was considering him.
      Club hasn't (that I know of) been bullish on him yet.
      I can't fit him into my structure so he is a pass for me as I am running Miles plus have Witherden and Williams in the backline.
    11. RPritch
      Fair call, definitely all 3 of Miles, Witherden and Williams are top selections
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    12. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      On first glance it's easy to think ur having a lend Jason, but there are some serious options at the Dogs this season.
      Plenty will be plonking Dunks up fwd with Cavarra holding a place too.
      Can see a few POD riding the likes of Hunter and Bont, just not sure there's enough mid points to go round. And then there's Libba. Polarising. Probably worth a gamble with 30 trades.
      Surprised no Hayes on the bench. Seems ahead of West and even Smith. Thoughts?
    13. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Solid team, even with a couple of mid pricers in WIlliams and Miles.
      Bucking the trend by going light in defence, will depend on rookie availability.
      Still not convinced on the benefit of Dunks in the middle, would prefer in fwd line. Perhaps instead of Chad who has a niggle and needs to be watched.
      Grundstein seems a lock. Seen some balls out R2s in Clarke and Fort, which could be season defining.
      No doubt everyone will be sweating on the fitness of Setts as he is a no brainer if up for round 1.
    14. Jason
      Doubt that Hayes starts in R1. Not convinced West does either, he is more of a placeholder than anything else TBH. I think Smith does start R1.
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    15. RPritch
      Funny you say that as I had already dropped Logue, Blakey, Wingard and McKenzie for Witherden, Rozee, Constable and Petruccelle with Dunkley moved fwd and Burgess moved to def.
      Gives me a stronger def, dropped Wingard and shifted Dunks. The three things you said
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    16. IPOD
      Just a quick thought on looking at your team and i know you are a doggies man but there are a lot of dogs in your team. for mine having 4 from the one team in the mids is a little over the top but each to there own. I think a Gawn or Grundy in the rucks is a given R2 might need some maneuvering as im not sure how far along Nicnat is. I guess any feedback is good feedback although had a stinker last season so maybe my 2c worth isnt worth as much
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    17. IPOD
      Mickim not sure about Hoff as R2 especially with no swing in the fwd line to be able to move him seems strange where you could move him fwd and find an Olango type from last year with fwd ruck status to swing with (not to mention the loophole VC C). Just my 2 c worth anyhow.
    18. IPOD
    19. Len
    20. Penske file
      Penske file
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