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By anthak on Aug 19, 2017 at 1:36 PM
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    NBA starts a little earlier than usual this season with opening night on Tuesday October 17th (Australia time).

    Its shaping up to be a great season again. I'm not sure if anyone can challenge the Warriors, but there's still plenty of intrigue, especially with a lot of big name players changing teams over the off-season, and the emergence of other teams who have stuck together. Not much going on for my Bulls though as they have already put their cue in the rack! Looking forward to finally seeing Ben Simmons in action as well!

    Some other dates worth keeping an eye on are 2/10, 8/10 & 13/10 where 3 Aussie NBL teams are set to take on NBA teams during their pre-season: Sydney v Utah; Melbourne v OKC; and Brisbane v Phoenix which are all shaping up to be huge games for Australian basketball.

    TooSerious fantasy NBA:

    As many of you know, we have been running a fantasy NBA comp here at TS, and this will be our 8th season on the trot!

    Past champions of our premier division are:

    16/17: @stowie
    15/16: @stowie
    14/15: @stowie
    13/14: @Mick
    12/13: @Ruddy
    11/12: @Jasmine
    10/11: @dabombers

    Safe to say Stowie has had a stranglehold on the chip the last few years, winning every season since being promoted back up to the top league (after he won the Division 1 title in 13/14!)!

    For the past 4 seasons we have had 4 leagues of 12 teams, with promotion and relegation each season.

    It would be ideal to continue with at least 4 leagues again this season, and that means having at least 48 participating coaches.

    If you are keen to play this season, please register your interest in this thread.

    We use the ESPN site as a platform for the gameplay, and the rules/settings/scoring can be found here: http://games.espn.com/fba/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=23530

    Once we know who is playing, we'll work out the promotion and relegation from last seasons results and then set up the leagues in ESPN. We will also likely discuss rules and such at a later date.

    Let us know in the comments below if you're in or not.

    New players are of course welcome to join in too! Encourage others to play if they haven't been involved before.

    For any new players, any available spots will be given out to those who register their interest first in this thread.
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by anthak, Aug 19, 2017.

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    1. anthak
      Its good we've heard from 4 more over the last few days.
      Ive just sent emails and msgs etc to the remaining 5.
      I'll see how we go. If they dont recommit, and we dont get nee people, we might have to reduce the Div 2 leagues down to 10 teams each. Not ideal, but no problem.
      Hopefully we do hear from some though.

      Again if anyone knows of anyone who might be keen, ask them to post in here ;)
    2. stowie
      NBL Fantasy bit rough with the position restrictions, but still gonna be fun to put a team together.

      Time to hunt for the doubles!
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    3. Bearfly
      If anyone else is looking for another league to join try 9UR94RRZ
    4. Bearfly
      Put together a bit of a spready with doubles the other day - fire through your email and I'll send it to you mate - saves you going through the effort yourself :)
    5. stowie
      Found this, has been handy!

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    6. The Royals
      The Royals
      HEATalicious is in
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    7. walesy
      ok, I'm in. No idea on any players though, but man, the prize is great! :D
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    8. Bearfly
      Yeah, pretty much what I managed to put together in 10 minutes - but mine has an added extra of also having a Home/Away breakdown added :D
    9. anthak
      Ive heard back from @Jai Thomas and @610 who both are opting out this season.
      @Chris White is keen to go again I think.
      I havent heard from @BallDontLie
      So we will need 2-3 more people to have 4 full leagues of 12. Put the word out
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    10. Sparks
      Im keen to play, am mates with crossy and lano so would prefer to play in that league, cheers
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    11. stowie
      How are peoples NBL teams looking?

      I'm running with the following...

      Shorter / White
      McCarron / DKD
      Creek / Walker
      DJ / Cody Ellis
      Hodgson / Humphries

      Lots of 36ers and hopefully some guys that will increase in price. Planning on keeping Lisch all season.

      @Bearfly @anthak
    12. walesy
      Hearing that the first 2 weeks don't count towards the overall prize total, but do count towards the first monthly total.

      Trying to get clarification on it :D
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    13. walesy
      Yeah, sounds like the first 2 weeks won't count- they just haven't updated that onto the site anywhere yet.

      Ade players out. Bri players in. :D
    14. stowie
      Legit! Time to start again haha
    15. Bearfly
      With Brisbane having only 1 game in round 1 and a bye in round 2, as against Adelaide who have double game weeks in both rounds, I think I prefer to go with the Adelaide players who will get a price rise before Brissy even play their 2nd game, then look at possibly an early round 3 trade or 2 to swing in a Brissy player or 2!!!
    16. Len
      I had to do some hasty research, this is what I've ended up with, but nowhere near enough of an idea to know if it's awesome or crap..
      I am keen on Humphries which makes the centres look odd

    17. Bearfly
      Not bad for "nowhere near enough of an idea", but I prefer Creek over Martin as 6th man - he's been absolutely on fire over past couple of months with Boomers and Sixers
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    18. Len
      Cheers mate, appreciate it, I have the funds, will investigate :)
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    19. anthak
      i think both are very good options. Martin should do well in the new scoring format with all his counting stats
      FWIW I have Creek in my lineup. Loved watching his work for the boomers!
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    20. anthak
      I missed all these comments today and I was just coming on here to let everyone know about this! I only just realised...

      Here is the rule:

      15. In addition, subject to clause 3, at the end of the FL Entry Period, the Promoter will select the top three (3) entrants with the most points accumulated across all Rounds combined (excluding Rounds 1 and 2) to each receive a prize (“Top 3”).
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