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    As we all struggle to find enough cheap defenders and midfielders to fill out our teams, meanwhile Round 1 has already started!

    Have at it folks.

    Friday March 20, 7:50pm, Marvel Stadium

    B: Keath, Cordy, Wood
    HB: Crozier, Johannisen, Daniel
    C: Smith, Bontempelli, Hunter
    HF: Dale, Bruce, Suckling
    F: Wallis, Naughton, Lloyd
    FOLL: English, Dunkley, Macrae
    I/C: Le. Young, Cavarra, Williams, Gardner
    EMG: Schache, McLean, Richards, Sweet

    B: Crisp, Roughead, Howe
    HB: Maynard, Moore, Noble
    C: Hoskin-Elliott, Pendlebury, Mayne
    HF: Phillips, Mihocek, C.Brown
    F: De Goey, Cox, Elliott
    FOLL: Grundy, Adams, Sidebottom
    I/C: Daicos, Thomas, T.Brown, Madgen
    EMG: Cameron, Stephenson, Wills, Rantall

    Saturday March 21, 1:45pm, Marvel Stadium

    B: Francis, Hurley, Zerk-Thatcher
    HB: Saad, Ridley, Redman
    C: Langford, McGrath, Zaharakis
    HF: Fantasia, Laverde, Smith
    F: Stringer, Townsend, McDonald-Tipungwuti
    FOLL: Bellchambers, Merrett, Shiel
    I/C: Parish, Snelling, Guelfi, Cutler
    EMG: Gleeson, Ham, Phillips, McKenna

    B: Ryan, Logue, Hughes
    HB: Conca, Cox, Duman
    C: Bewley, Fyfe, Aish
    HF: Sturt, Taberner, Banfield
    F: Colyer, Lobb, Walters
    FOLL: Darcy, Tucker, Brayshaw
    I/C: Cerra, Schultz, Crowden, McCarthy
    EMG: Serong, Blakely, Watson, Matera

    Saturday March 21, 4:35pm, Adelaide Oval

    B: Brown, Talia, Laird
    HB: Milera, McAsey, Smith
    C: Seedsman, M.Crouch, Walker
    HF: Jones, Frampton, Lynch
    F: Murphy, Fogarty, Stengle
    FOLL: O’Brien, B.Crouch, Sloane
    I/C: Gibbs, Kelly, Atkins, Davis
    EMG: Poholke, Mackay, Himmelberg, Hamill

    B: Aliir, Rampe, O’Riordan
    HB: Mills, McCartin, Dawson
    C: Cunningham, Kenney, Lloyd
    HF: Hayward, Blakey, Gray
    F: Papley, Heeney, Ronke
    FOLL: Naismith, Parker, Rowbottom
    I/C: Brand, Florent, McInerney, Taylor
    EMG: Fox, Clarke, Hewett, Sinclair

    Saturday March 21, 7:40pm, Metricon Stadium

    B: Budarick, Graham, Lukosius
    HB: Bowes, Collins, Fiorini
    C: Ellis, Greenwood, Anderson
    HF: MacPherson, Day, Ainsworth
    F: Swallow, King, Holman
    FOLL: Witts, Miller, Weller
    I/C: Brodie, Joyce, Lemmens, Rowell
    EMG: Burgess, Dawson, Schoenfeld, Wright

    B: Burton, Clurey, Bonner
    HB: Hartlett, Jonas, Byrne-Jones
    C: Duursma, Rockliff, Amon
    HF: Powell-Pepper, Marshall, Rozee
    F: Butters, Ebert, Gray
    FOLL: Lycett, Houston, Boak
    I/C: Motlop, McKenzie, Georgiades, Westhoff
    EMG: Farrell, Mayes, Ladhams, Lienert

    Saturday March 21, 7:40pm, Giants Stadium

    B: Corr, Taylor, Haynes
    HB: Perryman, Davis, Cumming
    C: Lloyd, Coniglio, Whitfield
    HF: Langdon, Cameron, de Boer
    F: Daniels, Finlayson, Himmelberg
    FOLL: Jacobs, Kelly, Hopper
    I/C: Shaw, Kennedy, Greene, Green
    EMG: Hately, Reid, Mumford, Ash

    B: Taylor, Blicavs, Henry
    HB: O’Connor, Stewart, Tuohy
    C: Menegola, Dangerfield, Guthrie
    HF: Dahlhaus, Miers, Atkins
    F: Rohan, Hawkins, Ratugolea
    FOLL: Fort, Selwood, Narkle
    I/C: Ablett, Duncan, Guthrie, Clark
    EMG: Simpson, Stanley, Jenkins, Parfitt

    Sunday March 22, 1:10pm, Marvel Stadium

    B: Macmillan, Tarrant, McDonald
    HB: Pittard, Walker, Atley
    C: Dumont, Cunnington, Polec
    HF: Thomas, Larkey, Higgins
    F: Ziebell, Brown, Zurhaar
    FOLL: Goldstein, Anderson, Simpkin
    I/C: Daw, Ahern, Taylor, Hall
    Emg - Garner, Bonar, Xerri, Murphy,

