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By Jason on Mar 12, 2019 at 11:39 AM
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    Welcome Everybody to the 2019 Trading Games league!

    What's it all about? Basically every year the community gather together and choose the players picked in a team we all start with. We usually go with a "cookie cutter" team with the most popular selections on every line, as far as practicable. The players in every team in the group start the same before the round 1 lockout. Then, as the year progresses, and trades are made, the challenge becomes finishing on top of the group with the most points overall. That's it; just use your trades and your emergency/captain picks wisely, and turn the team we all start with into a winning team by scoring the most points.


    1. EVERYBODY must start with the exact same 30 players. No exceptions.

    2. You don't use your main team, we would prefer if you 'invited' your daughter, wife, grandfather, etc. to create a team that you help to manage throughout the year. Don't join this league if you don't want to follow rule 1.

    3. Like always, let's have fun and keep positive. Banter is expected and welcomed! Anyway, the whole thing is up in the air for discussion as always. What are your thoughts to make it interesting again this year?

    How to Join?

    Step 1: Sign up to the Trading Games group

    Step 2: Makes sure you have the correct team entered! The correct team is shown here just below.

    Step 3: Choose your captain/vice captain and any emergencies. You could get the jump on the rest of the field with some astute choices even with an identical 30-man squad.

    Step 4: If you wish, you can rearrange the 30 players to have different players onfield and on the bench before the start of R1. Just don't change the squad of 30.

    Step 5: If you wish, you can join the Trading Games League. We will set up multiple leagues as required.
    TS Trading Games 1: 945889

    Good luck everybody and happy trading!
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Mar 12, 2019.

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    1. Jason
      The team posted above has the top 28 most popular selections after the conclusion of the JLT series. The 29th and 30th popular selections are Brad Crouch and Jack Macrae, but we already have a full midfield line.

      Rozee is the 33rd and D.Smith is the 35th most popular selection, but they are the next available forwards from the coaches' choice list so they fill out the forward line.

      There are a few names in that team who might not get selected for R1, but that just makes it interesting!

      Happy to consider proposals for changes in the comments below. I can see that it would be more useful to have DPP link between Burgess and Rozee for instance, instead of both on the same line.
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    2. Bearfly
      Will definitely have another crack with either the "step-son's" or "neice's" team.
      I would suggest moving Rozee/Burgess down back in place of Hore and look at someone like Willem Drew to slot in that fwd position.
      What's the mail on Cavarra, is he likely to get a shot early? Bit concerned without any exposed JLT form.
      Not sold on Parker and Hind tbh, can't see them generating much cash (that's if they get games early).
      No Scrimshaw is a bit of a surprise, has looked ok in JLT and squeezing out 1 of the experienced defenders for him could free up cash to upgrade 1 of the questionable mids (Bewley/Hind) to a Brad Crouch.
      Just a bit of food for thought (and to get some discussion going).
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    3. Jason
      I'm inclined to agree with most of your suggestions Bear, but it starts to make things a bit arbitrary if we move away from the "most popular picks" approach is all that troubles me about it.

      Another way to look at it is we could pick a cut-off date closer to R1 and have another look at the most popular picks then, making changes as required to this team at that time, before we lock it in.
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    4. Owen
      I'm keen, but only if you're struggling for numbers as I'll be overseas for 5 weeks during the season and will have minimal supercoach trading during this time.
    5. Jason
      There is no fixed number of participants for this Owen, everyone is welcome to join up. A forced 5 week ban on trading might actually be a masterstroke, because I know I burnt my trades too quickly last year's comp!
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    6. Buzzboys
      Thanks Jason. I'm in.
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    7. stripey
      awesome stuff @Jason - word to the wise though, if you do change the team please give us plenty of time to update!
    8. Len
      Kelli's Dragoons are in.
      Like @stripey a bit nervous after last years last minute stuff, maybe your idea of the latter review Sunday afternoon mate?
      Will cause challenges if we miss on some rookies, but the idea is to create the best team from a common starting point, not win SC
    9. Jason
      (nodding in agreement)
      Yes, the danger of some teams having the wrong lineup is probably a greater peril than the danger of having one or two rookies that don't play in R1.
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    10. anthak
      I’m in.
      Thanks for organising, Jason
    11. Jason
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    12. Jason
      Cavarra has a quad injury. Out for 3 weeks.

      Still inclined to keep him in for this comp because he will play games sooner or later. Happy to discuss.
    13. stripey
      Watch his ownership plummet.
    14. anthak
      Hey does anyone remember who won this comp for 2018?

      This was the last update I can find:
      Maybe, @Buzzboys if you remember which login you used, check your final overall score and let us know. I’ll do the same.
    15. anthak
      With the history section I can see I won a league and also had the highest score in a league, but I can’t see anything about the group.

      I finished on 51,937 pts to be ranked 1,620 overall. Unfortunately dropped in rank each of the last 3 weeks after being inside the top 1k after round 20.

      How’d you finish @Buzzboys ?
    16. Jason
      From memory, I thought Buzzboys finished on top of the group last year, or was that the previous year? I certainly didn't come anywhere particularly close.
    17. warsaken
      Llamas are going around again in 2019!
    18. bunza52
      Reckon if any changes are going to be made, we need to have a final team by Sunday night, to allow everyone to make the changes. But the listed team looks good, only a few doubtful for R1, which is pretty good.
    19. bunza52
      The wife's team, 2 good 4 u, just joined up.
      Could be a few updates, if we are to pick the most popular as of today.
      DEF - In: Scrimshaw - Out: Lloyd
      MID - In: Drew, B Crouch - Out: Bewley, Hind
      RUCK - No change
      FWD - In: Moore, Balta, Out: Smith, Rozee.
      You then start with a warchest of $556,600!!
      If Drew was to play forward, then Bewley comes into the mid and Balta is dropped from the forwards. This option leaves you with $563,200.
      With that sort of cash, we could pick one more premium, so options would be
      Def - Lloyd back in for Scrimshaw, $104,800 in the bank, or
      Mids - Bewley out for Fyfe. Macrae is 1% more popular than Fyfe, but we are $9,200 short of that trade. $62,400 in bank, or
      Fwd - Cavarra out for Smith, $149,200 in the bank.
      So a bit of food for thought.
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