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Discussion in 'Blog' started by anthak, Sep 11, 2020.

By anthak on Sep 11, 2020 at 10:35 PM
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    Two rounds to go!

    How are you all tracking?
    Choppers is crushing it up in the top 6 at the moment. Good luck to you for the final two rounds!

    Y'all may have noticed the TS Donor team has been ranked 1st overall the past few weeks and we extended our lead in round 16, to be 119 points in front of 2nd. We have now made the tough call to pull the team out of the competition. In the end we decided it didn't sit right with us to take any prize money the way we work on the team in a collaborative way. We started the team in 2011 and I don't think any of us honestly expected we'd ever be vying for 1st place overall. I think we had a good chance this year with 2 trades left for the final two rounds and a well set up team, and obviously the 119 point buffer. But we have deleted the team from the competition yesterday, and we contacted the organisers to advise of our decision.

    It was an exciting and super fun season and it is disappointing to finish this way, but it also feels good to act in integrity and do what we felt was best.

    Good luck to everyone still in contention. Especially Choppers! Hopefully you can take it out mate!
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by anthak, Sep 11, 2020.

    1. anthak
      On a personal note, I am currently ranked 621st and I'm in 9 prelims this round. Hoping for a strong finish, but Ive just used my last trade this evening, so fingers crossed now :)

      How's everyone else going?
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    2. Owen
      Well tough decision, but likely the correct one. You could play it out virtually with what trades you were going to make, captains selections etc. to see if you would have won, but would that hurt even more if you would have won?
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    3. choppers
      @anthak thanks for your support....Cheers
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    4. anthak
      lt'd be interesting.
      I believe we had $10,200 in the bank. 2 trades remaining.

      We hadn't fully decided on our final trades, but some suggestions had been made.
      Saad ($480,500) to Stewart ($516,800) was suggested to neutralise our biggest negative-POD, but we needed cash to do that.
      A suggestion had been made to do a downgrade to Greaves, but that was if we wanted a 23rd premium. If we were bringing in Stewart, which a few wanted to do, then we probably would've traded Sholl ($230,500) to Buckley ($123,900) with some DPP subs to ensure we had cover on every line.

      So I guess those trades would've been as likely as anything else, even though we didn't get to a final decision on them because we were discussing pulling the team out instead!

      We hadn't discussed VC and Cap much yet for this round, except to look at when our loophole players were scheduled to play, and we'd flagged Friday night to discuss and make decisions, but we pulled the pin before Friday night came around. We usually went with combinations of Gawn, Macrae or Neale.

      Lets say we did those two trades to finish off all our trades. This would've been our final team for the final two rounds:

      D: Stewart, Lloyd, Ridley, Haynes, Laird, Docherty (Ruscoe, Rivers)
      M: Oliver, Macrae, Viney, Neale, Parker, Cripps, Titchell, Merrett (Schoenberg, Bytel, Foot)
      R: Grundy, Gawn (Draper)
      F: Brayshaw, BSmith, Petracca, DSmith, Greenwood, Whitfield (Comben, Buckley)
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    5. Payner2002
      This decision doesnt make sense. The rules state you get disqualified anyway, same as what occurred recently. Surely, you play for the prestige!

      In either case, well played.
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    6. JPK
      All support behind you now mate.
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    7. JPK
      Hope you lose atleast one of those... TooSerious Donors :p:p:p
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    8. snoz
      Bravo Anth.....haven’t been onsite much lately but just reading this now. I applaud you and the guys of the TS Donors collaborative team. Well played!
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    9. anthak
      My final trade has been a bit of a shocker so far :(

      Before the trade, I'd ended up with 7 premium forwards, but only 1 premium ruck.

      I initially set up with Draper at R2, and I had DSmith and Viney as emergencies, so that I could loophole whichever of them scored higher with Foot, and the other would stay on the bench. Turns out DSmith scored 120 and Viney is spudding it up this game right now.
      But I ended up deciding to trade DSmith to Ladhams so that I could move Draper to the bench. Yes, Ladhams scored a little more than Draper, but nowhere near enough to offset the points I would've gained by having DSmith instead of Viney.
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    10. choppers
      And I just went to loophole Rivers with Docherty, after his 112 (pre-scaling) figuring a slightly worse for wear Doch might not get to 112, only to find, for some inexplicable reason I didn't put the E on either of Rivers or Cottrell, so now I need Docherty to better 112,cause I'm sure a few others may have made the same move.:(
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    11. JPK
      Wow. Bugger mate!

      Who do you loophole Rivers for? Have J Lloyd, S Docherty, and C Daniel. Leaning towards dropping Docherty due to the lingering injury concern.
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    12. choppers
      I was going to put Cottrell on field (being managed) and move Docherty to D8. to get Rivers 107 but now I'll just have to take the Doc's score and hope he belts out 120+ ;););)
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    13. anthak
      this didn't work out too well for you :(
      100 point loss, dammit!
    14. TerryinBangkok
      Honourable decision. Was thinking that, the team being called TS Donors for a reason, the donation of potential winnings to @walesy might have been some reward for effort. Respect the decision made, but just a thought.
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    15. NedFlanders
      Well done donors. It's a brilliant effort, whether its officially honoured with a podium finish or not.

      Bad luck on the Doch call choppers - there's a few banana skins out there this week, so its going to be tough to hold it together unfortunately :(
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    16. TheTassieHawk
      No late changes for the Monday game.

      Good luck to everyone whose season is on the line in this match.
    17. Iain
      Wow, that's an insane effort guys, awesome job with the Donors team and being able to walk away with honour is always a plus.

      Also fingers crossed for you choppers, bring it home!
    18. anthak
      Even though its a pointless exercise, this is how we think we would've ended up this round:

      D: Stewart 127, Lloyd 119, Ridley 119, Haynes 46, Laird 136, Ruscoe C = 0 (Docherty, Rivers - e 107)
      M: Oliver 87, Macrae 102, Viney 75, Neale 55, Parker 136, Cripps 98, Titchell 71, Merrett 108 (Schoenberg - e 97, Bytel, Foot)
      R: Grundy 105, Gawn VC = 300 (Draper - e 61)
      F: Brayshaw 86, BSmith 108, Petracca 114, DSmith 120, Whitfield 97, Greenwood 111 (Comben, Buckley - e 90)

      Total score for round 17 = 2,427
      making our cumulative total = 38,283 points
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    19. Iain
      198 ahead going into the final round...
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