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By anthak on Oct 16, 2017 at 11:58 PM
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    All 4 drafts were held at the same time on Sunday night, just gone, and the start of the season is now upon us!

    The first matchup of the season is a short week, which is why we only have 4 acquisitions available to us this week. This is a change from previous seasons - it has always been 5 acquisitions per matchup, no matter the length of the matchup, however we made the change this year to accommodate the finals matchups which will be minimum 2 weeks long each.

    Now, the drafts, always a highlight of the season!

    A funny tidbit from the Premier draft was how I tried to search for Norman Powell late in the draft to grab him with one of my last picks, but accidentally typed his name into the chat instead, only to see him snapped up by @Steve a couple of picks later who gloated that he only thought of him because I'd brought him up - the only time he was drafted in any of the 4 leagues! I decided to grab CJ Miles instead, so we'll see how that works out haha

    In total, there were 180 players selected in any of the 4 drafts. 135 of them were picked up in all 4 drafts, meaning a whopping 45 of the 180 drafted players went undrafted in at least 1 league.

    Giannis was almost an undisputed #1 pick (which I personally find surprising - despite small hits to both, I still had Harden and Westbrook clear 1&2).
    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was the lowest ranked player selected in all 4 drafts with an ADP of 152.75.
    Will Barton was the highest ranked player who missed selection in at least 1 draft, his ADP was 125.75 and he went undrafted in Div 2, Conference 1.
    The highest ranked player to be selected in just 1 draft was Danny Green, who was picked up by @stowie in Premier at 131.

    Outside of Giannis (& also Marc Gasol, Ricky Rubio, Paul Millsap, Joel Embiid and Boogie Cousins), there was so much variation this year - check out the rankings below (please note 157 means they were undrafted).

    I have also colour coded: orange if the player was drafted 1 position less than 1 std.dev less than their ADP, and blue if they were drafted 1 position more than 1 std.dev more than their ADP. Basically, if orange, you might have drafted them too early, and if they're blue you might have got a bargain! Personally 6 of my 13 were orange, so I probably reached a bit too high for some :(

    I haven't worked it out properly, but the biggest reach seems to be Josh Richardson, taken in Premier by @G-Train at 74 when he was taken in 120s in all 3 other drafts (I was actually thinking to take him at 75, so 74 seems about right to me).
    Other notable reaches were: Chandler Parsons, in Con 1, selected by @The Royals at 112; Jonathan Simmons, in Div 1, selected by @Lethal at 102; Dirk Nowitzki, in Premier, selected by @anthak at 99; Kyle Kuzma, in Div 1, selected by @ddsaints at 98; Brandon Ingram, in Con 1, selected by @maggots at 86; Malcolm Brogdon, in Con 1, selected by @ViQBoZ at 75; Justin Holiday, in Con 2, selected by @crossy at 63; Jonas Valanciunas, in Div 1, selected by @Belmont383 at 45; and Victor Oladipo, in Premier, selected by @yumcha at 39.

    Some nice bargains (based on ADP) seem to be: Markieff Morris in Premier, selected by @rodgo at 148; Jamal Murray in Con 2, selected by @smokinjoemisiti at 119; Dwyane Wade, in Premier, selected by @rodgo at 117; Lou Williams, in Con 1, selected by @tyze1 at 116; Isaiah Thomas, in Premier, selected by @walesy at 114; Steve Adams, in Div 1, selected by @headmandude at 113; Patrick Beverley, in Premier, selected by @Rev at 112; Derick Favors, in Div 1, selected by @LiQuiD_SiXx at 109; Nick Batum, in Premier, selected by @anthak at 94; Avery Bradley, in Div 1, selected by @Belmont383 at 76; DeAndre Jordan, in Div 1, selected by @Mick at 58; Gordan Hayward, in Premier, selected by @costak at 36, and CJ McCollom, in Premier, selected by @Rev at 33.

    Links to the 4 drafts :
    Division 1
    Div 2, Conference 1
    Div 2, Conference 2

    Full results are below, but for a clearer picture, click HERE.

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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Oct 16, 2017.

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    1. anthak
      The picture of the draft comparisons is not working for me. I will email it to @walesy to see if he can upload it for us.
    2. crossy
      Hey ant, loved the draft info mate, massive thanks from me, always an interesting read. Having a look, I think my reach for Holiday was a bit much haha, not sure what I was thinking but keen to see how a few of the picks above turn out. Anyway thanks for the effort put in buddy! lets get the season on!!!!!! :) good luck to all
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    3. Steve
      Norm was on my radar but I completely forgot about him during the draft itself (one of the pitfalls of winging it) ;)

      Things got off to a bad start when the 2 players I wanted (Monobrow and Gobert) were taken right before my picks.

