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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Oct 1, 2022.

By anthak on Oct 1, 2022 at 10:28 PM
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    We've got 32 coaches committed for the coming season, and we are still looking for four more. However, because the top two leagues are filled, we have been able to set up those leagues in ESPN and have determined the draft orders for all leagues.

    We are still waiting to hear from @WingMan , @Josh Sparks , @Daniel Sprigg , and @martyg who played last season. I have placed them in the draft order below, but they will be replaced by new coaches if we don't hear from them by midnight this Monday night AEDT. We will replace them in order of draft rank, ie the first new coach to express interest will get the highest draft pick.

    Here is the draft order for each league:

    1. Rev
    2. stowie
    3. tyze1
    4. nicksnow
    5. Rad_E_Cool
    6. anthak
    7. bgt2110
    8. smokinjoemisiti
    9. crossy
    10. costak
    11. HEAVER
    12. tasho

    Division 1:
    1. Sparks
    2. Lethal
    3. KAT4MVP
    4. Steve
    5. Belmont383
    6. Jmulldihno
    7. Mick Webb
    8. dabombers

    9. Bearfly
    10. Don_Cottagers
    11. Chris Whitey
    12. Eggrobber

    Division 2:
    1. @Josh Sparks
    2. WingMan
    @Daniel Sprigg
    4. headmandude
    5. The Royals

    7. Jacob Doole
    8. Jasmine
    9. karlos
    10. Lano24

    11. Esther

    12. unaio

    Like last year, we have ordered the draft based on ADP for the coach over the history of the TS Fantasy NBA competition.

    We still need to set up the draft order on ESPN, as well as the waiver orders and we will adjust all of the divisions to seed based on draft order as usual. Some of this will be done tonight after posting this TS thread.
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Oct 1, 2022.

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    1. tasho
      At 12 and right behind heaver again, it’s going to be rough
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    2. anthak
      @WingMan has confirmed in a PM that they are playing again :thumbsu:
    3. anthak
      ive edited the OP to reflect this, and sent the league invite
    4. anthak
      I have just updated the draft orders in ESPN and seeded the conferences.

      I believe the waiver order automatically adjusts when the draft is completed, but I will adjust it then if it doesnt
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    5. churchboy
      Hey all, I’m in
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    6. anthak
      Nice one. You will take Josh Sparks’ spot in the draft order.
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    7. Jmulldihno
      What date are we looking to draft gents?
    8. anthak
      Draft is on Sunday October 16th - 6:45pm AEST; 7:45pm AEDT; 4:45am US EDT
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