    B: Geary, Wilkie, Howard
    HB: Long, Clark, Roberton
    C: Billings, Jones, Hill
    HF: Lonie, King, Hannebery
    F: Butler, Ryder, Membrey
    FOLL: Marshall, Steele, Gresham
    I/C: Kent, Ross, Dunstan, Paton,
    Emg - Coffield, Battle,Marsh, Sinclair


    Sunday March 22, 3:20pm, MCG

    B: Stratton, Frawley, McEvoy
    HB: Sicily, Frost, Smith
    C: Henderson, O’Meara, Scully
    HF: Breust, Burgoyne, Morrison
    F: O’Brien, Patton, Wingard
    FOLL: Ceglar, Worpel, Mitchell
    I/C: Puopolo, Shiels, Gunston, Hanrahan,
    Emg - Nash, Scrimshaw, Hartley, Cousins

    B: Adams, Andrews, Gardiner
    HB: Rich, Birchall, Answerth
    C: Robinson, Lyons, McCluggage
    HF: Bailey, Hipwood, Rayner
    F: McInerney, McStay, Cameron
    FOLL: Martin, Zorko, Neale
    I/C: Berry, McCarthy, Witherden, Starcevich,
    Emg - Robertson,Coleman, Lester, Ballenden

    Sunday March 22, 6:20pm, Optus Stadium

    B: Sheppard, Barrass, Hurn
    HB: Jetta, McGovern, Duggan
    C: Gaff, Yeo, Brander
    HF: Redden, Darling, Sheed
    F: Ryan, Kennedy, Cripps
    FOLL: Naitanui, Kelly, Shuey
    I/C: Hickey, Petruccelle, Nelson, Ah Chee
    Emg - Waterman, Schofield, Williams, Hutchings,

    B: Jetta, May, Lever
    HB: O.McDonald, Harmes, Hibberd
    C: Langdon, Oliver, Tomlinson
    HF: Neal-Bullen, Fritsch, Viney
    F: Spargo, T.McDonald, Brayshaw
    FOLL: Gawn, Petracca, Melksham
    I/C: Lockhart, Bedford, Brown, Pickett,
    Emg - Hore, Weideman, Jackson, Sparrow


Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Mar 19, 2020.

    1. anthak
      Ive got Ceglar. I think he's good value as #1 ruck with McEvoy playing defence.
    2. anthak
      This is how my team has ended up, barring any late changes.

      D: Sicily, Houston, Docherty, Roberton, Cumming, Zerk-Thatcher (Noble - e, Starcevich)
      M: Neale, JKelly, TMitchell, Dangerfield, Oliver, Coniglio, Rowell, DRobertson (TGreen, MPickett - e, Budarick)
      R: Gawn, Naismith (Comben)
      F: DMartin, Ceglar, DSmith, Framton, Brander, CTaylor (MKing, Cavarra - e)
    3. TheTassieHawk
    4. anthak
      The AFL has announced the season will be suspended after this round is completed.

      I have made a late change of Gawn to NicNat to give me some extra cash on hand to use whenever the season starts back up again.
    5. anthak
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    6. walesy
      Will get stats up today, feeling pretty flat about the postponement though
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    7. anthak
      Hey mate, I hope you and the fam are well! Are you still planning to update stats and ORF results etc?

      Also, do you Walesy, or anyone else, know how the SC price changes might look this season with them changing after 2 games now instead of 3?
    8. walesy
      Ok, yes-ish.

      I've updated the fantasy stats and the ORFFs, but I don't have the actual stats plugged in yet. Seems to be some fancy new encryption around it, so I need to figure out something for that.

      Also, no idea how the price changes are going to work! It's possible that they just apply the usual formula, but divide it by 2 instead of 3 to get the rolling average, I'm not sure. If we ever get a date of starting this all back up, I'll run some numbers based on that.
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    9. TheTassieHawk
      There have been quite a few things I have read around the traps @walesy.

      One suggested that for the first price change there would be a default Week 0 score used based on the starting price and thereafter the subsequent price changes would be based on actual week 1-3, 2-4 scores as normal.

      If I recall correctly a later one suggested that based on post Round 1 breakeven changes that the first price change would now appear to be based on 2 weeks scores, not sure whether later price changes would be based on 2 weeks or 3 weeks after that.
    10. stripey

      Not sure if this is helpful - I had heard the third score for the price change (after 2 rounds played) would be based on their original breakdown but not sure if that's true
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    11. stripey
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    12. walesy
      TS's "secret" formula works as the following:

      3RoundAve - (salary / F) * 1000

      Where F is a function of the magic number, starting at 5364 and them moving as the season progresses based on the overall salary in the game (ie, are the rookies increase in price, it trends downwards).

      Now, depending on how 3RoundAve is calced will have a large difference on the net effect.

