TS Fantasy NBA: Mid-Season Review

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By anthak on Jan 4, 2022 at 10:50 PM
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    We have reached the point in the season where all teams have played each other once each. For the remaining five weeks, we now play the teams in our own conference for a second time, before we move on to the playoffs. The conferences are seeded at the beginning of the season based on the draft order.

    For those that don't know, we have been posting an update each week in the forum, outlining the top scoring teams of the week, as well as the coveted 'highest scoring loser' of the week!

    Check it out here: http://tooserious.net/forum/threads/21-22-nba-chatter.91014/

    So far, across 11 rounds, we have had eight different coaches be the highest scoring loser in any given week. Three of those have achieved the feat on two occasions! That's @Lethal , @smokinjoemisiti & @The Royals - tough luck guys!

    @Sparks is the only one of us to go through the first 11 matchups undefeated. Well done!

    @Rev has scored the most points of all of us, and incredibly he has used just four acquisitions so far!! Those moves were: Oct 20, added Aaron Gordon; Oct 26, added Raul Neto; Oct 27, dropped Neto, added Jalen Brunson; Oct 27, dropped Brunson, added Dennis Schroder... and that's it!

    @crossy has made the most moves with 52 acquisitions! Interestingly, the top-five are all from the Premier League; and five of the six with the least moves are all from Div2.

    All three leagues are really close at the moment, and the makeup of the playoffs, promotions and relegations will be decided in the coming weeks. Good luck to everyone!

    Here is a table to show the story thus far for all coaches across the three leagues.
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Jan 4, 2022.

    1. Steve
      It is all chook lotto at the moment for everyone.
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    2. anthak
      Yep, it’s a bit hit or miss depending on how many players are in the protocols. And it’s changing week to week!
    3. stowie
      Did Rev have the perfect draft? 9-2, most points and only 4 moves :spoton:
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    4. crossy
      yeah spot on, that is completely insane!
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    5. anthak
      Yeah, he must have.
      Hersey Hawkins Athletic Club

      1 Nikola Jokic Den, C

      24 LeBron James LAL, SF

      25 Ja Morant Mem, PG

      48 Jonas Valanciunas NO, C

      49 Pascal Siakam Tor, PF

      72 Kyle Lowry Mia, PG

      73 Terry Rozier Cha, PG

      96 Mikal Bridges Phx, SF

      97 Myles Turner Ind, C

      120 Marcus Smart Bos, SG

      121 Tyler Herro Mia, SG

      144 Desmond Bane Mem, SG

      145 Mo Bamba Orl, C
    6. anthak
      Also did well to pick up Schroder who has been really good.

      I actually had a waiver claim on Schroder too, but Bledsoe got dropped at same time and had been playing really well at the time, so I cancelled my waiver claim on Schroder to get Bledsoe instead..... Stupid call!

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