TooSerious Champions League Update

Discussion in 'AFL' started by stkildathunda, May 21, 2013.

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    Hi guys, thought id better give bit of update on what happened with the TS Champions League that I was looking at getting off ground. Basically it came down to fact I just didnt have the time to run it. Was going be hell of lot of work and with my commitments to Sandringham doing articles/interviews with them I had to cut this. I was hoping to get it up and running at some stage but never found the time! Also I knew Walsey has lot on his plate so didnt really want pressure him into even more work! What we might do is put it on backburner until 2014, that gives us plenty of time to work out how to run it smoothly and easier so theres less work involved for us (ie me!) Hopefully one these days ill have time to post on here again, just dont seem find time to do that much anymore either!

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