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By anthak on Mar 15, 2022 at 10:11 AM
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    With lockout passing at 10am AEDT today, we're now into our final matchup of the season with lots of great games taking place across the three leagues.
    Before we move onto the games, a reminder that the promotion/relegation rules are posted HERE

    Also, we have two TS NBA Supercoach leagues. One currently has 11 in it and the other has 7. It would be great to fill at least one of them, so join this league if you are keen, and the 7 in the smaller one should move over as well. Our TS NBA SC league finished in the top 20 leagues once a few years ago.

    Grand Finals
    In the Premier League, @stowie and @Rad_E_Cool are up against each other in the Final! Good luck fellas. Find the Grand Final Box Score HERE.
    These two teams finished the season ranked 3rd and 4th by win-loss record, but 2nd and 5th respectively by total points scored.
    Coming from different conferences, they have faced off just once this season so far, with Rad_E_Cool taking the honours 1564.6 to 1191.1 back in week 6. BOX SCORE
    Both teams had convincing wins in the semi finals, each against the top ranked team from their own conference.
    Rad_E_Cool is going for his first Premier League Championship, whereas Stowie aims to return to the winners list, having won the PL chip three times in successive seasons from 2015 to 2017.

    In Division 1, my team @anthak has qualified for the Final, and I'm up against @Rev who has been setting the pace all season. It's now been confirmed that both these teams will be promoted to Premier next season. Interestingly, if Rev wins this game, @bgt2110 will be the third team promoted, and if I win this game, then @dabombers will be the third team promoted; so both those guys will likely be watching the grand final with vested interest!

    In Division 2, @Belmont383 is versing @Sparks . The seasons of these two teams have gone in opposite directions. Sparks went through the first 11 games undefeated beating all other teams in the league, before they stuttered a bit, losing 3 of their next 6. Whereas Belmont is currently on a 9 game winning streak after losing 5 of their first 8 games. All 5 promotions from Div2 are now confirmed, with @KAT4MVP , @Don_Cottagers & @Eggrobber joining the two grand finalists.

    Good luck to all the grand finalists!

    Other notable games
    We have two other games which will determine relegations!

    In Premier League, @Bearfly is fighting to stay up in the big league in a matchup against @smokinjoemisiti . If Bearfly wins, @tyze1 will be relegated in his stead. The two confirmed relegations are @Jmulldihno and @Mick Webb

    In Div 1, @Steve is fighting to avoid relegation in a matchup against @karlos . If Steve wins, @Esther will be relegated after only missing the playoffs by the narrowest of margins (76.8 points!), however Esther had their chance to save themselves last week in an epic matchup against Steve. Hopefully Karlos is around to make a game of it, because he currently has 4 players listed as Out and another DTD.

    Good luck to all!
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Mar 15, 2022.

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    1. stowie
      Best of luck @Rad_E_Cool and all the finalists.

      Some big scores to kick off Day 1, anyone in the Finals or relegation matchups have KAT?
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    2. anthak
      60 point games on back to back days. KAT yesterday and then Kyrie today!
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    3. Penske file
      Penske file
      Good luck to everyone,2022 we are away.
    4. Rad_E_Cool
      Best of luck for the final week @stowie and everyone else fighting it out.
      Pretty annoyed with how my Saturday morning went - lockout at 10am AEDT and I was checking Seth Curry and Bitadze's status as I had a full team and Bitadze coming off missing a game on my bench listed as DTD, and Curry on IR listed as Out.
      Wasn't until 15 minutes after lockout that both were listed as playing and they went for 48.5 and 61 respectively versus 30.3 combined for the two I would've benched.
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    5. stowie
      Has been near impossible to keep up with all the ins and out, especially with every game starting within 90mins of each other.

      Best of luck the rest of the way!
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    6. anthak
      yep, its getting tough... There's a good argument to try and finish our season a week or two earlier, but its difficult to do that considering the timing of all star weekend
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    7. anthak
      Congratulations to the three champions:

      @stowie in Premier League!
      @Rev in Div 1!
      @Sparks in Div 2!

      Scores aren't completely finalised yet, but I think its safe to call these results

      Also, @Steve has gone on an excellent run through the playoffs to save himself from relegation from Div 1!
      All three wins were tough games, with opponents @Lano24 @Esther & @karlos all putting up a great fight in each game.
      Well done Steve, its well deserved. I noticed you even made your final acquisition this morning at 5am not long before the early lockout, bringing in KCP who scored almost the exact same as your final winning margin, except you still would've won by about 1 point without him.
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    8. Rad_E_Cool
      Congratulations to the winners! Was a tough season with so many missed games and game-time decisions. Some dominant displays when the top players took the court though.
      Top 5 players in overall points will end up being Jokic, [daylight], Giannis, Embiid, Trae Young and Dejounte Murray! KAT and Tatum not far behind.
      Top 10 players in our averaged draft were Jokic, Giannis, Harden, Doncic, Curry, Towns, Lillard, Tatum, Durant and Beal. Murray was 37th!
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    9. Steve
      Thanks Ant,

      The reason why I woke up that time was to see if Randle was playing for the Knicks in the early game as I was going to use my last acquisition on Toppin if Randle was not playing . But I noticed that Karlos had already picked Toppin so I had to scrounge the FA list and luck would have had it KCP was the one that stood out to me.

      I got out of jail. It was a struggle all season and by the time of the start of the last finals round I think I only had 4 or 5 players left from my original team that I drafted.

      Congrats to the winners of the leagues.
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    10. stowie
      5 year plan paid off!

      Tough matchup @Rad_E_Cool, even with Steph going down early in the matchup, every day was a close one. Congrats to all on great seasons, thanks to @anthak for organising once again... now to see if I can draft Giannis 3 years in a row :D
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    11. bgt2110
      @anthak Stowie gets pick 12 next season ;)
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    12. anthak
      haha! I do plan on sticking to this year's process of ranking in order of ADP. Eventually we will all average around pick 6 or 7 ;)
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    13. anthak
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