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By anthak on Sep 23, 2023 at 11:19 PM
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    This will be our 14th straight season running fantasy NBA leagues through TS!
    We've mostly had 4 leagues, but have dropped back to 3 leagues the last few years. We have promotion and relegation between the leagues each year. Last season was the first where we introduced a promotion to premier league direct from all of the other leagues - prior to then you could only be promoted to premier league from Div1. Congrats to @The Royals for being the first one promoted to Premier in this way after he took out the Div 2 championship earlier this year!

    We also held a knockout comp last season for the first time, including teams from all leagues! I feel this was a success and we plan to run it again this season, and not just because I won it ;) lol (humble brag :D)

    Here is a list of all the Premier League champions over the years:
    22/23: @HEAVER
    21/22: @stowie
    20/21: @HEAVER
    19/20: @Steve *unfinished season
    18/19: @bgt2110
    17/18: @anthak
    16/17: @stowie
    15/16: @stowie
    14/15: @stowie
    13/14: @Mick
    12/13: @Ruddy
    11/12: @Jasmine
    10/11: @dabombers

    For those who are new, we use the ESPN platform.
    12-team points leagues.
    We intend to run with the same points system and settings as last season. [edit - as mentioned in the comments, the points system is likely to change]

    Timetable for the next couple of months (subject to change):
    Saturday 16th September: Expressions of interest open;
    Saturday 23rd Sept (today): New post with info and draft makeup of leagues;
    Tuesday 3rd October: Deadline for returning coaches to hold spot in their division;
    Wednesday 4th Oct: Draft orders announced!
    Friday 6th Oct: NBA preseason games commence;
    Friday 13th Oct: Aim for leagues to be finalised, with all invitations sent;
    Saturday 21st Oct: NBA Preseason games finish;
    Sunday 22nd Oct: Fantasy Draft night;
    Wednesday 25th Oct: NBA opening night.

    We have already had 24 coaches recommit for the new season, so we will have at least two leagues.

    We have had a couple of coaches drop out this season who have been playing these leagues for many years, @dabombers was our inaugural champion when we only had one league in the first season and @smokinjoemisiti joined the season after; both have played every season since but sadly need to step away this season and they will surely be missed around here. SmokinJoe was going to be in premier league this season, so with him dropping out, a couple of coaches have shuffled up a division higher than they were going to be.

    Here is the makeup of the leagues for 23/24 as they stand (tagging those who still havent yet committed for the new season):


    HEAVER, crossy, anthak, stowie, tasho, bgt2110, Rev, @KAT4MVP , @Steve , @Sparks , The Royals, Rad_E_Cool.

    Division 1:
    nicksnow, tyze1, costak, Lethal, Mick Webb, Belmont383, Bearfly, James84, karlos, @Esther , unaio, @Chris Whitey.

    Division 2:
    Jmulldihno, Don_Cottagers, @Eggrobber , churchboy, @Lano24 , Jasmine, @WingMan , @insider , Jacob Doole, @headmandude , 11, 12.

    Please post in the comments if you are keen to play this season or if you have any questions etc.
    And if you’re new to these leagues, please PM me your email address so we can send you a league invite.
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Sep 23, 2023.

    1. anthak
      I just realised league ave shooting percentages have gone up quite a lot since the last time we changed the scoring system, so I’ll have a tinker with our system to see if I can get it to reflect the new league ave shooting percentages of:
      2pt% - .548
      3pt% - .361
      FT% - .782
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    2. Steve
      Count me in thanks Ant
    3. crossy
      Still need some teams for the upcoming NBL fantasy season run by Supercoach - league code is - 391242
      Season gets underway this Thursday. Hope we can fill it up. Thanks!
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    4. Lano24
      I'm in this season

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    5. insider
      I’m out thanks anyway @anthak

      pretty boring last year with no interaction or banter and no trades or anything.
      Best of luck to everyone involved though
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    6. anthak
    7. anthak
      I have sorted this out and made the changes.

      League ave 2-point FG% for last season was 54.8%;
      The breakeven % for a player to score positive fpts is roughly 28.6%;
      The % for a player to score 1 fpt per point is roughly 54.6%;
      At 100% they score a max of 1.5 fpts per point.

      League ave 3-point FG% for last season was 36.1%;
      The breakeven % for a player to score positive fpts is 19.1%;
      The % for a player to score 1 fpt per point is 36.4%;
      At 100% they score a max of 1.7 fpts per point.

      League ave FT% for last season was 78.2%;
      The breakeven % for a player to score positive fpts is 54.6%;
      The % for a player to score 1 fpt per point is 78.3%;
      At 100% they score a max of 1.5 fpts per point.

      It doesnt make any difference to the output, but I have also removed the fpts for the points cat and instead increased the values of FGM and 3PM, just so there isnt a doubleup.

      These are the changes to achieve the above:
      old to new
      PTS: 1 to 0
      FGM: 1 to 3
      FGMi: -1.1 to -1.2
      FTM: 0.5 to 1.5
      FTMi: -1.5 to -1.8
      3PM: 1 to 2.1

      I have also increased team wins by 1 additional point. I have felt over recent seasons that this should be rewarded more than we have. It is now 4 points for a team win... so if a player wins 60/82 games they'll ave roughly 3 fppg from those wins, and if a player wins 20/82 games, they ave roughly 1 fppg from those wins... We're not talking big-points on offer, but its good recognition for helping a team win.
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    8. InVossWeTrust
      hey @anthak If there is still spots in Div 2, ill take one
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    9. churchboy
      hey mate I'm in and also my son as well :)
    10. anthak
      excellent, good to hear. We have a few free spots available at present.
    11. anthak
      Your son welcome to join a league, but can you set up a TS profile for them and let us know the handle? Also PM me an email address for them to use to access the ESPN site, for me to send their league invite to.
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    12. KAT4MVP
      I'm in boys, let's get it!!
    13. anthak
      @Esther let me know she’s having issues logging in to TS, and has filled out the “contact us” form to get help from @walesy with changing her password…

      She said she’s in for the next season.
    14. anthak
      That means we have now heard from everyone in the top two leagues.... so all league spots are now confirmed as follows, except we are still waiting for a few to commit to play again this season:

      HEAVER, crossy, anthak, stowie, tasho, bgt2110, Rev, KAT4MVP, Steve, Sparks, The Royals, Rad_E_Cool.

      Division 1:
      nicksnow, tyze1, costak, Lethal, Mick Webb, Belmont383, Bearfly, James84, karlos, Esther, unaio, Jet.

      Division 2:
      Jmulldihno, Don_Cottagers, @Eggrobber , churchboy, Lano24, Jasmine, @WingMan , Jacob Doole, @headmandude , InVossWeTrust, 11, 12. Possibly @churchboy son will join this league.

      We will announce the draft orders TOMORROW, or shortly after...
    15. anthak
      Updating this that churchboy has messaged me privately to say that his son @Kaleb has joined TS and is in for the season.
    16. anthak
      Apologies for the delay with announcing the draft orders. They are done but I have been smashed with work stuff the last few days and havent had a chance to post. I am hoping to later tonight, but I have an AFLW keeper league mid-season draft to get through first ;)
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    17. anthak
    18. Nate Raymond
      Nate Raymond
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