      Too many speculative picks in my team for my liking (Jamal and Dejounte Murray, Fultz and Justin Holiday). If they fire, then I have a chance, if they don't I will be in a spot of bother.

      Thanks for the analysis Ant.
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    4. walesy
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    5. anthak
      Ok great, thanks. Ive added it to the OP now :)
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    6. LiQuiD_SiXx
      We all know you love reaching for a young breakout candidate crossy haha ;)

      I feel like I drafted pretty well.. with pick 12 I was aiming for the same Wall/Cousins combo that took me to the finals last season but with Wall gone at 11 I jumped on Butler who I believe to be the pick of the second round. Solid supporting cast of Bledsoe, DeRozan and Oladipo, handy retirement village vets in Wade and Dirk, and classic injury risks Gallo, Favors and Reke could make things interesting to say the least.
    7. walesy
      Reckon I'm pretty happy with my draft.

      Davis and Paul are a solid base to start from, and Kemba being available at 31 was great.

      Wasn't a fan of many in the 4th, but Middleton seemed the best value. Not a huge fan though.

      Picking up a C in the 5th was always my plan, but it felt like a ton when off the board, so I jumped on Horford. Thought Carmelo here was an absolute steal, and he went next pick.

      Ibaka and Barnes are decent enough picks, but I was really hoping to pick up Gallinari here.

      Made up for it with the Crowder pick though, who felt like too good value.

      Next up was Z Bo, who I think is the only guy I've gone earliest on. Reckon he's gunna kill it this year if he can stay on the court.

      Isaiah was still on the board at 114, which was simply too good value to stash on the IR.

      Final picks hopefully do alright, but will likely get traded through the wire over the week, along with the dude I bring in for IT :D

      As always, was a fun night :D
    8. Steve
      Anyone know what time players clear waivers tonight?

      I already have an itchy finger to dump some players :(
    9. anthak
      My biggest regret of the draft is the pre-draft trade of picks I did - it didnt work out well for me in the end, I dont think.
      For those that care, this was the deal:

      BUZZ traded 1st Rd. Pick (5th Overall) to AH
      BUZZ traded 2nd Rd. Pick (20th Overall) to AH
      BUZZ traded 4th Rd. Pick (44th Overall) to AH
      BUZZ traded 12th Rd. Pick (140th Overall) to AH
      BUZZ traded 13th Rd. Pick (149th Overall) to AH
      traded 1st Rd. Pick (3rd Overall) to BUZZ
      AH traded 2nd Rd. Pick (22nd Overall) to BUZZ
      AH traded 6th Rd. Pick (70th Overall) to BUZZ
      AH traded 10th Rd. Pick (118th Overall) to BUZZ
      AH traded 11th Rd. Pick (123rd Overall) to BUZZ

      In my own rankings, I had Harden and Westbrook as clear 1&2 and I didnt think there was any chance I would get either at 3, so I thought about dropping a tad to improve my 2nd pick. I thought dropping from 3-5 I wouldve still been able to get my target of KAT, or if I missed him, perhaps been able to get Gobert at 20. Turns out I missed the 2 big centres and also couldve got Westbrook at 3, and I dare say I probably wouldve got Conley at 22 anyway.
      The 2nd part of the trade, I managed to pick up an extra top 50 pick, which I wanted to use on a PG as there was a lot of depth there in the early-midrounds. But then when I missed my top-line centres I'd hoped for, I drafted a few quality bigs in the 3rd and 4th rounds and then I grabbed Lin at 51, who I probably couldve got later anyway.
      I think I wouldve been better off with my original picks, but it was still fun, I enjoy trading picks as it mixes it up a bit. I'm interested to hear what @bgt2110 thinks of the trade? How did it work out for you?

      Another mishap was missing out on all the SGs I was targeting: in order of preference: Avery Bradley, Garry Harris, Josh Richardson and Rodney Hood. I was planning to use my pick 75 on one of these guys, but 3 of them fell in the 10 picks before then and I held off on Hood who I mistakenly thought I could get much later. But I was stoked to get Batum at 94 - my heart was pumping in the picks leading up to it hoping he'd still be on the table. Then I ended up having a few speculative fliers on SGs late in the draft and it will be interesting to see if any of them pan out ok, like Tyreke Evans, CJ Miles (after I missed Norm Powell), & Troy Daniels.

      Overall, it is pretty clear that I paid overs for many of my players, going relatively early on all of Mike Conley, Nikola Vucevic Jeremy Lin, Derrick Favors, Dirk Nowitzki and could probably include Troy Daniels, but overall Im happy with my team and am optimistic most of the players will show the sort of value that I picked them at.

