Round 2 Trades: 2020

Discussion in 'Blog' started by stripey, May 25, 2020.

By stripey on May 25, 2020 at 10:41 AM
  1. stripey

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    Well, we finally know how Supercoach is going to deal with this break... available trades for Round 2 are 5 with the original 30 trades still available....

    Who are you trading in or out???
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by stripey, May 25, 2020.

    1. JPK

      Hardly a present from our "friends" at Supercoach.

      There'll be a lot of rookies moving, and dare I say it, a lot more mid pricers moving too.
      I think I'm even more confused now that I was going into round 1, with how to set up my team.
    2. stripey
      Yes there will be changes but probably not as many as you would originally think... quite a lot of those changes would be changes we expected even going into Round 1 (think Doedee for McAsey, Williams for Green, Treloar for Brown, Dixon/Lycett for Georgiades). The extra 3 trades is probably all we need in reality - some rookies would've just lost their spot in normal circumstances
      BZT would probably had a 5-6 week period before Ambrose returned, maybe Buddy pushes someone out, as does Callan Ward... the rest were all predictable
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    3. port_leschenault
    4. ron swanson
      ron swanson
      Naismith the big Q for me. His R1 score not really inline with scoring history. Do I downgrade NicNat to grab some cash and hope Naismith keeps scoring well and makes some quick cash? It also helps with the potential upgrade of rookies that get dropped for round 2.
      Or will he go back to punching out 60s and remind me why I didn't pick him in the first place?
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    5. stripey
      He's the number 1 ruck at Sydney and they've always rated him... I brought him to be my R3 (I like to have good ruck cover if possible) and hopefully generate some cash but now I've seen what Ceglar did, I'm going to bring him into my forward line and open up my DPP with a R/F loophole rookie once he's made me some $$$ - not sure if I would do it if he wasn't already in my team though... decent cover is less important this year now we have these extra trades at our disposal... (not extra trades, just same trades over a shorter period, but same result)
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    6. TheTassieHawk
      If Naismith stays fit and plays sole ruck then a 70-85 range should be achievable. Rucks can surprise us, although most who do so have some previous scoring history to support a punt.

      As a Sinclair owner in the ORFFF I want him back into the swans side quick smart, so will be cheering against those who back Naismith in SC or hoping he gets as gig as a tall forward and chopout option.
    7. choppers
      I'm with you there @TheTassieHawk I also have Sinclair in my ORFFU squad and have no problem at all if Naismith doesn't add to his 23 games in his last 7 seasons..........
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    8. Owen
      @walesy Hey not sure this is the right spot, but I think the stats are missing Bailey Williams from the Eagles and Henry Crauford from the bombers.
    9. choppers
      Can't find Harley Bennell on Melbourne's list either...
    10. anthak
      I don't think its fair that they've allowed 5 trades. This will just make teams even more similar to each other, and it undermines coaches who did a good job with their round 1 selections.
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    11. stripey
      it gives the uneducated to jump on the wrong people too though... but I agree most rookies will look the same... not sure too many premos can get fixed
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    12. walesy
      Is... is it really happening? Can someone remind me what my team is? Where am I? Feels like a lifetime ago that I drafted my team!
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    13. JoshyC
      yes boss man - it is!!! i just logged in for the first time and was like "WOW...what a sh!t team. What was i thinking R1??" LOL.

      I'm trying to figure out how the pricing works for this round of changes. The HUN state "the third score used will be based on the previous season average score that each player was priced at" which i'm guessing means the players 'magic number' average at the start of the year. Else how do they account for rookies and guys that didn't play last year? Or am i just overthinking
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    14. JoshyC
      I don't think my interpretation is correct, as Trent Mackenzie (PTA) is set to skyrocket this round, which has to be off the back of his 110 in the last round of 2019, but his price point for this year was not based on a 110 ave. he is priced at dunno
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    15. anthak
      Hey mate, Ive heard theyre still using 3 round average and using last years average as one of those figures for this round only, but I have been wondering what it means for rookies etc like you've questioned too. However the Hun statement you've quoted is fairly clear. Looks like theyll use the average corresponding to their starting price. Means rookies wont jump as much as usual this round, but then would go back to relatively normal increases next round.
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    16. anthak
      Im seriously considering trading NicNat to Pittonet!
      I will also be bringing in Darcy Fort in the fwd line.
      I already have Naismith and Ceglar.

      Im keen to also bring in Hurn, Viney and Sturt.
      Not sure I can swing all 5 yet though. A lot will depend on who's named to play when teams drop
    17. anthak
      It will be strange to see all the rookies rise in price more in the 2nd price rise than the first, but that's how itll go this year. The salary increases of midprices will likely look more normal.
    18. choppers
      Hey boss, when can we start updating our teams in ORFF in readyiness for Thursday's 1st game back....
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    19. Penske file
      Penske file
      It seems after 1 game coaches are dumping premos as well as rookies, I would think unless they were injured they are still the cream and were picked accordingly, rookies are always a lucky dip going in, some adjustments needed there.

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