TS Fantasy NBA 21/22: Expressions of interest

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By anthak on Sep 19, 2021 at 4:13 PM
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    Exactly one month now until opening night of the 2021/22 NBA season, and we're back for another season of fantasy NBA here at TooSerious!

    Please comment below if you are wanting to play this season.

    This will be our 12th season running TS Fantasy NBA leagues!!
    Usually we have had four leagues of 12 teams in each, with promotion/relegation each season. However, last season we dropped down to three leagues of 12.
    Last season's promotion/relegation results can be found here.

    Former champions of the Premier League are:
    20/21: @HEAVER
    19/20: @Steve *unfinished season
    18/19: @bgt2110
    17/18: @anthak
    16/17: @stowie
    15/16: @stowie
    14/15: @stowie
    13/14: @Mick
    12/13: @Ruddy
    11/12: @Jasmine
    10/11: @dabombers

    For those who are new, we use the ESPN platform.
    We will run with the same points system, settings and promotion/relegation setup as last season.

    Here is a timetable for the next few weeks (subject to change):

    Sunday Sept 19th (today): Expressions of interest open;
    Sunday Oct 10th: Aim for leagues to be finalised, with all invitations sent;
    Sunday Oct 17th: Draft;
    Tuesday Oct 19th: Opening night.

    Please post in the comments if you are keen to play this season.


Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Sep 19, 2021.

    1. Rev
      I’m in
    2. anthak
      Good to see we've got more people confirming.
      We are hoping to send league invites this weekend, so please get in touch this week if anyone wants to play.

      This is how the leagues would look for this season (after promotion/relegation) if all of last years players returned.

      I have made bold anyone who has already recommitted. I have made grey anyone who has opted out for this season.
      Everyone we haven't yet heard from is tagged.

      HEAVER, tyze1, Rad_E_Cool, nicksnow, costak , crossy, Bearfly, stowie , smokinjoemisiti, Mick Webb, tasho, Jmulldihno

      Division 1:
      Steve, karlos, anthak, Rev , @Jet , bgt2110, dabombers, chris88, @Danners , Esther, WingMan, Lano24

      Division 2:
      @Brad666 , Lethal, headmandude, Don_Cottagers , @Daniel Sprigg , @Sparks , Belmont383, @Jasmine , Jacob Doole , Eggrobber , @rodgo , @Paul Dolores

      And here is a list of people wanting to play this season who didn't play last season:
      @The Royals

      Apologies if I have missed anyone. Please let me know if any errors.
    3. Daniel Sprigg
      Daniel Sprigg
      I’m in. Thanks

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    4. Sparks
      I'm in :)
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    5. anthak
      We will update the makeup of the leagues in 24 hours time from now, so the deadline will be at 11pm AEDT on Friday 8th Oct.
      @Jet and @Danners will need to confirm their interest by then in order to maintain their position in Division 1. Also @chris88 if you want to change your mind and stay in Div 1, please let us know by this same deadline.
      Similarly, @Brad666 is next in line to play Div1 if any of the above 3 do not commit by 11pm tomorrow, however this is on the proviso that Brad commits himself. If Brad doesn't commit in time, then Lethal is next in line, and so on.
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    6. anthak
      We will still accept late entries after the deadline to fill the Division 2 league.
    7. Jet
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    8. anthak
      Just made it Jet :) just because I fell asleep last night before the deadline.
    9. anthak
      This will be the makeup of the leagues now.

      HEAVER, tyze1, Rad_E_Cool, nicksnow, costak, crossy, Bearfly, stowie, smokinjoemisiti, Mick Webb, tasho, Jmulldihno

      Division 1:
      Steve, karlos, anthak, Rev, Jet, bgt2110,dabombers, Esther, WingMan, Lano24, Lethal, headmandude

      Division 2:
      Don_Cottagers, Daniel Sprigg, Sparks, Belmont383, Jacob Doole, Eggrobber, martyg, KAT4MVP, The Royals, @Danners , @Jasmine , @rodgo , @Paul Dolores

      We will try to send out all the invites this weekend.

      We still need 3 more to fill Div 2, but if we don’t get anyone coming forward, we can keep 3 of Danners, Jasmine, Rodgo & Paul in there just to have 12 teams.
    10. Jasmine
      Sorry for the delay - I'm in!
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    11. anthak
      excellent, good to hear that you are back Jasmine :)
    12. anthak
    13. anthak
      I hope to set the draft orders in the next few days
    14. anthak
      We have now sent all the league invites.
      Please let us know if you are not in a league and havent received an invite by email.
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    15. HEAVER
      may I suggest that we abolish the restriction on maximum 4 Centers? We should have no limits on who we can draft
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    16. anthak
      whats your reason for wanting more than 4? The main reason I can think of would be to hog them so opponents cant get them. you cant have more than 4 scoring centres in a daily lineup anyway.
      Its just a standard setting which we've never changed, so im open to changing it if majority are happy to do so, but might be a bit hard to change this late
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    17. anthak
      Draft orders have been set as follows:

      1 tyze1, 2 stowie, 3 nicksnow, 4 Rad_E_Cool, 5 Jmulldihno, 6 smokinjoemisiti, 7 costak, 8 crossy, 9 HEAVER, 10 tasho, 11 Bearfly, 12 Mick Webb.

      Division 1:
      1 Rev, 2 Lethal, 3 Esther, 4 bgt2110, 5 Steve, 6 anthak, 7 headmandude, 8 dabombers, 9 karlos, 10 Jet, 11 WingMan, 12 Lano24

      Division 2:
      1 Eggrobber, 2 Sparks, 3 Jacob Doole, 4 The Royals, 5 Danners, 6 martyg, 7 KAT4MVP, 8 Daniel Sprigg, 9 Belmont383, 10 rodgo, 11 Jasmine, 12 Don_Cottagers

      We have always just done a random draft order, but we did something a bit different this season.
      We have looked through all of our drafts over the years and ranked everyone by their average draft position, and then set up each league around the opposite way, so that people who have previously had low draft picks will get a good draft pick this season, and vice versa.

      Here is a link to the list of all historic draft positions: http://tooserious.net/forum/threads/historic-fantasy-nba-draft-positions.91012/
      The list now also includes this season's draft positions too.
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    18. anthak
      @Danners and @rodgo havent actually confirmed yet if they are playing again this season. So, if we find anyone else, they can take their places. If anyone knows someone who is keen, ask them to post in this thread.
    19. tyze1
      can't argue with your rationale! :cool:
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    20. HEAVER
      There's no restriction on the other positions - so why only for Cs? You can hog as many PG, SG, SG, and PFs, but not Cs? It doesn't make sense to have a maximum on positions - especially when ESPN don't even update the players' position correctly.

      Moreover, ESPN count a designation of a "C/PF" as a C for this positional restriction. But shockingly, a "PF/C" is counts as a PF. This is just very inconsistent.

      It should be up to the manager how to conduct their draft strategy without positional restrictions, and how to allocate their players in their daily lineups. The NBA don't restrict teams according to positions (Sac Kings have 5 Cs on their roster!) - so why should our fantasy league?
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