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By anthak on Oct 16, 2017 at 11:58 PM
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    All 4 drafts were held at the same time on Sunday night, just gone, and the start of the season is now upon us!

    The first matchup of the season is a short week, which is why we only have 4 acquisitions available to us this week. This is a change from previous seasons - it has always been 5 acquisitions per matchup, no matter the length of the matchup, however we made the change this year to accommodate the finals matchups which will be minimum 2 weeks long each.

    Now, the drafts, always a highlight of the season!

    A funny tidbit from the Premier draft was how I tried to search for Norman Powell late in the draft to grab him with one of my last picks, but accidentally typed his name into the chat instead, only to see him snapped up by @Steve a couple of picks later who gloated that he only thought of him because I'd brought him up - the only time he was drafted in any of the 4 leagues! I decided to grab CJ Miles instead, so we'll see how that works out haha

    In total, there were 180 players selected in any of the 4 drafts. 135 of them were picked up in all 4 drafts, meaning a whopping 45 of the 180 drafted players went undrafted in at least 1 league.

    Giannis was almost an undisputed #1 pick (which I personally find surprising - despite small hits to both, I still had Harden and Westbrook clear 1&2).
    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was the lowest ranked player selected in all 4 drafts with an ADP of 152.75.
    Will Barton was the highest ranked player who missed selection in at least 1 draft, his ADP was 125.75 and he went undrafted in Div 2, Conference 1.
    The highest ranked player to be selected in just 1 draft was Danny Green, who was picked up by @stowie in Premier at 131.

    Outside of Giannis (& also Marc Gasol, Ricky Rubio, Paul Millsap, Joel Embiid and Boogie Cousins), there was so much variation this year - check out the rankings below (please note 157 means they were undrafted).

    I have also colour coded: orange if the player was drafted 1 position less than 1 std.dev less than their ADP, and blue if they were drafted 1 position more than 1 std.dev more than their ADP. Basically, if orange, you might have drafted them too early, and if they're blue you might have got a bargain! Personally 6 of my 13 were orange, so I probably reached a bit too high for some :(

    I haven't worked it out properly, but the biggest reach seems to be Josh Richardson, taken in Premier by @G-Train at 74 when he was taken in 120s in all 3 other drafts (I was actually thinking to take him at 75, so 74 seems about right to me).
    Other notable reaches were: Chandler Parsons, in Con 1, selected by @The Royals at 112; Jonathan Simmons, in Div 1, selected by @Lethal at 102; Dirk Nowitzki, in Premier, selected by @anthak at 99; Kyle Kuzma, in Div 1, selected by @ddsaints at 98; Brandon Ingram, in Con 1, selected by @maggots at 86; Malcolm Brogdon, in Con 1, selected by @ViQBoZ at 75; Justin Holiday, in Con 2, selected by @crossy at 63; Jonas Valanciunas, in Div 1, selected by @Belmont383 at 45; and Victor Oladipo, in Premier, selected by @yumcha at 39.

    Some nice bargains (based on ADP) seem to be: Markieff Morris in Premier, selected by @rodgo at 148; Jamal Murray in Con 2, selected by @smokinjoemisiti at 119; Dwyane Wade, in Premier, selected by @rodgo at 117; Lou Williams, in Con 1, selected by @tyze1 at 116; Isaiah Thomas, in Premier, selected by @walesy at 114; Steve Adams, in Div 1, selected by @headmandude at 113; Patrick Beverley, in Premier, selected by @Rev at 112; Derick Favors, in Div 1, selected by @LiQuiD_SiXx at 109; Nick Batum, in Premier, selected by @anthak at 94; Avery Bradley, in Div 1, selected by @Belmont383 at 76; DeAndre Jordan, in Div 1, selected by @Mick at 58; Gordan Hayward, in Premier, selected by @costak at 36, and CJ McCollom, in Premier, selected by @Rev at 33.

    Links to the 4 drafts :
    Division 1
    Div 2, Conference 1
    Div 2, Conference 2

    Full results are below, but for a clearer picture, click HERE.

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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Oct 16, 2017.

