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    After a long season and an especially long finals series thus far, we're now on to the grand finals for the 17/18 season, our 8th season running of TS Fantasy NBA!

    Former champions of the Premier League are:
    16/17: @stowie
    15/16: @stowie
    14/15: @stowie
    13/14: @Mick
    12/13: @Ruddy
    11/12: @Jasmine
    10/11: @dabombers

    It's also worth noting that @stowie won the Division 1 title in 13/14 as well!

    Stowie had a very good season again, and it was impressive just to make the finals after he drafted Kawhi in the 1st round and Jimmy Butler and Paul Millsap in the 2nd and 4th rounds respectively, all players who've sat extended periods on the sidelines this season. But we will have a new champion.

    Premier League
    @karlos Kings of Karlos @ @anthak ant hak
    The winners of both divisions and the top two on total points scored have progressed through to the granny.
    Karlos is a perennial finalist over the years, always right up there, and he has made the grand final once before, in 2014. I (anthak) have played in a grand final too, but way back in the very first one back in 2011.

    This season, Karlos has had a fairly settled team across the season with just 5 of his current 13 players being picked up post-draft, whereas my team is the opposite, with only 5 of my current team originally drafted by me.

    anthak are led by stars: Westbrook, Durant, Embiid and Drummond all averaging over 50 fppg.
    and Karlos have just Antetokounmpo.

    The only injury concerns are Fournier for anthak and Booker for Karlos.
    Total games available for players to play are: 88 for my team and 86 for Karlos, so its pretty close.

    Division 1
    @Auron Hotham Huskies @ @ddsaints Paky Ballers
    Again, the two division winners have advanced to the grand final, but this time @Auron has done it as the 5th best scorer in the league. ddsaints was the top scorer all season in Div 1.
    ddsaints have Antetokounmpo, Drummond and Embiid, and Auron has just Harden over 50fppg.
    The only real injury concern in this one is Aaron Gordon for ddsaints, and potential games available for each team are: 89 for Auron and 86 for ddsaints.

    Division 2, Conference 1
    @ViQBoZ Launceston Seagulls @ @tyze1 SF Bulls
    A familiar trend here with the two division winners again advancing to the grand final! Again the top scorer - tyze1 - has made it through, but ViQBoZ has come from way back as the 7th best scorer of the season in this league! Tyze is looking hard to beat after a mammoth score in the semi of 3820 (The highest score across all leagues last matchup, about 200 pts better than the 2nd best @karlos)!
    Tyze has just Anthony Davis averaging more than 50fppg, and ViQBoZ has just Harden.
    Also no injury concerns for Tyze, and ViQBoZ has an ankle issue for Kiwi Steven Adams to deal with. Potential games for both teams, however are: 94 for ViQBoZ and 89 for tyze1, giving a slight advantage to ViQBoZ on games.

    Division 2, Conference 2
    @tasho . tasho @ @Lano24 Drunken Master
    Once again the two division winners are in the grand final, making that the case for all 4 leagues. tasho was the highest scorer across the season, with Lano24 4th in total points scored.
    Tasho is led by KAT and Lillard, while Lano has Lebron James.
    Aaron Gordon could miss games for tasho, but the biggest injury worry is Kyrie Irving for Lano who left today's game at half time and looks like he'll miss quite a few games at the worst time for Lano.
    Potential games for each team are: 91 for Lano24 (including Irving) and just 85 for tasho, the least of all 8 grand finalists.

    One other notable matchup this week:
    Division 1
    @Rad_E_Cool Draft Auto-pickers @ @Mick Westside Hardcore
    Rad_E_Cool needs to win to avoid relegation. If he wins, then @Belmont383 will be relegated in his stead.

    Confirmed promotions and relegations:
    Premier League


    Division 1
    1 more undecided

    1 more undecided

    Division 2
    Conference 1

    Possibly 1 more to come from this conference, still undecided

    Conference 2
    Possibly 1 more to come from this conference, still undecided

    Good luck to all playing for something this week!
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Mar 12, 2018.

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    1. walesy
      As always, thanks for running this guys! Hopefully our boys can do the job and take out the CONSOLATION LADDER premiership :D
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    2. stowie
      Good luck to all those in Grand Finals or trying to avoid relegation. Defs feels like we had a tonne of injuries this year and no one was safe.

      Thanks to @anthak and @Steve for managing the league again and also @Rad_E_Cool for the discussion thread and top scorers each week.
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    3. Steve
      Thanks for the write up Ant.

      Bring on Div One next season :(
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    4. Rad_E_Cool
      Cool, so you confirmed this? I thought as much but it was pretty complicated and thought it needed double-checking. It's a result of some more extreme than usual Division 1 rankings in terms of the difference between ranking by record and by points scored.

      I finished 8th on 6-10, and @Belmont383 finished 10th on 5-11, but on points scored I ranked 7th, just 2 points behind @Belmont383. Then again, it's just like the Timberwolves of years past and some Mavericks (and recent Hornets) seasons where their point differential suggests a far better team than their record, but that doesn't get you into the playoffs!
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    5. anthak
      Wow, I hadn’t realised it was just 2 pts separating you both!
      1 more dime or an O-board at some stage in the season and you woulda been safe in the first place!
    6. Rad_E_Cool
      Top 25 Players of the Fantasy Season
      1. LeBron - 5111 (total fantasy points), 70 (average per game)
      2. Westbrook - 4756, 65.2
      3. Harden - 4715, 71.4
      4. Davis - 4611, 68.8
      5. Giannis - 4323, 63.6
      6. Towns - 4205, 56.8
      7. Drummond - 3840, 54.1
      8. Lillard - 3701, 56.1
      9. Durant - 3606, 60.1
      10. Jokic - 3556, 53.9
      11. Ben Simmons - 3536, 49.8
      12. Oladipo - 3512, 51.6
      13. Kemba - 3472, 48.2
      14. Paul George - 3468, 48.2
      15. Beal - 3329, 45.6
      16. Jrue Holiday - 3306, 45.3
      17. LaMarcus - 3276, 48.9
      18. Lowry - 3276, 46.8
      19. DeRozan - 3265, 44.7
      20. Lou-Will - 3264, 45.3 ;-(
      21. Embiid - 3187, 52.2
      22. Middleton - 3157, 43.2
      23. Curry - 3075, 60.3
      24. Cousins - 3063, 63.8
      25. Irving - 2971, 49.5
      Lots of injuries decimating the field this year, but LeBron's continued brilliance and the triple-doubles of Simmons are surprises for me alongside Drummond's FT and assist improvements and Oladipo's rise.
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    7. stowie
      My Lou Will pick was good... Kawhi not so much
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    8. walesy
      yeah boys, runner up premiership glory!!! kkawahhhhaaaaaaa.

      ps- I'll try to make more moves next year :D Time was not my friend this year- just lucky I drafted well!
    9. James84
      SF Bulls to good in our GF, good season!
    10. tyze1
      Thanks mate, good effort considering just my second year in TS NBA - was always another monobrow injury away from a loss
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