TS Fantasy NBA: Round 8 review

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Dec 21, 2016.

By anthak on Dec 21, 2016 at 11:13 PM
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Dec 21, 2016.

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    1. anthak

      Round 8:

      Highest score: @Steve - Premier - Freak It Up 1844
      Lowest score: @rodgo - Premier - Nahla Vs Little Dee 821
      Highest scoring loser: @LiQuiD_SiXx - Div 1 - Golden State Blew a 3-1 Lead 1709
      Lowest scoring winner: @Rev - Premier - Hersey Hawkins Athletic Club 1313
      Smallest margin: Div 1 - @tasho - . tasho 1517 def @Jasmine - Jasmine's Mob 1510 by 7 pts
      Biggest margin: Con 1: @HEATalicious - The Royals 1788 def @OutKast_au - San Diego Anchormen 996 by 792 pts
      Biggest aggregate: Div 1: @costak - CK Nicks 1726 def @LiQuiD_SiXx - Golden State Blew a 3-1 Lead 1709 = 3435 total
      Smallest aggregate: Con 1: @tyze1 - SF Bulls 1319 def @port_leschenault - KAThmandu Wolves 1067 = 2386 total

      Steve is rampaging, getting the highest score every week now!
      Rev has been the lowest scoring winner two weeks in a row :)
      L6 has been in the highest scoring game two weeks in a row, last week as a winner, this week as a loser.
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    2. anthak

      records for season:

      Highest score: @Steve - Premier - Freak It Up 2104 (Round 7)
      Lowest score: @610 - Div 1 - . 610 748 (Round 7)
      Highest scoring loser: @costak - Div 1 - CK Nicks 1764 (Round 7)
      Lowest scoring winner: Div 2, Conf 1: @Belmont383 - . Belmont383 1020 (Round 1*)
      Smallest margin: Con 1 - @HEATalicious - The Royals 1403 def @tyze1 - SF Bulls 1397 by 6 pts (Round 6)
      Biggest margin: Div 1: @Don_Cottagers - Don Cottagers 1594 def @610 - . 610 748 by 842 pts (Round 7)
      Biggest aggregate: Premier: Div 1: @LiQuiD_SiXx - Golden State Blew a 3-1 Lead 1966 def @Chris White - Kevin Walker 1665 = 3631 total (Round 7)
      Smallest aggregate: Premier: @Mick - Westside Hardcore 1077 def @rodgo - Nahla Vs Little Dee 956 = 2033 total (Round 6)

      no new records this week.

      * please note that I have decided to include round 1 even though it had a day less. This week (Round 9) also has a day less too.
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    3. anthak
      Fun fact:
      This close loss hurts even more considering the harsh luck that has seen @Jasmine currently have the most points against across the season, with 12619 points against across 8 rounds = 1577 ave per round.
      Jasmine is actually ranked 4th in points for in Div 1, but 2nd last on win loss record!
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    4. walesy
      Jasmines points Against, would currently be sitting in 3rd overall! #Brutal
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    5. Steve
      Thanks Ant for doing the write up.

      Look likes there has been a bit of confusion with Jamie still believing that he was co-owner of his team. He made a few moves to his team at the start of this round.

      I contacted him to let him know that in his email last week that he said that he wanted out and that there was no mention of him continuing on being a co-owner and therefore Trav is now the sole owner.
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    6. anthak
      Yes, he was clear about that. i had forgotten to remove Jamie after Trav joined, and then Trav contacted me a few days ago to find out what was going on because Jamie had made some moves, so i removed Jamie.
      I had asked Jamie to continue on until we found a replacement, so its probably my error in not letting Jamie know that Trav had taken over. i outlined it all in last weeks thread so i didnt think it was necessary to contact individualy.
    7. Jasmine
      Not enjoying the best luck this year!!! :(
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    8. anthak
      Youve got a good team that is scoring well :)

      Ive realised my post above wasnt really clear that you have the highest points against across all 4 leagues so far. and its by a fair bit too.

      Hopefully it swings around for you soon.

      If you can sneak into the playoffs i reckon your team is good enough to challenge any.

      Ps. i must admit that ive got a special interest in this because i am experiencing similar in my league, but not at the same level as you.
    9. Rad_E_Cool

      Top 5 Scorers of the Round

      1. James Harden - 321
      2. John Wall - 262
      3. Giannis Antetekounmpo - 232
      4. Bradley Beal - 227
      5. DeMar DeRozan - 218
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    10. anthak
      Check out this video about the boomers at the olympics

    11. anthak
      After this last round, I've now got the most points against across all leagues with 13863 against. That figure would be good enough for 2nd on my league's points for table
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