Round 4 Review Thread

Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jun 28, 2020.

By TheTassieHawk on Jun 28, 2020 at 7:22 PM
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    There are several big player scores around the traps and some injuries for the like of Naismith, Howe and Fyfe.

    How is your team going after 4 rounds and how many trades do you have left for the final 13 rounds of season 2020 ?
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jun 28, 2020.

    1. anthak
      I only had 7 players score hundreds this round, and had a few premiums score really low, mainly Coniglio who I wasn’t very impressed with. Watching the game, it seemed him and Josh Kelly switched roles this week. Do any GWS supporters here have any views on that? @Len ?
    2. anthak
      I’m currently ranked 15,555th :spew:
      Still have 21 trades left and $442k in the bank!
    3. Len
      Not really mate, he has often gone forward rather than coming off and as a strike wepon, but he didn't strike much this week.
      The whole squad has been out of kilter since the break, I don't think we came out of it as well as others, makes it hard to predict who to hold and who to fold on. I held Whitfield, Williams is a chance to play but I am up in the air as to whether he is a keeper or not.
      FWIW I have Cogs, and like Williams am not sure yet if I still will after this week.
      I think the Ward/Green/Hately inclusions have had a big impact on his game scores, just haven't been able to see exactly why
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    4. Len
      Turns out I traded Williams, so one possible bullet dodged.
      I think like all premos you forgive the odd bad game, that's my outlook on Cogs atm
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    5. Iain
      I only just scraped past 2000 this week and am in the 30,000s for rank. Not a great year. Still have 24 trades though so will have to try and patch a few holes this week.
    6. choppers
      I scored a 2242 with 6 scoring under 70 and jumped 320 places to 164. 21 trades left and $388,600 in the bank.
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    7. Owen
      Tom Green a certainty to keep his place for a few games in a row?
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    8. anthak
      You’d think so. He looked really good
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    9. Len
      Hard to see him being dislodged for anything other than a rest at the moment, was in our best 1/2 dozen on Friday
    10. insider
      Howe to Ridley anyone? Comments welcomed and required please.
      also cutting my hopeful/smoky/disappointment Gresham and probably going to bailey smith.
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    11. Waldo666
      2241 and lost my cash league H2H by 2 points, was winning pre-scaling :(

      Have both Howe and Fyfe to deal with this week.
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    12. walesy
      Sorry about the delay peep, been a bit of a weekend. Stats going up now
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    13. Waldo666
      Could work out and is still quite cheap, certainly has the form. I'm looking at Maynard myself, probably would have got him in last week but after the Dees/Dons cancellation I am wary of carrying too many players from any one team.
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    14. choppers
      and looks like there could be more postponements this round...

      EDIT: No postponement but a change in the fixture.
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    15. Waldo666
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    16. walesy
      Stats are finished. Got delayed a little cause the darn kids are eating all my crappy bandwidth. :D
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    17. choppers
      That's gotta be better than "crappy" kids eating your bandwidth surely...;)
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    18. walesy
      Rona definitely heating up again :( Wouldn't be suprised to see more chaos in the not-too-distant-future.
    19. stripey
      Yep until they can get all the Vic teams into hubs the whole thing is on shaky ground. Does the 'rona' get contained in Vic anyway??? pretty unlikely imo… #justamatteroftime

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