The end of 08.

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Big Bad Burley, Sep 29, 2008.

By Big Bad Burley on Sep 29, 2008 at 10:00 AM
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    So, the Hawkers got over the line, and as much as it pains me to say this, good on them. they put in a good effort.

    I guess the same thing can be said for JOHN and the NEWBERRY STARS. While I cant say I like his manouver, I didnt make a rule against it.

    So, youre the winner mate. Well done.


    However, Im thinking Ill throw up a handful of TS memberships to some randomly draw out competitors.

    These memberships are actually going to mean something more for next year as TS is currently undergoing a complete re-design, to make it easier to use, faster and most importantly, to add new features to assist you as a coach. And to access these new features, youll need a subscription. (Though I believe the current TS site will stay around for free - It just wont score the new features of the updated version).

    The blog is definitely going to be pumping next year with a couple of top 20 finishers (Supercoach) saying their bits. And who knows, perhaps Ill be able to get someone in on the DreamTeam side of things for next year. :)

    And speaking of Top 20 finishers - Ive started a thread on the forum for <a href=";t=111">testimonials[/url] - So if you use TS and did alright, drop by, let us know. Or if you just want to say a good word. :D

    Dont forget to check back in during the off-season, both to keep up to date with any important news (Like did you know that Steele Sidebottom kicked 10 goals in his premiership game this weekend?), trade week, Im sure will generate some interesting discussions, and finally, any updates to the site will be put up throughout the offseason.

    So keep looking in. (Though Im sure you EPL guys will - Ill get that as a "default" option shortly...)

    Its been a heck of a year, a lot of fun.

    So thank you from all us here at TooSerious.

    And have a great off season.

    - walesy.

    PS - If youve read this far,  heres the prize winners. Drop me an email to claim.

    iloveujay - josh - $40

    Free subscriptions for next year.
    iloveujay - josh (hopefully it does some way to soothing the pain - well played)
    BANG! - Tiarna
    The Dynasty - Dean
    Chicken Stranglers - Kirk
    Supersonics - Annie

    See you all next year.


Discussion in 'Blog' started by Big Bad Burley, Sep 29, 2008.

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