      If they change it to a 2RoundAve, not a huge amount changes (It's the same effect as adding a 3rd game as their current average at the time)

      If they use the "priced at" score though, to substitute in a 3rd game, there are going to be some grossly under appreciated rookies happening initially, as their first game will be a 22, with the more expensive rookie scoring slightly higher. But that'll get rolled out after the first price change and go back to normal.
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    13. TheTassieHawk
      ^^ @walesy

      Pretty much nailed your analysis.

      The first “mini” price rise then gets dragged back fairly quickly so after 4 or 5 prices there isn’t a heap of difference in the year to date price increase.

      If the idea is to help teams to upgrade quickly then a 2 week repricing calc should see both the rookies rising quickly and premiums falling quickly so hopefully the “priced at” options gets turfed for the straight forward 2 scores formula for initial repricing purposes.
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    14. TheTassieHawk
    15. TheTassieHawk
      ROUND 2

      Thursday, June 11
      Collingwood vs. Richmond, MCG, 7:40pm

      Friday, June 12
      Geelong vs. Hawthorn, GMHBA Stadium, 7:50pm

      Saturday, June 13
      Brisbane vs. Fremantle, Gabba, 1:45pm
      Carlton vs. Melbourne, Marvel Stadium, 4:35pm
      Port Adelaide vs. Adelaide, Adelaide Oval, 7:10pm
      Gold Coast vs. West Coast, Metricon Stadium, 7:40pm,

      Sunday, June 14
      Greater Western Sydney vs. North Melbourne, Giants Stadium, 1:05pm
      Sydney Swans vs. Essendon, SCG, 3:35pm
      St Kilda vs. Western Bulldogs, Marvel Stadium, 6:05pm

      ROUND 3

      Thursday, June 18
      Richmond vs. Hawthorn, MCG, 7:40pm

      Friday, June 19
      Western Bulldogs vs. Greater Western Sydney, Marvel Stadium, 7:50pm

      Saturday, June 20
      North Melbourne vs. Sydney, Marvel Stadium, 1:45pm
      Collingwood vs. St Kilda, MCG, 4:35pm
      Geelong vs. Carlton, GMHBA Stadium, 7:40pm
      Brisbane vs. West Coast, Gabba, 7:40pm

      Sunday, June 21
      Gold Coast vs. Adelaide, Metricon Stadium, 1:05pm
      Essendon vs. Melbourne, MCG, 3:35pm
      Fremantle vs. Port Adelaide, Metricon Stadium, 6:05pm


      apparently rounds 6 and 7 will be announced between Rounds 3 and 4


      ROUND 4

      Thursday, June 25
      Sydney vs. Western Bulldogs, SCG, 7:40pm

      Friday, June 26
      Greater Western Sydney vs. Collingwood, Giants Stadium, 7:50pm

      Saturday, June 27
      Port Adelaide vs. West Coast, Metricon Stadium, 1:45pm
      St Kilda vs. Richmond, Marvel Stadium, 4:35pm
      Essendon vs. Carlton, MCG, 7:40pm
      Gold Coast vs. Fremantle, Metricon Stadium, 7:40pm

      Sunday, June 28
      Brisbane vs. Adelaide, Gabba, 1:05pm
      Melbourne vs. Geelong, MCG, 3:35pm
      Hawthorn vs. North Melbourne, Marvel Stadium, 6:05pm

      ROUND 5

      Thursday, July 2
      West Coast vs. Richmond, Metricon Stadium, 7:40pm

      Friday, July 3
      Collingwood vs. Essendon, MCG, 7:50pm

      Saturday, July 4
      Carlton vs. St Kilda, MCG, 1:45pm
      Geelong vs. Gold Coast, GMHBA, 4:35pm
      Western Bulldogs vs. North Melbourne, Marvel Stadium, 7:40pm
      Brisbane vs. Port Adelaide, The Gabba, 7:40pm

      Sunday, July 5
      Adelaide vs. Fremantle, Metricon Stadium, 1:05pm
      Sydney vs. Melbourne, SCG, 3:35pm
      Greater Western Sydney vs. Hawthorn, Giants Stadium, 6:05pm


      The Lions travelled in Round 1 but will be in QLD for Rounds 2-5 while the Suns travel to Victoria in Round 5.

      The Swans and Giants have 3 of the 4 weeks at home meaning that GWS will have had 4 out of 5 at home after the first month of the re-start.

      Of Victorian clubs the Cats, Blues and Saints won’t be travelling in this block, and the latter 2 played in Victoria in Round 1 so will be set to have 4 out of the last 10 games on the road this season.

      As far as the Queensland hub goes Rounds 6 and 7 should see travel opening up a lot. WCE won’t have played Adelaide and both the Western Derby and Q-Clash won’t have been played but the likelihood is the NSW and Victorian teams will be heading to QLD and the QLD based sides heading south in much greater numbers.
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    16. TheTassieHawk
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