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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jun 21, 2020.

By TheTassieHawk on Jun 21, 2020 at 7:44 PM
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    With a late Sunday game in this shortened round please post below to share your experience this week, and also discuss your trade in targets for Round 4 (which may depend on whether that is an 8 game or 9 game round).


Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jun 21, 2020.

    1. TheTassieHawk
      For those of you with Bombers players in Fantasy comps including draft and keeper leagues (see below)

      Surely the point of training in groups of 8 is so that the Bombers can play in Round 4 provided that the authorities give the OK to the listed players outside of the group of 8 and there are 25-26 players fit players to choose from? I would be OK with them not playing in Round 4 and having a couple of catch up games later on but would understand Carlton fans would be rightly annoyed if it their match doesn't go ahead.

      At the very least, seven of McKenna’s teammates face a potential two-week quarantine for their close contact with the Irishman during a Friday weight session before his positive test result on Saturday. The Herald Sun revealed those seven players were the backline group, despite advice from the AFL not to stage training with too many players from the same line close together.

      Those players were: Adam Saad, Cale Hooker, Michael Hurley, Matt Guelfi, Jordan Ridley and Mason Redman (I think there is 1 missing?)
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    2. James84
      My FF team is rolling with Saad, Hooker and Ridley so good times coming for me!
    3. walesy
      Just quickly- with the late game, I'm doubt rollover is gunna happen tonight.

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    4. TerryinBangkok
    5. walesy
      Ok, sorry about the delay folks. TS is rolled over for the next round.

      I used player average in the ORFF comps and yeah, hopefully that all rolls out ok.

      Damn Covid, what a bloody wreckingball.
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    6. ike2112
      Interesting that AFL Fantasy chose to give Demons and Bombers their avg score for the round, to let the game progress as normal.
      Whilst any option has its pros and cons, I think that works much better than moving the goalposts on what the round looks like once your team is already partially locked out. Best 18 benefits people who have screwed up, whilst also for example perhaps giving you Darcy Cameron's score instead of what Gawn was likely to score.
      Hope they hurry and decide with the Essendon-Carlton game is going ahead; though if it does it'll also be compromised as I gather the idiot Bombers had McKenna train with the entire backline late last week...
    7. TheTassieHawk
      James Stewart is the only player deemed as a close contact of Conor McKenna per a report by the Age this morning.

      If confirmed then this hopefully is a bullet dodged for the AFL and all fantasy comps over the next few weeks.
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    8. kram
      My score was destroyed by best 18. I had Gawn captain, with Oliver, Petracca, Smith, Bennell and Rivers all on field. I have 10 players averaging 100+, that wiped out 4 of them, so it was devastating for my team. My projections Sunday morning had me top scoring in the leagues I’m in, once those players were gone I lost all games and dropped 30,000 spots after being in the top 2000 scorers last week. I’m not sure taking their average score is ideal either, or fair to others, but I do seemed to have taken it with a pineapple with this way. Especially as I’ve sacrificed Neale/Fyfe to go the Gawn/Grundy option. Losing your best captain option, the price rises in Rivers and Bennell, and 40% of my premos, what was one of my best season starts has been absolutely scuttled by best 18
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    9. kram
      Maybe extra points get added on the catch up game??
    10. sharkwhisperer
      Is there now an advantage to taking a demon or Bomber player given they have opportunities to raise in value faster (more games over shorter term) or I guess vice-versa is the risk they drop in value faster too?
    11. TheTassieHawk
      From a salary perspective and depending on the repricing approach used the Double Game Week will be a significant impact on how quickly cashcows might increase their price if the matches are early on in the price cycle or follow a big score.

      I wouldn’t be worried about price drops or increases for premiums but perhaps culling a fattened calf a week earlier in case they drop substantially in a DGW may make sense but the opportunity for double points would seem a better option not to.

      All I have seen mentioned at the moment is that the match will be scheduled sometime after Round 5 and Given Melbourne are scheduled for a Sunday game in Round 5 I reckon it could be even later unless that match moves forward a day or 2.

      Until a new date is locked in I would avoid overthinking it and just develop the best team you can for the next 2-3 rounds.
    12. TheTassieHawk
    13. TheTassieHawk
      The Pies and Cats are reported as being the likely Victorian teams to play in WA in rounds 7, 8 and 9.

      Apparently rounds 6 and 7 should be released on Thursday or Friday this week.
    14. TheTassieHawk
      ROUND SIX - Cats and Pies play Thursday and Friday before starting their 14 day quarantine in WA for the stint over Rounds 7, 8 and 9.
      Thursday, July 9
      St Kilda v Geelong, Marvel Stadium (SEVEN), 7.40pm AEST

      Friday, July 10
      Collingwood v Brisbane, MCG (SEVEN), 7.50pm AEST

      Saturday, July 11
      Fremantle v Melbourne, Metricon Stadium (FOX), 12.35pm AEST - Demons join the Qld Hub
      West Coast v Adelaide, Gabba (FOX), 3.05pm AEST
      Hawthorn v Gold Coast, MCG (FOX), 6.05pm AEST
      Essendon v Western Bulldogs, Marvel Stadium (SEVEN), 7.40pm AEST

      Sunday, July 12
      Port Adelaide v Greater Western Sydney, Metricon Stadium (FOX), 1.05pm AEST - as does GWS
      Carlton v Sydney, MCG (SEVEN), 3.35pm AEST
      North Melbourne v Richmond, Marvel Stadium (FOX), 6.10pm AEST
    15. Waldo666
    16. TheTassieHawk
    17. ike2112
      That still seems unfair then - you had a Bomber/Demon and lose a score, you don't get 2 scores for it later. That means your overall is punished.
      Say you had Gawn, Oliver, Petracca from Day 1 and intend to hold right through; they'll get one less score than players in other teams, through no fault of the Demons (or fantasy owner). Pretty rubbish tbh - they already missed their score so no point transferring them out, but you don't get any reward for holding them either.
      Still believe they should have been given their avg score. SC HQ claims they didn't want to allow players to manipulate scores via knowing what player averages were, but nobody had the chance to do that anyway. Nobody was subbing in Demons late on, knowing the game was at risk.
    18. TheTassieHawk

      I understand that in isolation the criticism of stopping teams locking in predetermined scores is quite fair.

      But what happens when games get cancelled on Friday morning in a future round? Then 100% there would be teams rolling the dice with a VC and taking a guaranteed captains score.

      I can see why the decision was made but I personally would have rathered that the double game week was counted in some way even if it was for 50% points But only for teams who had the players in Round 3 and not those who trade the player in later.

      I wouldn’t want to be recoding the game throughout the season if I was the game hierarchy though.

      Given the uncertainty about 2020 it might be an opportunity for some coaches to either prioritise leagues or try DFS game comps In 2020 and get back into SuperCoach with an overall focus next year if the health outlook is improved.

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