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By ben on Jul 13, 2008 at 10:00 AM
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    Injuries, dirty hits and alot of blowouts. Wraps up this week nicely. Lets see what it means in SuperCoach terms.

    It all started Friday night when Nick-A-Roo shut up alot of SuperCoach Experts saying that Waite was going to smash him. Saint Nick ended up with 142. While the two popular midfielders in the game Judd and Nicky Dal both shot passed 100. Scott Thompson gets back up there after a quite couple with a 118. My man Bock Choy squeezed past the ton for 102. Enright for the 2nd week in a row does an Ablett-like 176. Milburn, Corey, Jimster, Selwood, Chapstick, Stokes, Mackie and Ottens all managed triple figures. While Freo top scorer was Grover with 91. The big forwards, Lucas (133) and The Brown Machine (116) were awesome. Lloyd and Bradshaw also picked up scores near 100. No real stars in the tight Roos vs. Port game, which is very unusual. Buddy still managed 112 after 7 misses and 3 out on the fulls. Imagine if another 5 or so went through. Bruce, Garland and Cross shared the honours as the highest scores with 109. Cox was amazing with 141, and Simmo was well above average for 98 and there were heaps of other Tigers, including Cotchin, McMahon, Johnson, Brown and Newman with big scores.

    The big flops were injuries this week. Read <a href="">here[/url]. But, Stevens could only manage 68. Porps got 6, before his shoulder went pop. Heater only got 68, untagged. Ablett missed that long list of cats with 100, and injury being the reason, still got 81 before half time. Every Freo player, mainly Pav with 70. Power only managed 47 and The Drum 66. No stars in the Roos vs Port game, but there were no real flops either. Alot of 80s and 90s. My new recruit, ROK, struggled with like 2 points at qtr time, but put on 79. Marty got only 58 and Guerra 52. COOOOONEY got a 68. Rob Murphy just 50. Kerr is likely to get weeks and only put on 62. Priddis also below average.


Discussion in 'Blog' started by ben, Jul 13, 2008.

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