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    1. anthak
      1st place in each division make the finals guaranteed, but the other 4 finalists are based on overall record irrespective of division.
    2. anthak
      Im ranked 34th overall in NBL fantasy. Solid start after 2 scoring rounds.
      tough week coming up with most teams on doubles so hopefully I can stick with the high scorers
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    3. Len
      Nice work mate, I've struggled with it a bit as most names mean zip, watched a hell of a lot of the games in the last month though and slowly coming to grips..
      Have to trade out Trice & Bufford this week to max round points
    4. anthak
      Thanks Len.
      Ive been watching heaps of games too. Its a good league, great games.
      I'm not sure yet if I'll trade Buford...
      Ive got Trice too and will defs be trading him out.

      Depending on price changes, I should be able to do one of these options for my 2nd trade: Deng to Carrera or Buford to Boone.
      I gotta work out which will score better: 2xBoone + 2xDeng or 2xCarrera + 1xBuford. I think Deng's min will drop a tad now that Childress is around, and I reckon Carrera is pretty much a must-have at PF for the next 10 weeks! But not having Boone on a double could be suicide...
      Another option Im thinking about is to trade out DKD, but not many decent options to bring in with limited cash so I'll probably hold him.
      Will wait for lockout to finish and check price movements etc and make a call.
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    5. tyze1
      Hey Ant,

      See you've been doing some work on the schedules... mate the SF Bulls are coming up with playing PistNBroke 3 times and not playing Thib's TimberBulls at all... the board and the marketing team want to see the battle of the bulls take place!

      Cheers tyze
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    6. anthak
      Thanks Tyze :)
      yeah it was still a work in progress when you checked that... When I went to bed last night there were about 6 teams across all leagues that were missing playing at least 1 other team.
      I worked on it all last night for nearly 5 hours and couldnt finish it, and then worked on it again this morning for another 2 hours...

      Ive now decided that its too difficult to get right. I think I could get it, but its gonna take way too long. @JC I should have know this already, right! You and I worked this out in the ORFFA a few years ago.

      If I had've realised there were problems before the season started it wouldve been easy to fix, but because some games had already taken place I couldnt swap those games around...

      Anyway, Ive fixed it for most teams, but some are still skewed the wrong way.

      I have gone through to make sure that every team plays each other at least once, and no-one is playing anyone 3 times... However I might have made mistakes, so would be great if everyone can check their own schedule to make sure.
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    7. Len
      Lost by 1 point!!
      1445 to 1444, grats @Jmulldihno I thought we might steal that 15 minutes ago
    8. stowie
      Do the win bonus points still take a while to come through?
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    9. Rad_E_Cool
      Hmmm, I thought there was something with the divisions that was an issue. Actually, I think it was that the division leader gets automatic 2nd seed as part of a guaranteed slot in the finals, which then can mess with the playoff seeding (cue "why is Portland 4th seed?" from a few years ago, resulting in the Spurs v Clippers first round matchup). Nevermind, it's not too much of an issue - there will always be some chance and some bad luck.

      I think we all appreciate the effort that you and @Steve go to in administering this stuff, but you no doubt have way better things to spend your time on than sorting that out.
    10. Len
      Wont impact unfort, we had noone in the last game
    11. anthak
      I think he meant the 1 fantasy point for a team win.
      You think youve lost by 1 point, but you actually won by 1 point!

      Remarkably out of all players playing today in your matchup, only 2 won their games and they were both on your team, so it'll get you over the line for a 1 pt win ;)
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    12. anthak

      haha, like sleeping :)
      anyway, I enjoy doing it all, for the most part....
      I would have liked to fix the schedules but didnt realise it would take so long.
    13. Len
      Thanks guys, I assumed they'd been assigned already and knew I hadn't a player in the last game, score is still showing the same, hope you are right :)
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    14. anthak
      Cant afford Boone :(
      Now thinking ill trade Buford to Carrera because i dont think i should have Buford in my starting 6 on just 1 game this week. My bench SF is Waxy, also on 1 game this week. Ive got the $ to trade Waxy to Buford, but i dont want to trade him to early before his price maxes. Points wise would be good to have Conger, Carrera and Buford as my SFs, but its tough to make $$ so need to hang onto Waxy i think.
    15. anthak
      As it turns out, I shouldve just stuck with my original plan to trade Deng to Carrera, and kept Buford in starting 6, despite his single game. I wouldve had 18 more points, and it looks like Deng is dropping in price this week and Buford will rise... so a poor decision all round!

      Still, Im doing ok so far this round, but I should touch wood because a lot depends on my captain AJOgilvy tomorrow!
    16. anthak
      I think you shouldve kept this in here (too):

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    17. anthak
      Will be interesting to see a comparison

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