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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jul 29, 2018.

By TheTassieHawk on Jul 29, 2018 at 7:06 PM
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    SC League home and away is done and dusted. Only 4 weeks to go for those focusing on overall finish instead.

    My team won 4 out of 5 but lost in my main league so I have missed finals in all leagues, so with only 1 trade left it is gong to be a pretty boring finish to the year for me.

    How did your team go?
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jul 29, 2018.

    1. anthak
      I scored 2386 but looks not great as I lost almost all my leagues and some by a lot!
    2. anthak
      I was looking pretty good most of the weekend, until today when Walters and Gray both scored 60s, and my decision to take Gawn’s 130 as captain instead of Titchell didn’t pay off.
    3. Kanga18
      2369 and into 3/3 cash league finals. Buddy, Conigs, Gray Hurley and 2-3 others all struggling...could have been a lot more.
    4. The_Swert
      2429 for me.
      Nailed the Captaincy choice but let down by Franklin and Gray chiefly.

      Moved up 11 spots to 552nd.
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    5. anthak
      And can’t believe my cash league opponent @bunza52 had Ahern onfield and beat me by 31 points.

      Looks like the loss knocked me out of the top 8, despite me being about 3rd on total points...
    6. TheTassieHawk
    7. Owen
      Don't you hate that? I was top for points in a cash league last year and came 9th.
    8. walesy
      So, my cash league. Leading into this round, I was sitting in 9th. 1 win behind 8th. (After last weeks Mitchell captain debacle)

      I needed to beat 3rd, while 8th needed to lose to 1st in order for me to make it into the finals

      All came down to the last day- needed the following 2 results.

      Mundy needed to outscore Luke Ryan for me to win.
      Bontempelli needed to score under 112 for 1st to win

      Both *could* have gone badly. Neither did.

      Cracked the finals with 4 trades in hand and a chance at some good dollars! Gogogo team!

      Now, the TS cash league- I ain't gunna talk about that one :D
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    9. walesy
      Also, stats are up!
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    10. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      2462pts jumped up in rank by 78.

      Ahern (124pts) - turning into good bench player - keep an eye on him via loop.

      8 x Players under 90pts (3 x <80) sucked!

      R-Gray > Macrae this week.

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    11. anthak
      It turned out ok, I must’ve stuffed up my calcs, cause I’ve snuck into 8th spot afterall :D
      I slipped to 4th in total points.

      I made finals in all my leagues... but my main aim is to make top 1k and I slipped backwards 98 spots this week, to now be 1237th
      Only have 1 trade left.

      Will be interesting to see how we finish.
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    12. IPOD
      2345 and smashed by both opposition by 150-200 points. Even taking Cripps VC couldnt make the difference. 0 trades and if both Seedsman and Mihocek dont play next im officially screwed (unless keefe is recalled to give me 24 points). Lucky one of my leagues is top 4 so the double chance but jeez
    13. Owen
      So with JJK a potential out again, and Buddy in a form slump which is probably due to him carrying injuries, I need to make a move, but have bugger all cash left. JJK to anyone under $390,100, so:

      :1: Parfitt
      :2: Ed Langdon
      :3: Caddy
      :4: Mitch Robinson

      Ed Langdon is probably my favourite of that bunch, as he is scoring heaps better at home and the dockers play 3 of the next 4 there.
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    14. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      2294 for me with one donut. Need Doedee or Webster to play this week. Won 2 out of 4 leagues and am in 3 league finals but will probably bow out first round if I am not careful. I have one trade left - I just might use it.
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    15. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Caddy has 3 games at the G and better run home against Cats, Suns, Dons and Dogs.
    16. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Shop early. Better to go out with no trades than one in the bank.
    17. walesy
      Tim Gossage
      43m43 minutes ago

      Rule a line through @WestCoastEagles Josh Kennedy ... out of Western Derby. Keep watching @TenNewsPerth sport for more details on his injury and possible return date. #WesternDerby
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    18. TheTassieHawk

      Friday August 24
      Port Adelaide v Essendon, Adelaide Oval, 7.20pm

      Saturday August 25
      Geelong v Gold Coast, GMHBA, 1.45pm
      Richmond v Western Bulldogs, MCG, 2.10pm
      Fremantle v Collingwood, Perth Stadium, 2.35pm
      Sydney v Hawthorn, SCG, 7.25pm
      Carlton v Adelaide, Etihad, 7.25pm

      Sunday August 26
      Brisbane v West Coast, Gabba, 1.10pm
      Melbourne v GWS, MCG, 3.20pm
      St Kilda v North Melbourne, Etihad, 4.40pm
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    19. Owen
      Well... shit. I think I got maybe four games out of him, with only two on the field.
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