Time to rally around one of our own, Mike (That KI Guy)

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By Bandit on Jan 6, 2020 at 2:45 PM
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    GoFundMe – Mike Penhall / Kangaroo Island

    We have all seen the complete devastation that these bushfires have destroyed of our beautiful country.

    With over 300 fires raging, 12 million hectares destroyed, lives lost and up to 1/1 a billion animals, we haven’t seen such tragedy strike our shores for a long time. Considering the size of the impact, its no surprise that someone close to us could be affected.

    Mike Penhall, aka @ThatKIGuy, is one of those – a TooSerious stalwart for years that has entertained us
    with his posts & wit - managing numerous SuperCoach Keeper teams right here on TS has just this week lost everything he & his family have………

    Mike is one of the Park Ranger’s on Kangaroo Island. Just last month he was off in NSW helping the local RFS fight fires to the north & returned last week to SA to go on a small vacay. A few days later he was called back to Kangaroo Island…..it was ablaze & all hands were needed. He has been there for 15 years – only 12 years ago they were under serious threat, but managed to repel the fires. This time they weren’t so lucky.

    As the Section Commander, he was in charge of a crew assigned to protect the buildings in & around the Visitor’s Center – an area of numerous buildings, livelihoods – not to mention his home as well.

    As much as they tried to defend, they were over-run by the intensity of the fires – every building within this Flinders Chase National park were destroyed – including Mike’s house where he, his wife Wendy and kids Matthew & Emily have resided in for years. His friends and fellow Rangers wiped out as well. Two friends burnt to death.

    I reached out to Mike who is of course devastated – he noted that he felt guilty having his crew there under such conditions, but all were just following orders. He noted that they will rebuild the park, that he will be front & center for that and that it’s just been devastating for the community of Kangaroo Island – the homes, the livelihoods all lost. Hardly a mention of what he has lost – that being nearly everything this family of four own. His wife Wendy notes that the kids have nothing left. They have a few suitcases…….nothing more. His daughter, visually & intellectually impaired, has lost everything she grew up with…….

    Wendy notes……” We didn’t have pets, but all of the animals on KI were our pets. Kangaroo’s would graze out back, Koala’s were in the trees outside their bedroom and cockatoos would wake them every morning. They literally have nothing left. “ Even their places of employment no longer stand.

    At last count on Kangaroo Island, 2 lives have been lost, 170,000 hectares destroyed, 1/3 of the Island completely wiped out. The CFS remain there still fighting the fires and that at its peak, when Mike’s KI burnt to the ground, it was 39c with winds of 80 kmh.

    The link below is a GoFundMe that we have set up for Mike & his family. Whilst I’m sure others have given to various resources already – please find it in your heart to help one of our TS mates.

    Smash the link and share the arse out of it:


    Mike 1.jpg Mike 2.jpg Mike 3.jpg Mike 4.jpg
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Discussion in 'ORFFA' started by Bandit, Jan 6, 2020.

    1. snoz
      Yep no probs Len. TiB it stays open until a month goes by without a donation, then it closes. And I looked into merging the 2 GFMs but it’s a nightmare so we will just run our own. It’s going much slower than anticipated so far sadly but we will keep at it. I’ll post an update in a day or so about status and helpful machinations to push it out further.....
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    2. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Thanks snoz and the broader TS family.
      Your thoughts and generosity mean so much to us all.
      I say that genuinely as my wife Wendy has never fully comprehended what I have been upto for the last decade on “that footy site”.
      I think Wendy now has a new appreciation for our TS family and how incredibly generous a group of footy loving people (most of which we have never met), can be.

      Love you all and see you around the traps soon.


      Mike and family
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    3. JPK
      All of the BS stuff on GFM - although the circumstances are very bad - its good to see something worthwhile to get behind.
      Thanks @Bandit for bringing this to our attention.
      Thankyou very much @ThatKIGuy for all that you do and will continue to do. Hope you and your family are good, and things improve real soon.
      To everyone else - please stay safe, and look after those around you.
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    4. Dekka
      Hi Mike, just read about your situation and made a small donation. As a city slicker I cannot imagine what you have been through and what is in front of you and your family. The character of you and the thousands of volunteers like you is how we all like to think of ourselves - selfless, community minded Aussies. But most of us fall well short of you guys.
      As one family I hope in time you are able to recover and that you receive enough small donations to make a difference. Collectively I hope the money raised from around the world is carefully spent on what is needed for prevention, resources and recovery. Good luck in 2020 and let's hope you are holding up the SC trophy and $50k cheque at the end of the season.
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    5. walesy
      Holy shit Mike, this breaks my heart.

      I'm on leave atm, so have been proper avoiding the internet/emails - only getting back into the swing of things to find this! Obviously, donated instantly and have shared it on the twitter account that I'm super lax with!

      You're a hero man. I hope your and your fam are back up on your feet as soon as possible.
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    6. walesy
      And thank you Bandit, for setting all this up. I fricking love the people here! You guys are the best.
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    7. jimbowan
      Oh god this is heartbreaking :( Will definitely share, best wishes to you and your family and mates in this dark hour Mike.
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    8. anthak
      I’m only just reading this now. And will definitely chuck some cash in!

      mike, we’d already messaged privately, but this summary shows the magnitude so much more than I knew.

      take care mate. I wish you 1000 angels around you and your loved ones as you get back on your feet.
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    9. anthak
      Also, good on you Bandit for setting up the GFM!
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    10. anthak
      I just tried to donate, but it says donations are paused, and has this suggestion for you:

      “Please contact the organiser and ask them to sign in to GoFundMe and check their account to resolve the issue.”
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    11. Bandit
      All looks ok to me @anthak... logged into the GFM site and there is nothing that it is asking me to do?
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    12. anthak
      I just tried again and worked fine this time. :thumbsu:Thanks
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    13. snoz
      Boys - time to give this another shake & consider donating AND sharing !!! Especially with the news that
      the larger charities are being dickwads and withholding funds to those that desperately need it.....

      If you haven't donated please consider it - and if you have shared previously time to push it out again.
      For those unable to donate, please consider sharing the link. Its IMPORTANT to write a note along with
      the link when you share it so people understand this isn't a blind donation. The description is there to read
      but only if you click the link. So consider writing a short intro when you share it out, something like below.

      ((Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for those if us who can internets. For those who cant, this can be easily texted
      to your friends, not to mention emailed.))

      ""For now, the fire danger has passed but its destruction remains in its wake. Our mate Mike Penhall, his wife
      Wendy & kids Emily & Matthew lost their home & everything in it.....Our friend Jamie set up a GFM & a group
      of us are rattling cans to help Mike & his family out.The larger charities seem to be set on handling requests
      in only dribs & drabs - this GoFundMe goes directly to Mike & his family immediately!!
      Please consider donating & please share the link to raise more awareness. Thanks ! ""
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    14. dmandrews
      Mike, I can't comprehend what you and your family have been through in the past month, especially just after you had been in NSW helping the local RFS fight fires. Wishing you and your family all the best for the future.

      Thanks @Bandit for setting up the Go Fund Me page for Mike and his family, I have just made a donation, it is good to see the support for Mike from the Too Serious community.
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