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By anthak on Nov 20, 2018 at 1:02 AM
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    We've got Divisions - Premier, Div 1, & Div 2.
    We've got Conferences - in Div 2, one league is Conference 1 and the other league is Conference 2.
    We've also got 2 divisions/conferences/sections within each league too! What do we call them? They are divisions I think, but that could get confusing... I'm going to refer to them as sections in this article...

    There is a "Too" section and a "Serious" section in each league.
    We play teams in our own section twice and the other teams just once.
    The teams are split between the sections, seeded by draft order. ie the Too section will have teams that had draft picks: 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12; and the Serious section has teams who had draft picks: 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11. I think thats right... with the last minute rush to move/add teams on the day of our draft, I set all this up in such a rush, so there might be some abnormalities...

    We've now played each of the other teams in our own section, and now we'll be moving onto the teams in the other section.

    Here is a bit of a review of the season thus far:

    Premier Division:
    Still undefeated: @Steve
    Yet to win: @walesy & @Auron
    Best total 'points for': @HEAVER 5254
    Highest weekly total: @HEAVER 1245
    Highest losing score: @HEAVER 1047 lost to @anthak 1202
    Lowest winning score: @Rad_E_Cool 650 defeated @walesy 517

    Division 1:
    Still undefeated: @Lethal
    Yet to win: None
    Best total 'points for': @dabombers 4902 (but has only won 2 out of 5 games!)
    Highest weekly total: @dabombers 1232
    Highest losing score: @dabombers 1022 lost to @headmandude 1134
    Lowest winning score: @rodgo 681 defeated @tasho 638

    Division 2, Conference 1:
    Still undefeated: None
    Yet to win: @Aram
    Best total 'points for': @Jet 4914
    Highest weekly total: @That KI Guy 1198
    Highest losing score: @port_leschenault 1044 lost to @Jet 1099
    Lowest winning score: @port_leschenault 683 defeated @That KI Guy 640

    Division 2, Conference 2:
    Still undefeated: @protraj
    Yet to win: @Len & @Danners
    Best total 'points for': @protraj 5208
    Highest weekly total: @protraj 1249
    Highest losing score: @jamesrobert 1127 lost to @Peaches 1158
    Lowest winning score: @jamesrobert 705 defeated @Len 586

    And quickly, the players:

    Here are the top 25 based on ave fppg (with our ADP in brackets):
    1. Anthony Davis 52.7 (2.25)
    2. LeBron James 45.1 (4)
    3. Joel Embiid 43.1 (13.75)
    4. Steph Curry 43.0 (8.75)
    5. Giannis Antetokounmpo 41.9 (1.25)
    6. Kevin Durant 41.4 (6)
    7. Nicola Jokic 41.1 (8.25)
    8. Nicola Vucevic 39.2 (49)
    9. Rudy Gobert 38.1 (28.5)
    10. Damian Lillard 37.4 (10.5)
    11. Kemba Walker 37.2 (22.75)
    12. Kawhi Leonard 37.1 (11.5)
    13. DeMar DeRozan 36.7 (19.25)
    14. James Harden 36.4 (3)
    15. Kyle Lowry 35.8 (14.5)
    16. Russell Westbrook 35.7 (9)
    17. Kyrie Irving 35.1 (22.5)
    18. Jimmy Butler 34.8 (20.25)
    19. Steven Adams 34.6 (52)
    20. Paul George 34.3 (21.5)
    21. Ben Simmons 34.1 (11.5)
    22. Andre Drummond 34.1 (14.25)
    23. Clint Capela 33.8 (30.75)
    24. Jrue Holiday 33.0 (26)
    25. Karl-Anthony Towns 32.9 (4.5)
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Nov 20, 2018.

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    1. anthak
    2. anthak
    3. Steve
      Have to be happy with 3 of my players in the top 11 in the rankings (Embiid, Kemba and Vucevic) :)
    4. bgt2110
      Cauley-Stein (23 points, 11-15 FG, 1-4 FT, 7 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals) fouled out but only gets 3 fantasy points. Is ESPN slow in updating his score or is that what that game is worth ?
    5. anthak
      Yeah he’s currently got 7 DQs. ESPN are slower this year in correcting it down to 1.
      So his score will be 33 when they fix it.
    6. anthak
      Did anyone else notice that both @port_leschenault and @jamesrobert have achieved BOTH the lowest winning score AND the highest losing score?! When I saw that in one league I was surprised, but then for it to happen in two leagues is remarkable!
    7. dabombers
      It has been a very strange season so far...
      Like any season it is all about Schedule! 3 game weeks and back to backs can really hurt production and points.
      Happy with things overall and hope to win a few more matchups to climb the ladder.

      Does anyone have any analysis predictions or comments on things so far?
      I am a little amazed that things haven't suited KAT.. but I'm sure he will come good during the season..
      Really happy with drafting Vucevic as my first backup Centre... Must be one of the best performers Pts/ADP this season...
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    8. Len
      Weird shit going on the website atm, scores have reset to yesterday and my days trade reversed..
      Reset my cache and still the same, anyone else got an issue?
    9. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Yeah same here. Happened last week then corrected itself within a few hrs.
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    10. anthak
      Yeah I’m getting bugs like that semi-regularly. Bit of a pain, but yeah like KI guy it usually comes good fairly quickly.
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    11. anthak
      Man, Vucevic has been amazing.
      Before the season there were some rumours that he might lose his starting spot! But he has played too well...

      You’re doing well so far dabomers, and I was surprised to see you’d only won 2 games despite leading the ‘points for’!
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    12. Steve
      I really wish ESPN would sort their shit out.

      I am playing Heaver this week and it is a very close match.

      However he has Jarret Allen who scored negative 58 yesterday which is not right.

      Makes it very hard to plan your strategy for the rest of the round if you to have manually calculate the score. We should not be expected to do this.

      The score should be fixed at the end of each day and not at the end of the round when it is too late to make any last minute moves.
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    13. Steve
      How good has the Vooch been this season!

      I took a chance on him as it was a contract year for him as he has exceeded all of my expectations and then some.

      As I type this he is on 60pts at the end of the 3rd quarter. :)
    14. HEAVER
      Nice win Steve - I'll probably end with the 2nd highest score of the round and still lose :( = my pet hate!!!

      Agreed that ESPN has fallen way behind with its interface. Conley and Allen still sitting on their pre-adjusted scores from Friday's game!

      Another gripe is the standings - I'm sitting 4th overall - despite 2nd best record (4-1) in the league and highest points total in the TS entire competition? Hope that isn't a factor closer to the playoffs....
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    15. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      What was the Conley discrepancy out of interest?
      Have him and Jarrett too. Coming up short by around 120 this week, 70 more from Jarrett is a bonus. Can I expect a +50 from Conley?
    16. Steve
      From my calculations I think you have to add on another 10 points to Conley.

      His disqualifications is showing as -15 but it should only be -5.
    17. Chris Whitey
      Chris Whitey
      A way to fix the DQ problem is to remove any penalty for fouls or Dq’s!!!! It’s seriously a positive part of basketball and deliberate fouling happens every game. It’s not like Rugby where your team is down a player, there is a deep bench?!
      It’s basketball and fouling is encouraged, in set plays etc etc
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    18. Steve
      @anthak , should be a good match between ourselves this round.

      Looks like we have roughly the same number of games played between us before any moves that we make.

      Good luck
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    19. anthak
      Thanks mate, good luck to you too. You’ve been the form team all season, you’ve got a strong squad!

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