Round 6 Review Thread

Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jul 12, 2020.

By TheTassieHawk on Jul 12, 2020 at 7:21 PM
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    More injuries this week while some of the early season bolsters has ‘mares and some 2020 strugglers finally hit form.

    Some great first up rookie scores gives food for thought about a double downgrade in Round 7, so let us know how you have gone and what your plan is ahead of the upcoming round.
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Jul 12, 2020.

    1. TerryinBangkok
      Resisted the temptation to flick Rowell and did the double down on Will Day and Lukosius, taking the gamble on first gamers. Few sub pars in other areas (Docherty sticks out), but otherwise very happy. Think Pittonet has hit the wall - now have the cash to turn him into Max.
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    2. Micksdemons
      Had a nightmare (1822) but still managed to win 2/4 Including my cash league - won’t 2 down this week still hold Rowell and will go 2 down next as well Rankine a certainty ! Lots of poor scores thank god for Max as Capt
    3. anthak
      Last week, I had Neale as VC with 130, but took the risk on Gawn as cap and he didn’t disappoint with 163.
      This week, Neale scored 134 and I decided to double it, but Gawn ended up with 153.

      Still scored over 2k, but that extra 19 points woulda helped me in a couple of close league games.
    4. Micksdemons
      Hurn Docherty Cripps Fyfe Rozee Smith - just a bad side -at least this week - oh yep and last Need some bye rounds to trade out of this mess !
    5. choppers
      Re: thoughts exactly.
      And did alright this round considering I traded in Duncan (13) for Rowell, and still moved up to 42.
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    6. Owen
      2139 so wasn't too bad. Went with a double upgrade this week bringing in Yeo and Whitfield and they both performed (is it still called an upgrade when trading Rowell?). Double down this week with Rankine and Simpson should give me enough (or very close to) to get Gawn in for Pittonet the week after.
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    7. walesy
      stats are done
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    8. TheTassieHawk
      Round 8 AFL fixture (Carlton and the Hawks will be heading to WA for Rounds 9-10-11)

      Thursday July 23

      Gold Coast Suns v Western Bulldogs (Metricon Stadium) – 7.40pm

      Friday July 24
      GWS Giants v Richmond (Giants Stadium) – 7.50pm

      Saturday July 25
      North Melbourne v Carlton (Gabba) – 1.05pm
      Sydney Swans v Hawthorn (SCG) – 3.35pm
      Port Adelaide v St Kilda (Adelaide Oval) – 7.10pm

      Sunday July 26
      Adelaide Crows v Essendon (Adelaide Oval) – 12.35pm
      West Coast Eagles v Collingwood (Optus Stadium) – 1.35pm
      Melbourne v Brisbane Lions (Metricon Stadium) – 6.10pm

      Monday July 27
      Fremantle v Geelong Cats (Optus Stadium) – 6.10pm
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    9. ike2112
      Is anyone NOT doing Simpson and Rankine this week?
      I figure they'll rise a collective 150k this week, so whilst Brayshaw might score higher, the difference you'll pay for Rankine the following week is far greater.

      I have loads of cash as I saved after the covid break, intending to upgrade Ruck and DF, but getting Pittonet and Ridley cheap for now saved a bit more. Also got on Simpkin and Bailey Smith quite cheap, and I've Rowell still on bench to trade in. Ben Long in fwd line makes sense to switch to Rankine, probably trade Starcevich out instead of Rowell just to avoid him losing more $ - but I might need 2 forwards if Curtis Taylor doesn't play.

      I think I'll have 1.2m cash spare after this round, which is obscene, but then I can just upgrade to Gawn, Neale and whoever else is hot over next 2 weeks (personally think Treloar could be a sneaky one).
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    10. TheTassieHawk
      I am seeing a lot of Starcevich & T Brown to Simpson and Rankine trade posts around.

      I guess it really should come down to $$$ vs points foregone by delaying premium upgrades for a week. It might not be popular but 1 down 1 up could be a viable alternative particularly if faced with a donut and in a shorter and potentially more disrupted season.

      I have read that Rankine is tipped to rise more in week 1 due to Simpson’s first price rise being impacted by him having scored poorly in his last game a few years back which apparently is used for determining his first 3 game average. I am not sure if this is correct.

      If choosing between Simpson and Rankine I am guessing a lot would choose Rankine but a case could be made for Simpson over Rankine if a team is heavy with Rookie forwards and with Whitfield and Smith having value as cheap trade ins over the next few weeks before Docherty and Cripps bottom out.
    11. TheTassieHawk
    12. TheTassieHawk

      If Barrett is correct then 33 games across 19 consecutive days as 4 "rounds" of AFL and assuming no weekday double headers leaves 6-7 games to be played on each of the 3 weekends 1-2, 8-9 and 15-16 August which I have assumed will be either 3 or 4 matches per day. The neatest solution is that one SC round ends up with 6 games and best 18 while quite likely is 2-3 rounds end up with 7 or 8 games and best 18 across multiple weeks. It is possible that SC may end up with a 10 game round which really would throw a spanner in.

      Hopefully the fixture gets announced as a block asap so that we know who to avoid ahead of their bye which could be as soon as Round 9. Below is an example of what it may look like without actual teams/matches listed. Good luck folks.

    13. ike2112
      Mu understanding was the first figure used when they calculate rises after 2wk, they utilise the avg score number that equates to your starting price.
      I have premium access so I can already see their BE are only 1pt different.
    14. ike2112
      I don't understand how the AFL can ask the players to play that many games and yet the players are on heavily reduced pay, and know there's list reductions coming. If you don't have a contract for 2021, I'm not sure you put your body on the line here without a much-improved injury settlement deal more like what they get in the NFL.

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