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By Jason on Mar 12, 2019 at 11:39 AM
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    Welcome Everybody to the 2019 Trading Games league!

    What's it all about? Basically every year the community gather together and choose the players picked in a team we all start with. We usually go with a "cookie cutter" team with the most popular selections on every line, as far as practicable. The players in every team in the group start the same before the round 1 lockout. Then, as the year progresses, and trades are made, the challenge becomes finishing on top of the group with the most points overall. That's it; just use your trades and your emergency/captain picks wisely, and turn the team we all start with into a winning team by scoring the most points.


    1. EVERYBODY must start with the exact same 30 players. No exceptions.

    2. You don't use your main team, we would prefer if you 'invited' your daughter, wife, grandfather, etc. to create a team that you help to manage throughout the year. Don't join this league if you don't want to follow rule 1.

    3. Like always, let's have fun and keep positive. Banter is expected and welcomed! Anyway, the whole thing is up in the air for discussion as always. What are your thoughts to make it interesting again this year?

    How to Join?

    Step 1: Sign up to the Trading Games group

    Step 2: Makes sure you have the correct team entered! The correct team is shown here just below.

    Step 3: Choose your captain/vice captain and any emergencies. You could get the jump on the rest of the field with some astute choices even with an identical 30-man squad.

    Step 4: If you wish, you can rearrange the 30 players to have different players onfield and on the bench before the start of R1. Just don't change the squad of 30.

    Step 5: If you wish, you can join the Trading Games League. We will set up multiple leagues as required.
    TS Trading Games 1: 945889

    Good luck everybody and happy trading!
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Jason, Mar 12, 2019.

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    1. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Ugh Rocky, what is up with this hammy?
      Went early on Logue and a pod mid.
      Oh and Dunkley finally finds a spot.
      Running 18 thanks to Fort.
      ROB still to upgrade.
      Trade vapours...
    2. Len
      Down to my last 3 trades and not complete, playing defence from here I think
    3. Jason
      Have 19 on the field this week and no trades for the first time in a while.
    4. Jason
      13/1334 (Gawn VC, excluding Answerth's 38 which should drop out as my 19th score)
      with Daniel, Bontempelli, Grundy, Pendlebury and Dunkley to finish.
      Feels middle-of-the-road-ish as a score so far.
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    5. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Looks above par to me looking across leagues.

      1349/15 vc Fyfe
      And TG is my better score. :rolleyes:
      Rolling with Dunk for Capt.
      More leaderboard shuffle on the cards.
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    6. Len
      1601 with Grundy, Daniel and Dunkley to come, better than last week regardless of outcome
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    7. stripey
      This was always going to be my weak round thanks to Rocky and resulting trade decisions... 1285/13 inc Gawn C

      Bont, dunks, Daniel, Macrae, Grundy to come
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    8. stripey
      Yes many scores will be affected by Neale, Fyfe, Telly, Hore etc but with high ownership among leading teams shouldn’t hurt too much I hope
    9. stripey
      Hately in means I’m tempted to hold onto Rocky... but then I hit myself with a hammer and I realise that would be stupid... have held Hately since after his first game
    10. stripey
      Rockliff to Kelly
      Stack to Treloar this week
    11. Len
      No trades for me this week unless shit hits at 6.30 tonight
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    12. stripey
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    13. stripey
      Current top 10
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    14. stripey
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    15. Len
      Very tight at the top
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    16. stripey
      Yep, I'm nearly cooked though...1 trade left $330k in the bank...
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    17. Len
      Zero trades left, 10 fingers crossed :eek:
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    18. stripey
      which one are you mate?
    19. Len
      Kelli's Dragoons
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    20. stripey
      Bad captains choice (Dunkley) sees me knocked off top position... I will be back!

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