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By Jason on Mar 12, 2019 at 11:39 AM
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    Welcome Everybody to the 2019 Trading Games league!

    What's it all about? Basically every year the community gather together and choose the players picked in a team we all start with. We usually go with a "cookie cutter" team with the most popular selections on every line, as far as practicable. The players in every team in the group start the same before the round 1 lockout. Then, as the year progresses, and trades are made, the challenge becomes finishing on top of the group with the most points overall. That's it; just use your trades and your emergency/captain picks wisely, and turn the team we all start with into a winning team by scoring the most points.


    1. EVERYBODY must start with the exact same 30 players. No exceptions.

    2. You don't use your main team, we would prefer if you 'invited' your daughter, wife, grandfather, etc. to create a team that you help to manage throughout the year. Don't join this league if you don't want to follow rule 1.

    3. Like always, let's have fun and keep positive. Banter is expected and welcomed! Anyway, the whole thing is up in the air for discussion as always. What are your thoughts to make it interesting again this year?

    How to Join?

    Step 1: Sign up to the Trading Games group

    Step 2: Makes sure you have the correct team entered! The correct team is shown here just below.

    Step 3: Choose your captain/vice captain and any emergencies. You could get the jump on the rest of the field with some astute choices even with an identical 30-man squad.

    Step 4: If you wish, you can rearrange the 30 players to have different players onfield and on the bench before the start of R1. Just don't change the squad of 30.

    Step 5: If you wish, you can join the Trading Games League. We will set up multiple leagues as required.
    TS Trading Games 1: 945889

    Good luck everybody and happy trading!
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Mar 12, 2019.

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    1. anthak
      I guess that’s fair enough.
      But if the team makes 2 trades in the first round, it’ll be equal to everyone else, if not worse due to having used 2 trades to make just 1 change
    2. JPK
      Understand, and rules are rules for a reason. Your call @Jason and we'll just roll with it.
      All players are on the bench and not scoring, so while all TG teams have Cripps and Martin for 235 points, we have Constable and Scott waiting to play, and Macrae and Neale on the pine.
    3. JPK
      Yes. League and Group.
    4. Jason
      Agreed, you could still compare the Donor team to the other 17 in the league within the league standings for total points to compare how it is going. But technically the Donor team wouldn't be part of the group because of rule No. 1.

      Trying to find a compromise that doesn't break the main rule of this thing!
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    5. anthak
      Yeah I reckon that’s fair enough. No worries
    6. Jason
      Schneaky Mussi finished R1 with 1971, how'd everybody else go?

      Had the VC on Cripps and banked it after I saw his final score on Thursday night by using Fort as C for the loophole.

      Didn't field Scott though, that would have been a good move!
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    7. anthak
      1944 for me.
      Had VC on Dusty and didn’t take it, only for my captain Dangerfield to score just 97
    8. Len
      1986 for me, meant to lock in Cripps VC but forgot
    9. Jason
      Have removed the following teams from the TS Trading Games group for having the wrong starting lineup:

      V Dogs (Vernon)
      De Goaty (Anthony)
      Buzz II (Barry) - close team but you had Lincoln McCarthy in your R1 team for some reason?
      SuperSuns (Barbara)
      Black Cockatoo (TL) - close team but you had Zac Clarke in your R1 team for some reason?
      The Dragon (Trevor J)
      Kay5 (Kirstie)
      TS Donors
      Jays Guns (Jason)
      Bchworth Wanderers (Diane)
      Pies 19 (Adam)

      Sorry folks, but we all needed to start with the same lineup as per rule No.1.

      Many of you are still in the TS Trading Games League, so you can play along there if you still wish to do so.
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    10. anthak
      That’s sad that so many teams had an incorrect lineup. Would’ve been good to have a bigger group.

      Did some of them have the original lineup, Jason? From before it was altered?
    11. Jason
      At most I think 2 did, but most had some other variation or a completely different lineup altogether.
      As noted above, a couple of teams had 29/30 but just had one incorrect player.
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    12. bunza52
      Wife's team, 2 good 4 u knocked out 1992. Had the VC on Cripps & did not change it, so ended up with Gawn. Was too busy changing my other team, so last time I was in there, was last Monday when we had to update our team. Had Parker and Scott on the pine, so those 3 things cost me 108 points. Thinking about trading Grundy for Phillips, to free up a truck load & then Libba can become anyone.
    13. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      2056 vc Cripps
      Collins, Burgess and Petru on bench helped.
    14. Buzzboys
      I didn't notice the team had changed until after the Collingwood match. That's why I had McCarthy instead of Moore. Can get back on track by trading in Moore this week although McCarthy surprising outscored Moore by 9 points. In previous years team has never changed in the last week. That's why there are so many teams without the correct lineup.
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    15. Jason
      The team has been changed before the start of the year in previous years and Lincoln McCarthy was never in the Trading Games team lineup.

      At most there were two teams that had the earlier version of the 2019 trading games team, which doesn't include your team because McCarthy was never in the trading games team.

      Just like the Donor team, the League option is still available to track your team against most of the others (although there are multiple teams in the league with the incorrect starting lineup).
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    16. stripey
      an aggressive start to the year... hope it plays off

      who else had the VC on Grundy... welcome Captain Fort
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    17. Jason
      Lots of similarity between us stripey, I also had the VC on Grundy and now have the C on Fort.
      I also moved on Oliver and Collins, but for different replacement targets:
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    18. anthak
      You guys are keen, posting your trades prior to lockout.

      Well done on having Grundy as VC!
    19. Jason
      Bah, not concerned about it in the slightest. I haven't finished up top in this comp for a while so doubt anyone is going to be following my lead here!
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    20. Jason
      The initial team only had 5 players with a R12 bye. That's great for R12 but terrible for each of the following weeks. The need to add more players with a R12 bye certainly came into my calculations.

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