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    Round 3 in the ORFFA saw us pay tribute to our friendly friend Walesy. Hooray for Walesy, and hooray for the ORFFA.

    Now, let's see how Round 3 treated our teams...

    Devils 1314 d 'Cows 1171

    Cradle Mountain got back on track with a convincing win over the Incorrigibles.

    It was the Devils' defence that did the damage, with Rich, Lever and O'Connor racking up tons. Four other Devils hit the century as well in what was a good team effort.

    The Cows got got big scores out of Dunkley, Papley and OBrien, but Prestia's early injury hurt - and may continue to sting for the next few weeks.

    Battlers 1121 d Wanderers 1021

    Birdsville shored up a spot in the eight with a hard-fought win over the Wanderers.

    Big Harry McKay led the charge, kicking goals from everywhere on the way to 145 points. The only sour note for the Birdsville was the serious injury to ruckman Witts, who is unlikely to take the field for the rest of the season.

    The Wanderers' had their own injury issues, with Stephen Coniglio hurt early on. Lyons with 139 top scored, while the defensive quartet of May, Ballard, Aliir and Plowman showed plenty of fight.

    Wombats 1227 d Uglies 1179

    Wagga overcame an interchange doughnut to remain undefeated, sneaking home over the Uglies in a close contest.

    Jordan Ridley's 147 spearheaded the Wombats' effort, while Langdon and Impey scored much needed tons.

    The Uglies kept it close all day- Max Gawn almost singlehandedly carrying his team to victory with 163 points. Ultimately some below par performances from Martin and Butters made the difference.

    Vultures 1446 d Chickens 1306

    A near top of the table clash produced a high scoring, high quality contest, with the Vultures emerging undefeated.

    Seven tons all over the park helped the Vultures, with OMeara, Gaff and Kossie Pickett top scoring. Higgins' injury the only sour note.

    The Chooks were well served by Ziebell, Jack Higgins and Goldstein, but were ultimately outgunned elsewhere despite a large number of scores north of 80.

    Spelunkers 1249 d Lefties 775

    The Spelunkers cruised to a big win over the Lefties, with Aaron Francis making the most of his late inclusion with 118 points.

    Zac Merrett scored 115, while 8 others scored 80 or more in an even scoring spread to ensure the Spelunkers enjoyed their first win of the season.

    The Lefties remain short a few players, but would've liked what they saw out of several youngsters, including Lloyd Meek in the ruck, Rotham up back and Anderson in the middle.

    Lilacs 1022 d Warriors 948

    The Lilacs weren't left to rue leaving Liam Jones out of the selected side, enjoying a hard-fought victory over the Warriors to hold onto eighth spot on the ladder.

    Mitch Duncan's (117) return was much appreciated, especially given his return saw Jones' unexpected 140+ score remain on the pine. Parish had a great game, Amon's good form continued and makeshift ruck Liam Ryan did enough.

    For the Warriors, Lachie Fogarty went huge with 163 points up forward. Unfortunately only Travis Boak joined him in three figures and Jared Polec ended up injured.

    Cockatoos 1218 d Codpieces 1169

    Massive games from Cam Guthrie and Changkuoth Jiath saw the Cockies fly over the top of the Codpieces to snatch victory.

    Guthrie's 163 and Jiath's 118 were the deciding factors in a close game. And my word can Jiath play.

    Iron Knob's midfielders Shuey, Macrae and Greenwood did plenty to put the Codpieces into a winning position, while Quaynor continued to excel up back. Unfortunately it wasn't quite enough to get the Codpieces their first win for the season.

    Misfits 1344 d Nuffers 755

    The Misfits remain undefeated with a comfortable win over the Nuffers.

    Tons and functioning rucks everywhere for the Misfits, led by Sloane, Taranto, Lloyd and Hickey. Hickey's rejuvenation in particular has been noteworthy.

    The Nuffers would be liking what they are seeing out of Errol Gulden, while Atley top-scored with 90.

    Grasshoppers 1295 d Packers 985

    Brodie Grundy led the Hoppers to a good win over Wineglass Bay, allowing them to remain atop the ORFFA ladder.

    Grundy's 162 was one of five centuries for the Hoppers and helped cover for some slightly below par performances through the midifeld.

    The Packers enjoyed a healthy score from Ben Keays, and handy contributions from Ash, Stephenson, Wilson and Lynch. Unfortunately it wasn't quite enough to run the Hoppers closer.
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Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by chris88, Apr 7, 2021.

    1. anthak
      Thanks Chris. Nice review

      I was lucky that Guthrie pulled one out of his ...
    2. TerryinBangkok
      Thanks Chris - good read.
    3. TheTassieHawk
      Cheers @chris88 and thanks as always to @walesy for everything he does to keep the site running week after week and season after season.

      As for the Nuffers we seldom back up half decent performances and so it proved in what I am a claiming to be our lowest ever score (bye rounds excluded) as the Misfits @Len leading 7 players had us well covered and the other 8 added a huge margin on top.

      Errol’s debut season has indeed commenced nicely and with some luck he may get greater support from his team mates if a few reinforcements find their way onto the park prior to the midseason break.

      Unfortunately in the short term we will struggle to replace Mason Redman if he is out with a hammy but having said that we expect to outscore this week regardless of our Round 4 numbers.
    4. JC
      Thanks, Chris. Much appreciated, as always. Hope you're keeping well.
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    5. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Love ya work @chris88
      Special kind of human to continue your dedication to this merry mob.
      Unearthing some silver lining from our miserable effort. Gold!
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    6. Bandit
      Great write up @chris88 thanks!

      Spelunkers hope to turn the 5 scoring under 80 to 5 around 80... then we will be cooking with gas
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      Cheers @chris88 hope all is well in your world mate !!!
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      Good to hear from you @chris88 -your better half's Lilacs are flying the flag well for the family.
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    10. HeavyMen
      Hmm so @chris88 - these reviews don’t usually go to print unless the Uglies win :) :)
      I mean the your review is exceedingly well written but maybe just a slip up by the site reviewers, I’ll take it up with TiB
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