Round 8, 2020

Discussion in 'Blog' started by anthak, Jul 24, 2020.

By anthak on Jul 24, 2020 at 12:15 AM
  1. anthak

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    The last somewhat normal round for a while.


Discussion in 'Blog' started by anthak, Jul 24, 2020.

    1. anthak
      Happy with my first trade this week.
      Curtis Taylor to Jack Macrae. I was close to putting the VC on him too, but alas I decided not to.

      I plan to trade Pittonet to Grundy with my other trade this round.

      I had an absurd amount of money in the bank to do these trades and will still have roughly $150k remaining after bringing in Grundy.
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    2. Penske file
      Penske file
      If I had $150K I could get gawn, if you are wondering what to do with it welllllll.
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    3. Owen
      Brought in Gawn this week for Pittonet and gave Rozee the boot for Will Day. Gives me coverage on my bench with Hill/Starcevich. No doubt now that I've got Gawn he'll stop with these ridiculous 150+ scores.
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    4. kram
      Bought in Macrae and VC’d him, best move all year. Looks like a lot bought him in this week despite not much chat on podcasts etc
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    5. anthak
      Yeah I was surprised there wasnt much chat about him during the week
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    6. TheTassieHawk
      Interesting to know that teams will be drip-fed out, I assume round 9 is unaffected and this commences from round 10

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    7. ike2112
      I was wary of Macrae purely because it feels like this isn't the year to be able to afford any sideways trading, and when Dunkley is back, Macrae may go back onto the wing where he scored badly early in the season...
    8. ike2112

      So I went with the tactic of only having 1 of Gawn and Grundy, thinking I'd get the other later and cheaper. Picked the wrong one, clearly.
      Think Pittonet to Gawn has to be done though.

      The 2nd move though... I was going to go Rowell to Dangerfield. But forgot the Suns played early.
      However also considered Sam Simpson's job security looks great and even though I missed him on the bubble, I still think he'll be a must-have midfield cover for the run-in (I can't see any other rookies like that coming through next few weeks).
      Is it better to upgrade and risk no depth, or get the cheap depth when it's there given it'll cost more in future?

      But now Hill being out injured...I'd been relying on him as D6. I wouldn't even know which defender to bring in - even the premos this year, Hurn has a run of games at home now, but do I want to be relying on him during the final 4-5 weeks living in a QLD hub again given how bad the Eagles were before?

      Perhaps I need to give Pittonet another week...
    9. TheTassieHawk
      When you say Hurn might be in a hub for the last 4-5 weeks of the season - has that been announced?

      The Eagles look like they will play GWS in Round 13 in Perth (GWS plays Sydney there in Round 12) and then have the Bombers, Kangaroos, Tigers, Saints and Dogs in some order to be determined over the last month.

      It would make sense for some of those to be in Queensland but I thought 2 or 3 might be in Perth with a possible 2-3 week stay in Queensland.

      I think Freo played away in Round 1 with the Eagles at home and with Sydney and GWS lined up for Rounds 13 and 14 (subject to confirmation) I expect they may get 1 more home game than West Coast in the run home.
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    10. anthak
      I’ve got very similar decisions to make to you.
      I was planning to trade Pittonet to Grundy. But I had Hill at D6 with no bench cover.

      what is better?
      Grundy & a donut,
      Pittonet and a premium defender (but also making it more difficult to do the Pittonet/Grundy trade next week as their prices will both go in wrong direction)

      I’m not sure
    11. anthak
      Actually Grundy’s BE is quite high this week, I didn’t realise. I’d better get a defender, and hopefully leave enough cash to get Grundy next week
    12. anthak
      What do you all think about
      :thumbsu: Luke Ryan
      :thumbsd: Tom Doedee
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    13. choppers
      Pretty even for mine and Ryan has the bye in Rd10.....depends on your team/price structure, but Doedee if I had to choose.
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    14. ike2112
      Not explicitly, but the AFL did say that as much as possible Vic clubs would play Home games in QLD. Its to do with sponsor exposure.
      So St Kilda for example still get to play half their schedule as home games, just most will now be at the Gabba. They'll have played 8 'away' fixtures by end of round 12. So they get to be designated home side with their sponsor exposure in at least 3 of those remaining games.

      So I can't see why they would be made to fly to WA to play Eagles in a 'home' game - surely Eagles have to fly to QLD - and if so, may as well stay a week or two and play at least one other club. I think that's the general understanding for the WA clubs that they'd "mini-hub" again at season-end, whereas SA clubs seem to be fly-in, fly-out from here on.
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    15. ike2112
      Everything I do this year seems to go wrong, but personally I've been burned by Ryan too often. Scores big, but has potential to go off the boil too. I don't watch enough Freo games to know why.

      Doedee on the other hand, voted captain by his peers, I watched him against the Saints last week and honestly he could be AA, he was great just the rest of them were dire. You know the footy is going inside their 50 a ton...
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    16. choppers
      Carlton will hand Callum Moore his debut for the club against North Melbourne on Saturday afternoon after gun forward Harry McKay was withdrawn due to injury.
      $186,800 FWD if anyone is interested.

      @walesy He's not listed on the Stats page.
    17. TheTassieHawk
    18. anthak
      Thanks for the replies guys. My first preference was Jake Lloyd, but I wanted to try and save some cash to get Grundy next week. Now I kinda wish I’d just grabbed Lloyd after he’s just scored 150!
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    19. anthak
      Spuing I decided on Doedee!
      Probably should’ve went for Grundy and not worried about the donut :(

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