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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Mar 24, 2019.

By Jason on Mar 24, 2019 at 9:19 PM
  1. Jason

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    Jan 3, 2016
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    How good was it to have the footy back this weekend!?!

    Time for the post-mortems. Let it out, let it all out.

    Think I finished with 2110. Props to Macrae (C), M.Crouch, Cripps, Whitfield, Hurn, Drew, Laird and Goldstein who managed to ton up. So did Scott but he was on the bench unfortunately.

    Forward premiums all misfired, not sure what to do about them. Must resist urge to sideways trade!

    Avoided having either Burgess or Collins but do have Balta and don't have Parker.

    Have at it folks.
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Mar 24, 2019.

    1. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      2109 Cripps
      No major onfield fails. Oliver and Grundy disappointing.
      Balta and Gibbons on bench, passed on Collins.
      Some big midfield tons out there but early days.
      No trades planned.
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    2. insider
      2013 :(
      Thinking corrective trades ASAP (early days I know but shit start has me cranky):

      Duursma move backs to mid
      Heeney move mid to fwd
      Trade Mundy (fwd) for Laird or someone of his ilk
      Trade Collins for Ballard
      Leaves scrimshaw & Ballard on bench, J. Clark & Ridley on field

      Comments welcome
    3. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      Was Reasonably happy with 2050 - most players did well but had both Collins and Balta on the field and Drew and Scott on the bench. Need to shuffle a bit and although I will wait the week out I think that I will trade Collins for Ballard before the next bounce (should have listened to the advice on RMT saying Collins was hopeless and Ballard was great) - I will still have $180000 in the bank but I went in with a lot of spare cash so that I could do some round 1 adjustments. My forwards also need some work but will wait until after round 2
    4. Owen
      2053 and okay with that. Balta and Burgess my worries, I could bring in Drew and Ballard for them if I wanted to go early on them.
    5. Nick
      2,163 which I was fairly happy with
      Some definite disappointments and it’s always hard seeing a player that was in your team for ages but was cut kill it round 1

      Question is - are Rocky and Sheed the real deal?
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    6. anthak
      I’m thinking Rocky is.

      Both their numbers are hard to ignore.

      I do wonder if Gaff’s return in round 3 will have any effect on Sheed?
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    7. anthak
      I scored 2027, with captain Gawn.

      Not overly happy with some of my last minute decisions, swapping players just before lockout etc. But I’ll move on and work out how best to improve my team now.

      I’m happy with a lot of my team, and ended up with Burgess and Collins both onfield so the score coulda been better.
    8. pies2010
      I think cool heads are required. This years rookies were few and far between. I only scores 1950 but if the right players were on the field I would have had close to 2100. I reckon 2000 is par for round 1. Don't react too savagely. Having said that I might shelve Collins! lol. But will wait another round.
    9. Len
      2168, happy enough not to trade at this point, willing to watch Collins another week otherwise I bust the Moore/ DF link.
      Macrae as captain helped
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    10. walesy
      Stats are up.

      Snuck over the line with a 2002.

      Collins is on life support. Gotta figure out how to raise the funds to turn him into Newman. Might need to call in a favour or two.
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    11. pies2010
      I was happy with my Moore and Taylor low mid priced selections. Len, when I was closer to the city I watched every pies vfl game. People said Moore is a low possession player but that is as a forward. I watched him rack up 25 to 30 disposals in the vfl at full back before they threw him in at the the deep end in the afl after he had one game in the vfl where he had 8 disposals and kicked 3 goals. He will play back this season and will average 80.
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    12. kram
      This weeks winner had Jamie McMillan and Brayden Fiorini....WTF!!!
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    13. anthak
      I was wondering this too. I’m only a fraction short of being able to bring in either Rocky or Newman.
      I’m now wishing I hadve gone Bines instead of Meek at R3. Extra $20k woulda meant I could trade Walsh & Collins to a rook and either of Rocky or Newman.

      I think I might downgrade Collins this week to open up more options next week.

      Did anyone see Tom Sparrow play? How’d he look?
    14. TerryinBangkok
      2282 - reasonably happy with that until I get caught in the headlights next week and get run over by that truck.

      Took the risk on Rocky, Fyfe, Taranto and the C on Coniglio.
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    15. HeavyMen
      2,098 just a pass but beat the Silverback which is important :)

      Dunno, want to trade Burgess cause he stunk it up but not sure it’s worth a trade.
      All my other rookies passed the test. Having the Worp & Cousins (plus Schrim & Sicily) gives me comfort & a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I imagine the Port rookies are doing the same for their mob!
      Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
    16. bunza52
      Pretty happy with 2126. Had Gawn captain. Did some last minute trading, to fix by bye structure & reduce future trading, which for this week netted me an extra 19 points. Out went Grundy, Dahlhaus, Sheed and B Smith, in came Goldy, Hoff, Walsh and Hurn. Had most of the correct rookies on field. If I nailed them, only would have got an extra 29 points. Don't think Ill be trading this week. Having Balta and Burgess up front is a little concerning. If Balta is goes down back to cover Rance, no doubt his scoring will improve.
    17. stripey
      eked out a 2076 - I blinked last Thursday and pulled my Rocky/Sheed/Westhoff selections so hoping this week was not a marker for whats ahead :(
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    18. graeme
      2135 with Gundry / Gawn and the C on the latter. Got some rookie selections right. Hope to be able to resist any trade until next week.
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    19. Penske file
      Penske file
      I had 2030 considering last minute changes Sheed to Libba, Cogs to M Crouch, Gawn wearing C and Balta on the field. Mixed blessings, maybe next week .
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