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Discussion in 'Blog' started by That KI Guy, Nov 28, 2018.

By That KI Guy on Nov 28, 2018 at 4:00 PM
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by That KI Guy, Nov 28, 2018.

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    1. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      TS Supercoach group link

      Fantasy Freako on Twitter

      There will be 115 DPP's to choose from in 2019, a slight drop from 131 last season.

      There are 29 DPP's among the draftees (national + rookie drafts) to choose from in 2019.

      Port Adelaide has the most DPP's with 10. Richmond has the fewest with only 2. #2019AFLProspectus #SuperCoach #AFLFantasy
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    2. stowie
      Still don't understand why they're so stingy with the DPP's. I'd love to see more as it adds so many more options when trading and also in draft leagues.
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    3. Jason
      Not expecting it, but Bontempelli should be a F/M based on his 2018 field positioning. Sadly, I believe they apply their own discretional views to the players that are given DPP.
    4. JPK
      I tend to agree with the lack of DPP's on offer, and the randomness of who is and isn't given DPP. It would be much better to have more DPP's and more flexibility in the DPP's.

      Does anyone have the Telstra app and is able to get the heat maps of the players?
      Anyone able to send me James Sicily's heat map, please?
    5. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Sicily 2018 season
    6. JPK
      Thanks mate. Looks like he's a defender!
    7. stowie

      AFL Website has released various position changes for Fantasy in 2019. Although it hasn't been confirmed for Supercoach, they will likely be the same as they usually are.

      Patrick Dangerfield - MID/FWD
      Devon Smith - MID/FWD
      Justin Westhoff - RUC/FWD
      Tim Kelly - MID/FWD
      Paddy Dow - MID/FWD
      James Worpel - MID/FWD
      Bailey Banfield - MID/FWD
      Zac Bailey - MID/FWD
      Will Setterfield - MID/FWD
      Lachie Whitfield - DEF
      James Sicily - DEF
      Connor Blakely - DEF
      Andy McGrath - DEF/MID
      Tim Taranto - MID
      Elliot Yeo - MID
      Angus Brayshaw - MID
      Brett Deledio - MID
      Paul Seedsman - MID
      Jed Anderson - MID
      Ed Langdon - MID
      Mark Hutchings - MID

      Wow. PATRICK DANGERFIELD IS A FORWARD! Other handy positions changes include his teammate, Tim Kelly, Connor Blakely and Lachie Whitfield.

      Devon Smith, Josh Dunkley and Toby Mclean are a trio of players who have managed to retain Forward status.

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    8. bryzza
      1. Wayne Milera DEF

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        Hugh Greenwood MID Hugh McCluggage MID Tom Cutler MID Dale Thomas DEF Nic Newman DEF Darcy Parish MID/FWD Kyle Langford MID/FWD Stephen Hill DEF Harley Bennell MID 1/3 #AFLFantasy

      2. [​IMG]AFL Fantasy‏Verified account@AFLFantasy 2h2 hours ago
        Brandon Parfitt FWD Luke Dahlhaus MID/FWD Pearce Hanley DEF Harrison Wigg DEF Chad Wingard MID/FWD James Harmes MID Christian Salem DEF Bayley Fritsch MID Jack Ziebell FWD Aaron Hall MID 2/3 #AFLFantasy

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      [​IMG]AFL Fantasy‏Verified account@AFLFantasy
      Dustin Martin MID Blake Acres MID/FWD David Armitage MID/FWD Jack Newnes MID/FWD Isaac Heeney MID/FWD Mitch Wallis MID/FWD Tom Boyd RUC/FWD
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    9. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Caleb Daniel FWD
      Zac Fisher MID/FWD
      Michael Walters MID/FWD
      David Mundy MID/FWD
      Noah Balta FWD
      Shane Edwards MID/FWD
      Rory Lobb RUC/FWD
      Kane Lambert FWD
      Jack Higgins FWD
      Ben Ainsworth FWD
      Jack Billings FWD
      Adam Cerra FWD
      Mitch Robinson MID/FWD

