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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jun 14, 2020.

By TheTassieHawk on Jun 14, 2020 at 3:25 PM
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    Hi Folks,

    As Round 2 will soon be completed let us know how your side has gone, who you think are the top trade in targets and also sum up how you are planning to tackle the next 2-3 weeks of the SC season with whatever number of trades you have remaining.

    Cheers TTH
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jun 14, 2020.

    1. maxweas1
      On target for a 2450 (2423 with Kings 2nd half to come). Havent used a trade yet but need to do some work on the bench. Many acores bigger than that around?
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    2. Micksdemons
      2274 got beaten by my wife in $ league With King on bench she had him on the ground - I bought in Doedee oops Roberton to Doedee horrible move !
    3. choppers
      2384 scored in Rd1 and followed up with 2305 this round. I also had Doedee(39) on field as well as Pickett (37) and Noble (41) with Starcevich (99) on the pine.

      WOW!.....just checked the stats and sitting now at 41.......highest ranking I've ever been.
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    4. Iain
      I'm not seeing many around no, I only got 2271 and SC says that's in the top 5% for the week so you should be up there.
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    5. walesy
      Ok, stats are up- but the calc page is a little borked cause it's using the first round only for the average. Got a script running which should fix it, but am going to bed now!
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    6. Waldo666
      Is it too late to hit reverse trades?!! Just over 2200 so not the end of the world but only 1 of my five trades really worked out (only a week, I know). Really having a love/hate relationship with my team atm.
    7. ike2112
      2051 and I'm in despair already. Really screwed up 3 or 4 starting picks this year through lack of research, and then made things worse with 5 trades. You could give me another 5 today and I still couldn't fix this mess :oops::(
    8. Owen
      Hey Walesy, not sure if you saw or not in the other trades thread from before the round, but there a few players missing from the database. B Williams WCE, H Crauford ESS, and H Bennel MEL are three that I've found
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    9. TheTassieHawk
    10. TheTassieHawk
    11. ike2112
      Round 3 trades has one rather obvious inclusion; Sam Sturt named for Freo and on the field bodes well too. Do you need to jump on Rivers and/or Bennell from their previous performance?
      If you didn't start 2 out of Grundy/Gawn/Goldy - what's your plan now?
      Lachlan Ash named for GWS may be worth watching...
      Hopefully we all had cover for Dusty...

      For me, I was too busy in lead-up to season, limited scounting and me misunderstanding and thinking less minutes meant premo scores would be lower, so went for more mid-pricer gambles than usual...and its been a disaster.

      Team is:
      Sicily / Howe / Docherty
      Houston / Cerra / Brander ben: Starcevich / Gould

      Fyfe / Cripps / TMitchell / Kelly
      Viney / Rowell / Pickett / McInerney ben: Brown / Green / Budarick

      Grundy / Jacobs ben: Xerri

      Whitfield / Martin / DSmith
      Long / Bewley / Taylor ben: Cavarra / Georgiades
      Cash = $53,100

      I started with English at R2 - saving $ in the ruck has worked for me last 2 years. But had to change in a hurry, Naismith got hurt, Jacobs at least made cash but this is the mess I'm left with.
      Also think Cavarra, Georgiades, Gould and Green* all non-scoring on the bench is wasted cash generation so needs fixing asap.

      I have gone with:
      Jacobs to Pittonet
      Cavarra to Sturt
      I figure that bringing Sturt in is the key decision this week. Having missed King, I can't miss on Sturt. With that, I can't improve Jacobs to Gawn/Goldy/O'Brien yet so may as well ride Pittonet for cash increases in the meantime - rucks tend to score well against Geelong too.
      Cerra and Houston are on the chopping block for next week, and presumably Rivers will be on the bubble then.
    12. NedFlanders
      Best 18 only to count this week. Normal C / VC rules apply.

      (And some BS about Essendon and Melbourne possibly having a "double gameweek" when they play the catch-up. That will generate some activity on the chat boards!)
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    13. anthak
      Excellent, thanks for the update.
      I wonder if it will include bench players, because I had Ceglar (120) on my ruck bench with Naismith not playing onfield.
    14. Jason
      RIP Supercoach 2020.

      Thanks Essendon.
    15. TheTassieHawk
      A fraction harsh mate, I reckon SC was cooked for 2020 in mid March regardless of which AFL club eventually had the first case.
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    16. NedFlanders

      I have to agree with TTH. We knew we would lose at least one game without notice.

      Surely they back down on the double gameweek though. That’s insane
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    17. anthak
      The site says that emergencies will count if required to replace a player onfield. I need them. I will have 19 players, including 3 emergencies.
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    18. Waldo666
      As much as I think that best 18 is a junk decision I may as well make it work for me, based on last week's score this is the right move but always seem to be the ones that bite me so take it to the thumbs.

      :thumbsu: Take Brander's 75
      :thumbsd: Play Doedee

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