Round 5 Review Thread

Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jul 5, 2020.

By TheTassieHawk on Jul 5, 2020 at 8:51 PM
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    Rowell and Bailey Smith injured early on amongst a number of low player scores has seen Round 5 to be a challenging week on field.

    Off field the AFL has seen the Victorian clubs begin to migrate north for 5 rounds (6-10) to keep the 2020 campaign ticking along.

    It's now upgrade season so pick your targets wisely and hopefully the cows you trade out don't pick the next week to smash out a ton.

    Please post below with your weekly spiel whether it's good, bad or u-g-l-y.


Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jul 5, 2020.

    1. headmandude
      If it wasn’t for the backline carnage, I would have traded out Brayshaw for Simpkin.
      Had Sicily and Ceglar and a 300+ lead v Mitchell (C), Haynes and Whitfield and lost by 37!
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    2. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      What a shocker! Couldn't cover the backline dropouts so accepted that I would take a donut there and take a low mid on field whilst Fyfe sat on the pine. But then I get hit with Rowell and Smith making 9 between them. I will need more than this weeks trades to get out of this mess
    3. ike2112
      1,880 and lost the only meaningful league game (2 other leagues I seemed to face people who quit already).

      Lots of wins and losses across the side. Kept Houston, Cerra, Taylor, brought in Ridley - 117, 134, 100, 122.

      But also had Rowell (6), Smith (3), TKelly (77), Viney (70), Starcevich (38), Hill (55), Sicily (44).
      Brown and Budarick on the bench may have lost money this week.

      Anyone watch the Hawks game - did Sicily's role change again or did he just have a really low possession game?

      I've a ton of cash this week, over 800k as I traded in Fyfe for Hill.
      But Viney, Kelly, Martin were all meant to be premos and aren't scoring like it.

      Can see Treloar and Neale coming in this week, or Simpkin.
      Hoping Smith recovers, doubt we'll see Rowell for a while.
    4. TerryinBangkok
      AFL web site - em e bugger up. All day long and tonight as well. Desperate for injury news.
    5. stripey
      Its quite funny but during the break I read some advice saying don't bring Viney in for the cash because you'll end up stuck with him... how true, he made $80k before this weekend gone but thanks to Williams, Naismith & Howe he got his reprieve... now he's lost $30k and on top of Rowell I have half a dozen non-playing rookies and a few premos still stinking it up! I can quite easily see a future where Viney stays till the end.... :(
    6. walesy
      stats are done
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    7. Waldo666
      A paltry 1976 from me this week but still managed to improve my rank to about 2.5k, Brown, Budarick and Starcevic the worst offenders, have Rowell and gutted for him, hopefully it's not too bad.
    8. Owen
      Some premos aren't performing as usual for the start of this year. I'm not sure whether it's the hubs, the COVID break, or the shorter quarters. Maybe a combination of all three? Are people confident that these players can turn it around? i.e. will people be looking at Yeo, Whitfield, Macrae?
    9. TheTassieHawk
      whitfields average includes the injury affected 8.

      His other 4 games have been solid 85-109 scores So even if he continues at that pace he is a bargain this week. If he can rediscover 2019 form then he that would be a bonus.
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    10. Waldo666
      Hard to say Owen, might be one of those things or a combo or they're just having a lull. I think positional changes more than anything, Macrae on a wing, Whitfield on the flank, wouldn't entertain either of those two atm especially Whitfield, he did nothing yesterday (influence wise) picked up the vast majority of his possies in junk time and was soft as butter.

      Yeo may have turned a corner and going back home should only benefit, had him under consideration as a Rowell replacement but thinking I want Haynes more.
    11. stripey
      Another consideration was whether the shorter quarters was impacting those that traditionally had a greater impact in red time... Gaff would've been one of those guys you would've thought but he's scored well so was probably nothing
    12. anthak
      Still could be handy when the Dees play their double game week. We don’t get both scores, but at least they get two chances for a decent score.
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    13. Owen
      Question is when this will happen? If we need to keep him in the team until the end of the year to get this double chance, and he's spitting our an average of 80-90 from now on, then that's not ideal. You could trade in Shiel and get the double chance, and more points. But yeah, I've got more pressing needs than Viney at the moment too.
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