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By Bearfly on Mar 12, 2017 at 3:30 PM
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    Only 8 days to go before the season finally kicks off!!!
    I don't think I am alone in thinking it's about bl*#*y time :)

    After a bit of a discussion with the Chief @walesy the other week, the call is going out for expressions of interest to join a TS Footy Tipping comp and see who is the best tipster in the TS community.

    This will be a paid entry comp, with all funds to be handled via TS - so your entry fee and the overall prize pool will be safe :)

    Entry fee will be $69 for the season (that's $3 per round) - fees to be paid up in full by the beginning of round 6.

    Prize allocation depends on the amount of entrants - the more entrants, the bigger the prize pool - bigger prize pool = more prize placings and higher prize values.

    If we get enough entrants, we can also allocate funds to have a weekly "jackpot" for tipping a perfect round and closest to the margin in the 9 game rounds.

    The comp will be run on www.footytips.com.au and the more tipsters we get in the comp, the bigger the overall prize pool.

    Respond in the comments section if you're keen to have a crack to see who can be crowned the best tipster in the TS community - I will continually update this OP as we get entrants committing.

    As soon as you register your interest I will send you details of how to join via PM

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    2 - Sharkwhisperer
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Bearfly, Mar 12, 2017.

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    2. Crafty Yarni
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      From where i sit, i have concerns about people not being paid up to date and eventually don't pay up which reduces the pool to the well deserved winner(s).
      I don't condone the "oh he'll make the payment up so we'll let him still put his tips in"

      For me its either pay up front in full or nothing. That eliminates the above problem.

      The only other item that needs to be addressed is allocation of prizes. I propose...

      1st, 2nd,3rd, maybe a 4th and 5th depending on numbers. Also a weekly jackpot round for rounds with the full 9 games.
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    3. Bearfly
      Will add you to the OP mate :thumbsu:

      I understand your concern with the payment side of things - it was something I really mulled over because of the simple fact that most people have many competing priorities for their hard earned and can find it hard to fork out the full entry fee in one hit before the start.

      Might revisit that and have a deadline of round 6 to be fully paid up - that gives just over 7 weeks which means only $10 a week.

      As for the allocation of prizes (and weekly jackpot for 9 round games), they are on my list in front of me, but until we know how many entrants are in the comp we can't really commit to an amount or even how many places for prizes - 1st to 5th would require at least a dozen entrants.

      However if we manage 50 entrants I have it worked out that we can pay 10 places as well as having a nice weekly jackpot - so really all those details depend on the size of the comp.

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