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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Mar 24, 2019.

By Jason on Mar 24, 2019 at 9:19 PM
  1. Jason

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    How good was it to have the footy back this weekend!?!

    Time for the post-mortems. Let it out, let it all out.

    Think I finished with 2110. Props to Macrae (C), M.Crouch, Cripps, Whitfield, Hurn, Drew, Laird and Goldstein who managed to ton up. So did Scott but he was on the bench unfortunately.

    Forward premiums all misfired, not sure what to do about them. Must resist urge to sideways trade!

    Avoided having either Burgess or Collins but do have Balta and don't have Parker.

    Have at it folks.
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Mar 24, 2019.

    1. Len
      Fiorini tempted me tbh I have him in a couple of keepers but couldn’t justify him and Sheed so went with Sheed

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    2. kram
      Inspiring picks if they work for the season. 4 of the top 5 all have McMillan, he was not anywhere on my radar! He does average about 15 more v Freo than any other team for some reason. Might have to follow Fiorini though, maybe more opportunities and breakout?
    3. Len
      He is a first choice player, role shouldn't change, not sure he keeps scoring like that though
      Flip side I have MacMillan in a keeper and left him out of the side :p
    4. IPOD
      2154 took Cripps 126 as VC (C) traded out sheed on thursday for Walsh grrrr. Carried Collins on field instead of Clark or Schrimshaw. On top of having Parker on the bench! Shout out to Fyfe Macrae and luckily put the hoff back in for D.Smith. Look forward maybe libba to sheed and possibly looking for a collins/burgess trade
    5. BillyBob
      2109 for me. I have both Grundy and Gawn, had C on Gawn.

      I watched a few games over the weekend and it seems like the number of stoppages are down and this is reflected in ruck scores in general ( Westhoff's points to my mind don't come from rucking and I see Stanley's effort as an extreme outlier)

      Am I imagining this and what do others think about the potential that ruck points are likely to be down for the year overall? Probably too early to tell, but it is a concern.
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    6. walesy
      Still too early, but with the 6 6 6 changes, it could be that it actually worked?

      I still feel that GG will be the best 2 rucks come seasons end, but I'm starting to worry that *all* rucks will be going down in price.
    7. Bearfly
      No need to worry about "all" rucks going down in price if you feel GG will finish the season as best 2 rucks - just means cheaper starting prices for 2020 if that proves to be the case :D
    8. Bearfly
      I had the same overall impression myself from the 5 games I managed to watch. Appeared to me that there seemed to be less secondary stoppages from centre bounces (not sure if it truly was the case, but that was the impression I had).
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    9. Bearfly
      On a positive (for me), finished with a 2207 for my highest ever round 1 ranking of 2992
      And that was with Collins on field ahead of Scrimshaw; Walsh and Butters on field ahead of Scott and Constable
      VC on Cripps but because of being in Adelaide on Friday didn't get chance to loophole or switch C off Grundy :(
      Could've been a much better result, but at least it wasn't a disaster :)
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    10. port_leschenault
      Always have to remember that R1 scores are the most useless in terms of impact for SC (Every other round > R2 > R1).

      I'd describe my score on the weekend as a turd sandwich but that would be an insult to turd sandwiches tbh. Just eeked past the 2k mark.

      Not looking to knee-jerk trade but there are some problems already. Annoyed I took out Laird so I could fit in both Grawndy in the rucks instead of backing Goldie who I had all pre-season. And it does look that at least one of the mid-priced midfield (Sheed/Rocky/maybe Libba) was the way to go.

      Collins - was always going to fluctuate with his scoring imo, there's a lot of options in defence but the likes of Rozee/Keefe are too expensive again which leads to one of the Saints duo Joyce or Wilkie. Job security is a concern there, I think Joyce is better rated than Wilkie? Burgess you just have to hold if he's helping you as a DPP link, cheap enough anyway to act like a floating donut.

      Midfield it's Gibbons but we knew he was going to be a small forward in AFL still took him at his price and may just have to hold despite the pain. Only must haves at this stage look to be Scott and Constable. Walsh/Butters/Atkins are fine, not sure I'd want to sideswapped to any of the Melbourne duo.

      Forward line is basically Drew, Parker, Setterfield and An Other. Blakey may have it in him to go big but will he keep playing and the rest are small/key forward that need to kick goals to score well so they'll be unpredictable.
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    11. BillyBob
      Glad its not just me then. :-D I will be watching R2 closely and if this appears to be a firming trend, and that rucks in general are all down a bit, maybe dump GG, even more so if they both score in the 80s again, get a couple of lower price rucks (Goldy seems to be particular value) and put the $300k change to work elsewhere.

      BTW, 2200 or so is a great result. I'm a bit jealous that Port has managed to pick up some ready to go kids, wish the Saints could manage to do as well in a draft. Power should do better than predicted by more than a few pundits this year I think.
    12. port_leschenault
      Had a look through TS stats and comparing last year's opening round rookies to this year:

      32 players at rookie price (#1 draft pick price and lower) this year compared to 31 last year. Average of them combined this year was 58.8 compared to 56.5 year before.

      A lot more similar than I thought and this year was even slightly better despite all the problems we had trying to figure out rookies last week.
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    13. pies2010
      I have Gawn and Grundy too and I am worried about the lack of secondary bounces impacting their scores. Grundy had little running preaseason when ou ch is his strength due to a toe injury. Watching Grundy I thought he was poor but he actually had 18 disposals and 34 hit outs. That is decent. If I traded one it would be a tough choice.
    14. stripey
      The caveat on this is people will potentially be able to trade in Gawn or Grundy at a much lower price before their scoring 'normalises' again... I don't have Grundy at this stage but can see he is going to explode again at some point so will have no hesitation switching Goldy over.. everything I saw on the weekend suggested he was actually pretty unlucky not to have a better score.. unlucky frees against, missed shot at goal etc
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    15. Len
      Collins facing a concussion test to play R2, potentially both a warning, and an excuse
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    16. anthak
      Going against the “rules” but he’s already out of my team.
    17. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      With less stoppages were all going to need our rucks to kick goals!

      Who are the likely candidates? Generally it will be those who play a 2nd ruckman who provide a chop out - monitor this trend round 2.
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    18. choppers
      I can't believe you picked him in the 1st place...was never going to be SC relevant after Thompson went down...just sayin'......
      And if he's avail for Rd2, he'll be asked to lock down the No1 FWD again...that's not his go...he's an interceptor.......move him on.....
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    19. stripey
      I personally didn’t pick him because of the 188k price tag for likely 70 scores... would rather have a guy on the bench for 110 (Hore) earning 50’s for cash generation
    20. Jason
      He copped a knock in the last minute of play...
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