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By anthak on Oct 16, 2017 at 11:58 PM
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    All 4 drafts were held at the same time on Sunday night, just gone, and the start of the season is now upon us!

    The first matchup of the season is a short week, which is why we only have 4 acquisitions available to us this week. This is a change from previous seasons - it has always been 5 acquisitions per matchup, no matter the length of the matchup, however we made the change this year to accommodate the finals matchups which will be minimum 2 weeks long each.

    Now, the drafts, always a highlight of the season!

    A funny tidbit from the Premier draft was how I tried to search for Norman Powell late in the draft to grab him with one of my last picks, but accidentally typed his name into the chat instead, only to see him snapped up by @Steve a couple of picks later who gloated that he only thought of him because I'd brought him up - the only time he was drafted in any of the 4 leagues! I decided to grab CJ Miles instead, so we'll see how that works out haha

    In total, there were 180 players selected in any of the 4 drafts. 135 of them were picked up in all 4 drafts, meaning a whopping 45 of the 180 drafted players went undrafted in at least 1 league.

    Giannis was almost an undisputed #1 pick (which I personally find surprising - despite small hits to both, I still had Harden and Westbrook clear 1&2).
    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was the lowest ranked player selected in all 4 drafts with an ADP of 152.75.
    Will Barton was the highest ranked player who missed selection in at least 1 draft, his ADP was 125.75 and he went undrafted in Div 2, Conference 1.
    The highest ranked player to be selected in just 1 draft was Danny Green, who was picked up by @stowie in Premier at 131.

    Outside of Giannis (& also Marc Gasol, Ricky Rubio, Paul Millsap, Joel Embiid and Boogie Cousins), there was so much variation this year - check out the rankings below (please note 157 means they were undrafted).

    I have also colour coded: orange if the player was drafted 1 position less than 1 std.dev less than their ADP, and blue if they were drafted 1 position more than 1 std.dev more than their ADP. Basically, if orange, you might have drafted them too early, and if they're blue you might have got a bargain! Personally 6 of my 13 were orange, so I probably reached a bit too high for some :(

    I haven't worked it out properly, but the biggest reach seems to be Josh Richardson, taken in Premier by @G-Train at 74 when he was taken in 120s in all 3 other drafts (I was actually thinking to take him at 75, so 74 seems about right to me).
    Other notable reaches were: Chandler Parsons, in Con 1, selected by @The Royals at 112; Jonathan Simmons, in Div 1, selected by @Lethal at 102; Dirk Nowitzki, in Premier, selected by @anthak at 99; Kyle Kuzma, in Div 1, selected by @ddsaints at 98; Brandon Ingram, in Con 1, selected by @maggots at 86; Malcolm Brogdon, in Con 1, selected by @ViQBoZ at 75; Justin Holiday, in Con 2, selected by @crossy at 63; Jonas Valanciunas, in Div 1, selected by @Belmont383 at 45; and Victor Oladipo, in Premier, selected by @yumcha at 39.

    Some nice bargains (based on ADP) seem to be: Markieff Morris in Premier, selected by @rodgo at 148; Jamal Murray in Con 2, selected by @smokinjoemisiti at 119; Dwyane Wade, in Premier, selected by @rodgo at 117; Lou Williams, in Con 1, selected by @tyze1 at 116; Isaiah Thomas, in Premier, selected by @walesy at 114; Steve Adams, in Div 1, selected by @headmandude at 113; Patrick Beverley, in Premier, selected by @Rev at 112; Derick Favors, in Div 1, selected by @LiQuiD_SiXx at 109; Nick Batum, in Premier, selected by @anthak at 94; Avery Bradley, in Div 1, selected by @Belmont383 at 76; DeAndre Jordan, in Div 1, selected by @Mick at 58; Gordan Hayward, in Premier, selected by @costak at 36, and CJ McCollom, in Premier, selected by @Rev at 33.

    Links to the 4 drafts :
    Division 1
    Div 2, Conference 1
    Div 2, Conference 2

    Full results are below, but for a clearer picture, click HERE.

