TS Fantasy NBA: Leagues and Draft order set

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Oct 7, 2018.

By anthak on Oct 7, 2018 at 11:42 PM
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    Its not too late for new people to join. Let us know asap in the comments if you're keen!
    We now have 42 confirmed for this season, still a few short of the 48 we usually get.

    A reminder that the draft is set for Sunday 14th Oct at 4:45pm AEDT.

    Here are our leagues for the new season, listed in draft order:

    Premier League:
    1. @ddsaints
    2. @HEAVER
    3. @bgt2110
    4. @stowie
    5. @walesy
    6. @yumcha
    7. @karlos
    8. @costak
    9. @anthak
    10. @Steve
    11. @Auron

    Division 1:
    1. @smokinjoemisiti
    2. @dabombers
    3. @Bearfly
    4. @Rad_E_Cool
    5. @rodgo
    6. @tyze1
    7. @Lano24
    8. @tasho
    9. @Lethal
    10. @Rev
    11. @Don_Cottagers

    Division 2, Conference 1:
    1. @ViQBoZ
    2. @Jet
    3. @Ekul23
    4. @That KI Guy
    5. @Jasmine
    6. @port_leschenault
    7. @Aram
    8. @maggots
    9. @nicksnow
    10. @HargyBear
    11. @Wombat100

    Division 2, Conference 2:
    1. @Peaches
    2. @MACCA2509
    3. @crossy
    4. @headmandude
    5. @Sparks
    6. @Trav00
    7. @Jmulldihno
    8. @Len
    9. @Danners
    10. @macca118
    11. @Hulkalicious

    Please spread the word that we're still looking for new players. Ask them to comment in this thread if keen to join.

    I will send out the final invites over the coming days and I will post in here when all done.
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Now that we have only 11 teams in each league, what is your preference for our schedule this season?

Poll closed Oct 10, 2018.
  1. 11 rounds, top 6 make finals. (play each other once each and have 1 bye each), season finishes 10/2.

    1 vote(s)
  2. 11 rounds, top 10 make finals. (for finals, top 6 get a bye in first round), finish 24/2.

    1 vote(s)
  3. 22 rounds, top 4 make finals. (play each other twice each and have 2 byes each), finish 31/3.

    8 vote(s)
  4. I dont mind, whatever...

    2 vote(s)


Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Oct 7, 2018.

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    1. Steve
      That is correct. I did not receive an email invite to join the league.

      However when I logged into ESPN it went straight to the league page.
    2. anthak
      Only those changing leagues would’ve received invites
    3. anthak
      So far, everyone has joined except for @Ekul23 and @Peaches

      We also still have 2 blank spots!
    4. HargyBear
      Yep will do!
    5. Wombat100
      G'day! I'm wombat and posting so I can be included in the league!
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    6. anthak
      Awesome, I assume you are @HargyBear s mate?
    7. HargyBear
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    8. anthak
      Cool, I’ve already got the email then. I’ll send the invite now
    9. walesy
      Send hugs for me!!
    10. HEAVER
      So we go right up to the end of the NBA season? hope the finalists don't get impacted by rested players on those last few meaningless matches.

      Random 2-way G-leaguers feast in that last week. Ala MarShon Brooks and Andre Ingram last season!!
    11. anthak
      Hey mate, there’s still a week and a half of the season remaining after we finish.

      It’s still a lot longer than we’ve gone previously, so will be interesting. Went with the option that got voted in as most popular :)
    12. HargyBear
      This is why i voted for the shorter season! Oh well outvoted :|
    13. HEAVER
      Don't mind the longer season - but the eventual winner may have won by dumb luck rather than skill (ie last minute benchings, random G-League beasts, Suns tanking, GSW players only playing 25mins, etc).
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    14. Steve
      I am pretty sure the Suns will start the tanking next week ;)
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    15. anthak
      @Wombat100 and @Ekul23 have both joined now.

      Now only waiting on @Peaches to join their league.

      And still need 1 more new player!
    16. Rad_E_Cool
      I noticed that the resting of star players didn't really happen as much last season. I think by extending the season and sheduling to reduce back-to-backs kept the guns going for all but the last 2 games or so.
      Teams with players who may have been on fantasy squads but weren't must-owns did rest their players, giving randoms a crack, but it wasn't the superstars like it had been in years past.
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    17. anthak
      @Peaches has joined now.
      But I just realised @ddsaints still hasnt joined in Premier League! Only one left.
      And we still have one more spot to fill if anyone knows of someone....
    18. dabombers
      Hey Guys, has anyone checked the draft time for Div 1??? Says 1 day and 17 hrs at time of post which will make the draft 4-5 in the morning of Monday OCT 15th AEDT!! Think it is out by 12 hours!
    19. anthak
      Strange, it looks ok to me.
      Is this happening for anyone else?
    20. dabombers
      It's a miracle Just lost 12 hours and wasn't even at the Casino!!!

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