TS Is rolled for the 2017 Season!

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Jan 27, 2017.

By walesy on Jan 27, 2017 at 1:41 PM
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    As always, there's gunna be bugs and whatnot with the rollover. I've got a couple of the outstanding ones below:

    1. Couple of older, redrafted players have been messed up, gotta consolidate their accounts.
    2. The VS games (SC and DT) Team Upload function is currently non-operational. Hopefully will have a fix for it by seasons end!
    3. The formatting is all bunk on the Bye table, cause there's 3 bye rounds now!
    4. ORF leagues, in lue of having a fixture, is defaulting to last season- so the ladder is all messed up. But we'll get that sorted out as the fixtures come in.

    If you spot anything else, let me know!
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Jan 27, 2017.

    1. Len
      Big day yesterday mate ? :)
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    2. TheTassieHawk
      Stats page giving me a database error, anyone else having better luck ?
    3. Len
      I downloaded the csv without a problem, but haven't tried any of the other buttons yet
    4. walesy
      yeah, looks like something is messing up, think I know what it is. One sec
    5. walesy
      hahaha :D Me brain good.
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    6. walesy
      Cool, injury list was messed up cause the official list doesn't have 18 teams listed yet- so it was just doing the 2 listed teams 9 times. :D
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    7. Iain
      Perfect timing for work tonight! Thanks mate, I'll have to donate soon too.
    8. Iain
      Also there are loads of duplicates in the Watchlist.
    9. walesy
      Cheers mate. They look like people that have changed clubs. Wonder what witchcraft has caused that! :D
    10. Iain
      Yeah maybe it is just being fair, and making it so every club gets a Jarryd Lyons.
    11. walesy
      Sorted. Turns out, it was a wizard. I got him though.
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    12. Jason
      Do GC and Port have a bye in R9 just because of the match fixtured in China?
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    13. TheTassieHawk
      That's the reason jase, a pity the china game wasn't in rounds 10-12 so the bye could fit into the bye rounds. On the plus side it should make the byes slightly easier to manage this season.
    14. Jason

      Anyone seen a copy yet?
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    15. stripey
      Hey walesy, 2016 stats seem to be empty... games, average etc when I do a search via year.

    16. choppers
      I just checked on Taylor Adam's stats for 2016 and they were there for every round...
    17. walesy
      Ah, that's an old bug that has reared its head.

      When you switch to a different year, it's supposed to default to the latest round- but it's just running with the current round (Round 0) - thus, finding nothing.

      I'll get a fix in for that tomoz, am a bit wrecked at the minute!!
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    18. Bandit

      So it's landing in newsagents (Mornington for a fact has it), but us mugs who paid an extra $10 to get it delivered early are still waiting.

      What a bunch of muppets... last time I pre-order
    19. Jason
      Yeah, I saw that too and came to the same conclusion.

      False-advertising to claim that pre-orders would be shipped in "mid-January", I wonder that that has any legs?

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