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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Oct 16, 2017.

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    1. anthak
      Sorry, my bad... should be all fixed now
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    2. MACCA2509
      Too easy. Cheers bud
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    3. anthak
      Normally we have a 2 day waiver period, but we changed it to 1 day before the draft so players became FAs before the 1st games.
      After players cleared waivers, I changed it back to 2 days and didnt realise it put all the players back onto waivers.

      Thanks @MACCA2509 for alerting us to the issue.
    4. anthak
      Yeah its too hard to know in advance where you should pick each positions, but i reckon the limits are good. Just in case I missed the draft, I had mine set at minimum 2 players per position and min 3 Cs. Still coulda turned bad.
      Clearly nothing beats being there live!

      Sux you had a wedding haha
    5. HargyBear
      Love a good draft! Great analysis and helped me go back and pick a player off the waivers after i stashed Isiah in the IR spot.
      I applied for Tatum only to be beaten to the punch! Settled for Trevor Booker hoping he can have sneaky value like last year.
      I'm used to standard points league scoring where all stats earn 1 point. That format definitely favours Cs and PFs, so i naturally favoured big with my first 3 picks then realised all the top tier guards were gone! Ended up with Rubio as my no 1 guard which may hurt. Reached for Bradley SG and took Isiah PG IR in the hope he comes back for fantasy finals.
      Also appears i reached for TJ Warren but i have a feeling he will explode this season!
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    6. Len
      Awesome work mate.

      We were happy with our draft, other than finding an unexpected lack of SF in the middle tiers we nailed most of those we had targeted at each pick.
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    7. Steve
      Taken a sick day off work to watch opening day

      Don't tell anyone :D
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    8. Steve
      Don't look at the Hayward footage of his injury.

      It is sickening.
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    9. chris88
      Horrible stuff.
    10. Steve
      Wow 2 great games today :D
    11. Rad_E_Cool
      This didn't come out in time to help our draft research, but it had to wait until the final rosters were announced. Awesome NBA Almanac:
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    12. anthak
      Off to a good start with my streaming lol
      Choosing out of PJ Tucker, Ryan Anderson and Aron Baynes, I got in right on time so got 1st choice and I picked the worst of the 3, Baynes with 15, and @stowie my opponent got Anderson's 40. PJT scored 38!
      Well done Stowie :)
      And good luck for the week, you've drafted a great squad and it'll be tough to beat
    13. anthak
      Wow, that's awesome!
    14. stowie
      Was happy for my squad to just to keep up with KD today. Should be a good matchup @anthak.

      So keen to watch the FEDS this morning, I think Embiid and Simmons could be something special.
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    15. anthak
      Several great rookie debuts including Ben Simmons!
    16. anthak
      Ive reset the waiver period to 2 days now in all leagues
    17. anthak
      bit of a flurry around waiver time tonight in Premier

      @stowie I had a waiver claim on Hardaway that I cancelled 5 min before he cleared waivers. I decided in the end that I'd not get him. Then I saw you pick him up 1 min after he cleared waivers! Gee, he's in bad form. Will be interesting to see if he can turn it around.
    18. anthak
      just realised there is a mistake with the schedule. I had seeded the divisions based on draft order, but the schedule hasnt set up like it usually does.
      Usually we play teams in our own division twice and teams in the other division once, but this season its all over the shop.

      I can manually adjust the matchups, but it might be too big a project for the time I have... I'll see how i go.
    19. Rad_E_Cool
      So it's not just a random order? I wouldn't mind so much if it was random as opposed to the divisional situation - it's the luck of the draw if you get more top teams than not, and that goes for both set-ups. What was more the issue was the division placings deciding who makes the playoffs, just like in the real NBA when the Western teams in 9th are better than the East in 8th or thereabouts. That's when the seeding matters and that's what you've done.
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    20. stowie
      Wanted Green back, but minutes there for Hardaway so hopefully he'll get hot at some point.
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