TS Fantasy NBA: Grand Final Week!

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By anthak on Feb 27, 2023 at 11:14 PM
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    We're almost at the end of another season of TS Fantasy NBA!
    One week of matchups left!

    Here are links to the three league grand finals and some other important games this week!

    Premier League
    Grand Final
    TS HEAVER! @HEAVER vs ant hak @anthak
    H2H: Despite HEAVER finishing higher on the ladder, I managed to win both of our games we played each other this season.
    Note: Both coaches going for their 2nd Premier League championship!

    Other notable matchup
    Yay! Points! @Rad_E_Cool vs Hersey Hawkins Athletic Club @Rev
    H2H: These teams have split their h2h matchups this season 1 all.
    Note: The loser will be relegated and the winner will stay in Premier League next season.

    Division 1
    Grand Final
    TS Sparks @Sparks vs TS Belmont383 @Belmont383
    H2H: These teams have split their h2h matchups this season 1 all.
    Note: Belmont383 needs to win to be promoted. Sparks has already guaranteed promotion. If Sparks wins, @Steve will be promoted instead of Belmont! @KAT4MVP is the other being promoted from Div1.

    Other notable matchup
    Pist' N'Broke @Bearfly vs TS Eggrobber @Eggrobber
    H2H: Bearfly has won both these teams' h2h matchups this season.
    Note: The winner will stay in Division 1 and the loser will be relegated to Div 2. @Chris Whitey is now guaranteed to be relegated.

    Division 2
    Grand Final
    Kingsof Karlos @karlos vs The Royals @The Royals
    H2H: These teams have split their h2h matchups this season 1 all.
    Note: New this season, the Div 2 champion will be promoted directly to Premier League! The loser will be promoted to Div1, along with @James84 @Esther & @uniao

    TS NBA Knockout Cup
    Grand Final
    Team Stowie @stowie v ant hak @anthak
    Links to the team homepage for each team:
    "Team Stowie"
    "ant hak"
    H2H: stowie has won both h2h matchups this season.
    Note: Both teams fighting to be the inaugural TS NBA Knockout Cup Champion

    Good luck to all teams this week!
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Feb 27, 2023.

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    1. stowie
      GG @HEAVER threw everything at you but you were too strong.
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    2. nicksnow
      Do these consolation games actually matter? I stopped setting my lineup last week because i thought it was just based on the points for during the actual season
    3. anthak
      They matter for some teams.

      You’re right that the total ‘points for’ and ladder positions are based on the actual season, but there’s the relegation exemption teams can win by winning all 3 weeks of the consolation games.

      Here’s a link to the promotion/relegation rules: http://tooserious.net/forum/threads...-fantasy-nba-leagues.71630/page-2#post-240432

      That exemption has been available every season.

      In your situation this season, if you had’ve won last week, then you could’ve been playing against Rev this week, with the winner being safe from relegation.
    4. anthak
      Final day today
    5. stowie
      Thanks for coordinating another awesome season @anthak - hopefully I'm down to pick 3 next season so I can move on from Giannis :D

      Congrats @HEAVER on winning the lot, you built a very strong team that just kept delivering week after week.
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    6. The Royals
      The Royals
      Thanks anth for organising another great season, looking forward to playing with the big boys in premier
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