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Discussion in 'Blog' started by stripey, Jun 16, 2019.

By stripey on Jun 16, 2019 at 11:05 PM
  1. stripey

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    Jan 3, 2016
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    so week 2 (the round of death) of the byes is done and dusted...

    How did you go... did you have 12 on the field, did your rookies stink it up, at what point did your best laid plans come unstuck...
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by stripey, Jun 16, 2019.

    1. stripey
      My team got 1980... takes me from 4840 to 1459 overall... pretty stoked with that
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    2. bunza52
      1956, for a week ranking of 1,925. Jumped 10K+ to 7,166 (was just inside the 46K mark after R4). Extremely surprised, as this was the week I was looking like struggling big time leading into the byes. Happy that I brought Dunkley in ahead of Boak. Should have 20 players (if no one is dropped) before trading. Then will bring in Lloyd and Boak this week (15K in the bank), so should be fielding 22. Post byes Ill have Hore at D6 & I will need one more mid with 11 trades. Would then be looking at trading Goldy for Grundy in 2 weeks (maybe 3). Grundy looks like dropping 25K + 20k vs Goldy down 10k, so a bit of saving there. Hoff to Daniel or Marshall & hope the Brayshaw comes good in the 2nd half of the year. Cash will be the issue, but will still have Balta, Parker, Setterfield, Answorth & D Moore on the books, so think I should be able to wiggle it.
      TG had 1,875 to jump to 1,387. Need 2 forwards & a back (well prob 2 back, as Smith will need upgrading). Only 11 trades. Will be burning at least 2 with Stack and Gibbons for Clarke and Telly. B Crouch may have to stay around for the whole year if he is going to knock out 120+. Got Parker, Setterfield, Answorth and Petruccelle & all these guys are in that awkward zone as they are one good game, from getting to that 300k zone, but they are also one bad game of heading back down to 200k, which Parker and Petruccelle just might do.....anyway, happy with the weekend results, especially with the might Dons knocking over the Hawks!
    3. IPOD
      I hate this game i hate this game i hate this game. Thou shall not change his mind with not taking VC 129(fyfe) and putting C on to Kelly 128 to lose game by a point.......once again i hate this game that is all
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    4. Penske file
      Penske file
      My pathetic offering of 15 managed to get 1416 with Cripps as C, still won 2 leagues lost 8 dropped further in the ratings, not only have I reached rock bottom I've started to burrow....
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    5. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Best laid plan came unstuck when I chose Cripps as Cpt.
      Macrae / Dunkley + Marvel Stadium = Cpt Locks (6 MS games to go this season)

      Feel as though I chased points this week and missed out on a better score than 1787 (Rank - 9155).

      Trade (IN) Performance:
      • Sicily (87): 1+ Over Par
      • Daniel (114): -1 Under Par

      Just like this bloke - too slow to react.

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    6. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      We Feel Your Pain:
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    7. dunny29
      1639 from 17 scores, surprised I moved up 1619 to 13.7k despite 27.8k rd rank, this shows that plenty of the higher scoring teams really struggled this round. I used 2 trades to get some cash from non playing rookies ($180k) and scores on the field. Burgess not playing hurt me and didn't think it was worth using a 3rd trade to get 18 scores. I'm looking good for 18 scores this week pre trades (but thought that last week lol).
      Hoping to crack through 10k this round. I think those that have compromised the normal upgrades to avoid donuts in the past fornight may not be in the best position this week also, could be another opportunity to move for those with good bye balance.

      This week I'm considering 3 trades
      In - Macrae, Sloane and a rookie (maybe Hind at $117k, perhaps I risk a non playing $102k for the extra $15.1k)
      Out - B Crouch, Duursma, Gibbons
      I know Sloane has a bye, but it doesn't leave me worse off and gives me ability to trade next week.

      That leaves me with $193k (maybe $208k) and 3 upgrades to go with 9 trades (usually a nice position)
      Butters to maybe Cunnington (could possibly be 1 trade with the cash, but may need to do it over 2 weeks to maximise value)
      Answerth to Hurn (probably need $300k minimum)
      Mummy to Gawn (hopefully need less than $200k, I need a poor score or 2 from Gawn asap!)
      Can only hope I get to here with 2 trades left to cover

      Still no idea how I'll get this done as my rookies are barely increasing in value.
    8. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Like the Macrae move - the potential floating donut will come in handy on the run home and finals. Do you have a DPP on each line just in case?
    9. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash

      Monday Trade Thoughts?