      Hunter Clark DEF
      Darcy Byrne-Jones DEF
      Zak Jones DEF

      Jack Bowes MID
      Paul Ahern MID
      Mitch Duncan MID
      Jordan Dawson MID
      Jordan Cunico MID
      Jordan Murdoch MID
      Luke Davies-Uniacke MID
      Jarrod Berry MID

      courtesy Erich SCS
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    10. Jason
      This is just nuts. Played as a MID for most of 2018 then played as DEF for the last 5-6 matches. How they came up with FWD is a complete mystery to me.
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    11. Len
      See if you can get hold of Connor Blakely's heat map and figure htf he is a defender.
      Ouija board stuff
    12. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Yeah given up trying to make sense of this stuff. Nothing remotely about Daniel’s game indicates F/M let alone FWD.
      Blakey on the other hand seems pretty clear cut DEF based on the heat map I can see and the detail on Fanfooty.

      In the wash up, seems like some very tasty options in the fwd and back lines next season.:cool:
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    13. Jason
      Not what I'm seeing? Looks like a DEF from this one:
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    14. Jason
      Not a FWD. As I said he started MID and finished DEF.

      They are just making stuff up with some of these positions.
    15. Jason
      Wow, those screenshots are quite big, aren't they. :eek:

      Not sure why they say 2019 season, because I got them from the 2018 season section.
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    16. Len
      How did you get them?
      I tried but couldn't get any 2018s on my app. the one I did see was a single game I guess, it wasn't mine
    17. Jason
      It took a while, wasn't intuitive though.

      Matches -> Filters -> Select Season 2018 -> Select Fremantle -> Select a match with Fremantle -> Select Stats -> Select Players -> Select Conor Blakely -> Select 'By Season' -> Scroll down a bit and there it was.
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    18. Len
      Only have the pass on my ipad so slightly different setup, followed your steps though and got it.
      Going in the other way on Saturday all I could get when selecting R13 was the R13 map where he played 100% mid, the 18 season maps had all gone. Thanks :)
    19. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Another load dropped.
      Daniel showing as M/F here :confused:

      Top DPP picks and those who have lost DPP.


      Andrew McGrath (Essendon)
      Lachie Weller (Gold Coast)
      Corey Ellis (Gold Coast)


      Darcy Moore (Collingwood)
      Jack Silvagni (Carlton)
      Ben Silvagni (Carlton)


      Justin Westhoff (Port Adelaide)
      Rory Lobb (Fremantle)
      Jordan Roughead (Collingwood)
      Jonathon Patton (GWS Giants)
      Jon Ceglar (Hawthorn)


      Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong)
      Tim Kelly (Geelong)
      Isaac Heeney (Sydney)
      Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)
      Devon Smith (Essendon)
      Toby McLean (W.Bulldogs)
      Sam Menegola (Geelong)
      Michael Walters (Fremantle)
      Will Setterfield (Carlton)
      Jack Martin (Gold Coast)
      Chad Wingard (Hawthorn)
      Jack Newnes (St Kilda)
      Caleb Daniel (W.Bulldogs)


      Paul Seedsman (Adelaide): Def-Mid to Mid only
      Hugh McCluggage (Brisbane): Mid-Fwd to Mid only
      Jordan De Goey (Collingwood): Mid-Fwd to Fwd only
      Aaron Francis (Essendon): Def-Fwd to Fwd only
      Pearce Hanley (Gold Coast): Def-Mid to Def only
      Tim Taranto (GWS Giants): Mid-Fwd to Mid only
      James Sicily (Hawthorn): Def-Fwd to Def only
      Angus Brayshaw (Melbourne): Def-Mid to Mid only
      Luke McDonald (Nth Melb): Def-Mid to Def only
      Travis Boak (Port Adel): Mid-Fwd to Fwd only
      Jack Higgins (Richmond): Mid-Fwd to Fwd only
      Josh Caddy (Richmond): Mid-Fwd to Fwd only
      Kane Lambert (Richmond) Mid-Fwd to Fwd only
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