      Still, its a lot of guess work at this time of the year. I reckon the rotations this year are more difficult to predict than any other year I can remember.

      The draft was fun. Now onto the regular season, which is fun in other ways :)
    10. anthak
      It's usually around 3am New York time
    11. HEAVER
      I wonder how much weight you guys give to the ESPN pre-determined ranks on draft night.

      Like the fact that J-Rich was ranked in the 500s, so you may take the risk and let him fall another round. Same with Prince, Dedmon, John Collins, Mitchell all ranked outside the 400s but have top 120 upside.

      I tend to go with the strategy to ignore the ESPN ranks completely and make my own pre-draft rankings. I just take the guy I want if they're available - especially those fliers after pick 100...
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    12. Jet
      Cheers for writing all that up Anthak, a great read!
      I got 3 blues in my draft which is comforting. Thought I was going to get more bargains but as usual people were pretty onto the variation on the default rankings for our 'points' scoring set up.
      I decided this year to draft proven 'durable' players with my first 2 picks in Jokic and Lillard then went with a lot of semi boring double double type type bigs and some known commodities in Wade and Dirk in the middle/late rounds. Happy with my team as a whole.
      Spewing I missed Aaron Gordon as I've drafted him 2 years in a row waiting for the 'breakout' so it will no doubt be this year.
      Got an orange reach on Yogi Ferrell, but he's starting so no harm there with one of my last picks.
      Good luck to everyone this year!
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    13. Rad_E_Cool
      I think Holiday will be good value, at least until LaVine is back. He's the only one that looks like he can put up points on that sorry Bulls team.
    14. Rad_E_Cool
      Attendance at a wedding meant that I missed my draft and had to rely on the Auto-Pick. I was back over in Perth without a computer, so it made it difficult to fiddle with a spreadsheet and then set the pre-draft rankings (which bizarrely, I was unable to change using a tablet and had to track down a computer with a mouse). So I was hoping I'd nail the first 2-4 picks and try to salvage the season with some heavy waiver-wire action.

      Milling about outside the reception venue, I saw the draft was due to commence in ten minutes and thought I'd be saved, but I was then ushered inside to the venue which happened to be a mobile blackspot. I'm sure the happy couple would have preferred me not drafting on their big day anyway! All up, I ended up with a shitty team with weakness of pre-draft rankings meaning that you may end up with little positional variety - something that you'd avoid if you were present. Also having had Kanter the last 2 seasons (and being screwed by him last year when I expected his output to increase with KD's departure, as a starting 4 with Adams like how they just killed the Spurs) I would never have picked him again, even if I expect him to have heavy usage in a shitty Knicks offense.

      So whilst I'm content with getting Jokic and Gobert, I really did not need to finish the draft with other PF/Cs on my roster (namely Kevin Love, Enes Kanter, Marvin Williams, Nerlens Noel, Pau Gasol and JaMychal Green) and only 3 guards.
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    15. anthak
      I saw your team and thought that mustn't have been intentional. So many bigs!
      But you've got a decent enough team to work with.

      I guess you dont want to hear this now, but you can actually preset positional limits so they only draft certain amount of each position, you can set min and max for each pos, and also choose if you want a certain position selected with certain picks. I was gonna mention this to everyone prior but forgot :(
    16. bgt2110
      Hi Ant
      I thought the trade worked really well for me, i wasn't fussed about picking up either Harden, The Greek Freak or Westbrook with my pick 3 which is what first attracted me to the deal. Having 2 picks in the 20's, i figured i would have 3 guys i could really build a team around even without my round 4 pick. Finishing the draft a few rounds earlier than the rest of you guys afforded me the opportunity to grab La Vine with my last pick and stash him on IR. If i waited a few more rounds when my last pick would have been then i'm pretty sure i would have missed out on him. All up am pretty happy with my team, lacking in SF's and SG's, although i am hoping that Caldwell Pope, after serving his couple of games suspension with provide a pretty decent option in case Fournier has a stinker of a season.
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    17. Rad_E_Cool
      Yeah I had a look at that but it still falls short in cases of players with multiple positions (even discounting Espn's wonky initial designations like Ingles as PF and McCollum as PG) and where, for instance, I wouldn't have minded having 4 Cs as long as one was a C/PF and I got some good value on picking 2 among my final picks. So limiting the number of each position was not helpful.

      I suppose choosing a position to choose at each pick could've worked too if I had more time and faith in knowing where people would pick players, but I think in most cases you'd just save yourself the prep and be available to draft live.
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    18. anthak
      Players have just come off waivers just now
    19. MACCA2509
      Why are players back on waivers now? Games haven't started yet.
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