      • X.Duursma / L.Baker / B.Smith (OUT) > M.Walters / T.Boak / D.Clark (IN)
      • Looking for floating donut and swing-man on each line as a strategy (Worked 2018).
      Trade In Targets: Lloyd (Def) , Fyfe (Mid), T.Kelly (Fwd) - Will Be Difficult
      Trade Out Targets: Answerth (Def) , Crouch (Mid), B.Bewley (Mid), D.Clarke (Mid), Parker (Fwd) - TBC

      Gives me 21 on-field for Bye Round #3


      Of course Team Selection will stuff this all up !
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    10. dunny29
      Don't have a DPP link formed atm, already have the Bines donut and would expect some of my bench players to join this category soon enough.

      If I'm trading in a donut to my mids, I may as well get a Fwd/Mid as that could help out at some point. None of my defenders (except Answerth who I plan to trade soon) have DPP Mid status. If I can cash in a Fwd rookie at some point, perhaps a Fwd/Def $102k rookie is an idea, assuming Gardner has good JS that would provide some cover over 3 lines, even if it is only 30 points worth haha.

      I know it is desperate to be trading in $102k donuts to help my cash situation and my bench certainly isn't strong, but I'm happy to take the risk that I do all I can to get to a decent full premo team and that 2 remaining trades is enough to cover injuries etc to premos of more than a week or 2.

      To think I traded out Hore heading into Rd 3 because he got dropped and started Burgess over Rozee due to better JS & to save some $$$... Reckon that would've solved all of my problems (at least the supercoach ones anyway).
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    11. Nick
      Rockliff out for another week! Some may have expected him back

      My biggest decision this week is whether to hold ROB (BE -15) for his increase and Grundy's (BE 202) decrease, or trade as planned? BEs would say no brainer to hold, however ROB has a bye and if then drops a 70 and Grundy goes 140-140 it will still hurt in points...

      TU: Wait a week or 2
      TD: Pull the trigger and get Grundy in now
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    12. stripey
      I have this conundrum too.. I think the answer you seek depends on how many other upgrades you still have to do... I’ll probably prioritise those instead
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    13. dunny29
      Is Treloar a cheap trade in target for anyone else next week? (if not now)

      Could be sub $500k next week, average is near the top 8 mids (8th Merrett @112 ave vs 105), held back by 1 poor game (68) about to cycle out.

      Bont in a similar position, 7th highest ave (112) and could be sub $525k after this week. Perhaps he spends more time in the mids/not as much time forward with Libba possibly out for a while.

      If you are really struggling for cash to finish upgrading (like me), I think Sloane and one of the above could really help me out. Any loss in points to a higher average player could easily be offset in being able to upgrade a week or more early and potentially saving an extra trade to cover injuries etc in the run home.
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    14. port_leschenault
      At this stage of the season? Go for the points. Unless you're desperate for the cash difference that ROB's increase and Grundy's decrease brings to your side, then definitely try to get Grundy in.
    15. Nick
      That's the conundrum for me. If ROB didn't have a bye now I'd wait, but it's a few weeks of missing out on a freshened up Grundy...

      And worst case scenario Adelaide give ROB a 'rest' after the bye and bring back Sauce, despite ROB's awesome form....could happen...
    16. stripey
      So at his stage trades looks like:

      Larkey to Bont via Telly
      Walsh to Treloar
      B Smith to Logue

      Leaves me $111k and the below team. Currently ranked 1400 but I’m gonna fall short of a fully stocked team I think. 2 left to upgrade and not much spare cash.. 7 trades, will Hately get a game now with De Boer out for an extended period?

      DEF: Hurn, Lloyd, Ryan, Williams, Hore, Duursma (Naish, Logue)
      MID: Jelly, Fyfe, Oliver, Cripps, Macrae, Bont, Mouch, Treloar (Answerth, Hately, Clarke)
      RUC: Gawn, ROB (Bines)
      FWD: Telly, Dunkley, Daniel, Marshall, Danger, Cameron (Moore (Haw), Young)
    17. TheTassieHawk
      3 trades would upgrade Duursma and ROB but will 4 left be enough to cover injuries for the remainder of the year ?

      I am a conservative coach so I would probably do an upgrade/downgrade to Grundy next week then hang on for a couple of weeks and see whether Duursma/Naish can cover D6 until Round 18/19.
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    18. stripey
      It’s not many trades I agree but bench is looking pretty healthy atm- 4 Will have to be enough... looking at Duursma to Whitfield when he returns and maybe holding another week on Grundy/ROB to reduce the spend - in any event by then all sorts of changes will probably happen!
    19. TheTassieHawk
      I traded in the Bont last week and have exactly ZERO cash in the bank prior to trades.

      Prior to Thursday teams I have 2 trade scenarios - one of which is to bring in Treloar. I am likely to finish up 2 short of full premium this season so I am planning to go cheaper than I normally would with upgrades and will keep an extra trade or two for the annual SC finals carnage.

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