Rds 14- 16 aka Festival Of Footy #2

Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Aug 27, 2020.

By TheTassieHawk on Aug 27, 2020 at 1:03 PM
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    This one will condense 3 rounds (14 to 16) and 10 byes into a 17 or 18 day period meaning 22 games (8-6-8) will shape the first 60% or so of the 5 rounds remaining this season.

    Watch out for some wacky start times like 440pm for the Hawks and Bombers and some 610pm just a fraction early for the nightly 620pm team announcements.

    Good luck all.
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Aug 27, 2020.

    1. anthak
      Yeah the 4:40 start caught me out. I was not expecting that!
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    2. walesy
      For the ORFFolk, I've fixed the bye lockout issue :)
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    3. stripey
      Donors team now No.1!
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    4. NedFlanders
      That's magnificent!
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    5. walesy
      Stats are processing. daaaaaamn donor team!! Way to REPRESENT! :D
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    6. walesy
      and done.
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    7. anthak
      It’s so rad to see the TS Donors team in 1st place!
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    8. kram
      Was tempted to roll the dice trade Ceglar to Daniher this week, Ceglar had been driving me up the wall. Glad I let that move go through to the keeper!
    9. kram
      Got a projected score at this point of 2097, but it’s hard to tell how that sits with no league match ups to compare it to this week
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    10. TheTassieHawk
      In league finals it does have what appears to be a Round 15 projected score for each of the 12 teams that is still alive (6 in major and 6 in minor).
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    11. anthak
      Donor team still in 1st place!!

      well done all!
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    12. anthak
      @walesy are you able to roll stats over for the new round starting this evening?
    13. walesy
      yeah, stats are rolling as we speak
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    14. walesy
      ok, stats are done.

      gogogogo donorteam!
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    15. anthak
      It’s hard not to get carried away about the donor team being ranked first! But we can’t forget @choppers is still in top 10 too! Which is obviously an awesome achievement as well.

      Hopefully a 1-2 finish for both teams :)
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    16. TheTassieHawk
      Round 18 fixture

      Thurs 17th 710pm – NM vs WCE (teams Wed 620pm)

      Fri 18th 750pm - STK vs GWS (teams Thurs 620pm)

      Sat 19th 210pm – ESS vs MELB (teams Fri 620pm)
      Sat 19th 440pm – ADEL VS RICH (teams Fri 620pm)
      Sat 19th 740pm – BRIS VS CARL (teams Fri 620pm)

      Sun 20th 105pm - HAW vs GCS (teams Sat 620pm)
      Sun 20th 335pm – SYD vs GEEL (teams Sat 620pm)
      Sun 20th 610pm – FREO vs WB (teams Sat 620pm)

      Mon 21st 715pm – COLL vs PORT (teams Sun 620pm)

      For those brave souls bringing in a loophole donut Brisbane and the Hawks are not too bad in Rounds 17 and 18 but the key teams are the Swans, Dogs and Suns plus the Pies who play last in both rounds 17 and 18.
    17. bigbadbunks
      I have a cut throat semi where I am 17 points behind, with Hugh Greenwood up against my opponents Jarryd Lyons. We both have tentative vice captains on Gawn and we both have Neale and we are both out of trades for the week. Should I try to make up a few points by switching to Neale as captain, or will Touk Miller take him down? Maybe Touk will go to Lyons and I could leave the captaincy on Gawn, maybe my opponents cryptic set and forget facebook message is doing my head in. Every head to head supercoach match for me this season has pretty much been within 30 points and I am over the whole thing, my heart can't take it anymore. Hopefully Paul Vander Haha is not reading this forum!
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    18. choppers
      Not trying to sway you one way or the other, but Neale pulled up sore after last Fridays game and the Lions are on a 5 day break.
      The Suns have had a 10 day break. Just throwing the info out there.

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    19. bigbadbunks
      I think I will be locking in the 132 and hope my opponent goes for Glory with Neale, Greenwood might outscore Lyons by 17 but I would rather he just have to outscore him by 1. Neale pulling up sore is good info but he is also just as likely to go bang!
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