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By anthak on Aug 19, 2017 at 1:36 PM
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    NBA starts a little earlier than usual this season with opening night on Tuesday October 17th (Australia time).

    Its shaping up to be a great season again. I'm not sure if anyone can challenge the Warriors, but there's still plenty of intrigue, especially with a lot of big name players changing teams over the off-season, and the emergence of other teams who have stuck together. Not much going on for my Bulls though as they have already put their cue in the rack! Looking forward to finally seeing Ben Simmons in action as well!

    Some other dates worth keeping an eye on are 2/10, 8/10 & 13/10 where 3 Aussie NBL teams are set to take on NBA teams during their pre-season: Sydney v Utah; Melbourne v OKC; and Brisbane v Phoenix which are all shaping up to be huge games for Australian basketball.

    TooSerious fantasy NBA:

    As many of you know, we have been running a fantasy NBA comp here at TS, and this will be our 8th season on the trot!

    Past champions of our premier division are:

    16/17: @stowie
    15/16: @stowie
    14/15: @stowie
    13/14: @Mick
    12/13: @Ruddy
    11/12: @Jasmine
    10/11: @dabombers

    Safe to say Stowie has had a stranglehold on the chip the last few years, winning every season since being promoted back up to the top league (after he won the Division 1 title in 13/14!)!

    For the past 4 seasons we have had 4 leagues of 12 teams, with promotion and relegation each season.

    It would be ideal to continue with at least 4 leagues again this season, and that means having at least 48 participating coaches.

    If you are keen to play this season, please register your interest in this thread.

    We use the ESPN site as a platform for the gameplay, and the rules/settings/scoring can be found here: http://games.espn.com/fba/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=23530

    Once we know who is playing, we'll work out the promotion and relegation from last seasons results and then set up the leagues in ESPN. We will also likely discuss rules and such at a later date.

    Let us know in the comments below if you're in or not.

    New players are of course welcome to join in too! Encourage others to play if they haven't been involved before.

    For any new players, any available spots will be given out to those who register their interest first in this thread.
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by anthak, Aug 19, 2017.

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    1. Rad_E_Cool
      Can someone please double-check, cos I'm on mobile and it's fiddly, but we've got our double-week for the all-star Game at round 17 (first round of the playoffs) for Feb 5-18, but shouldn't it be Round 18 as the ASG is Feb 18?
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    2. Len
      Does anyone know why some players are showing double points here?

    3. anthak
      I think its just that they have played 2 games
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    4. anthak
      just realised I sent the invite to the wrong email address. Ive just resent it, and should be ok now
    5. anthak
      yeah you are right, but we have no control over that. Im not sure why they did it that way this season.
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    6. anthak
      yeah the all star break is from 16th to 21st inclusive, so both weeks 17 and 18 are equally effected, so both should have been just 1 week, or both two weeks.
      but no worries, we're all in the same boat.
    7. Bearfly
      @anthak got it spot on - Sobey and Creek had both played their 2nd game of the round.

      Sobey was a little disappointing against the Kings, but I think that will be the nature of many players throughout the season (big game one week but quieter the next).
      That said, how darn good was Ramone Moore for the Sixers against the Kings!!!
      Am thinking Humphries might not earn as much cash as many hoped - very fumbly for alot of his court time, but did do a few nice things.
      Didn't get to see the Perth v Brissy game, but seems Cotton has picked up where he left off last season - thinking he, along with Casper Ware, will be the premier point guards of the comp this season.
    8. anthak
      He was so close to making my team. Was my fave player last season at Melbourne. I just wasnt sure he'd get enough opportunity at Ade, same as at Melb.
    9. anthak
      @Bearfly what was the go with Hodgson playing such little minutes that game?
    10. Bearfly
      Same here mate - but looks like he could be the real X-factor for the Sixers.
      Was actually the first import Joey signed for this season, so he obviously planned for him to be a major contributor - if he continues in that form he should almost be a lock for best 6th man award at end of season.

      Was a bit surprised with his lack of minutes myself - got a couple of early cheap fouls and was replaced by Deng early.
      Thinking maybe it was more a case of Deng's performance demanded Joey play him ahead of Hodgson - Deng seemed to match up better with his agility.
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    11. anthak
      I've just thought that we could set finals games at 2 weeks duration each game. That would mean we'd get a 3 week matchup with all star weekend in the middle of it, and then 2 week matchups for semis and final.
      This would make the semi much fairer. As it is presently, it's just a 5 day matchup for the semi.

      Let me know if anyone objects to this. If nothing coming, I'll go ahead and change it.
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    12. Bearfly
      Sounds good to me mate :thumbsu:
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    13. Len
      Does the Ladbrokes comp delay the results to get PWC in to check scores every week or is this special?
    14. Bearfly
      Not sure mate, completely new format this season so bound to be a few teething issues.

      On another note, did anyone else try out the Game Day format in round 1???
      Check out #2 on the rankings for all games of round 1 :D
    15. walesy
      Apparently something messed up in the stats feed

      Should be getting sorted out today, with future weeks running smoother
    16. Len
      Hope so, has a very SBS TDF feel about it atm
    17. Len
      Hate to be the grumpy old man type, and hopefully I am just wrong, but I think the site is limiting me to one trade at a time, making it virtually impossible to trade up?
    18. anthak
      Yeah I think that's right, but can still trade one and then another. What's worse I think is that it seems you can't move DPP players during a trade. That sux!
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    19. Len
      Yep, I was looking to trade down in C and up in SG but can't do it, nor use the DPP option, frustrating and feels like an oversight, makes me think there first 2 weeks might have been to work out bugs?.
    20. anthak
      Haha maybe!

      Regarding your trades, I don't understand why you can't trade down in C and then do a new trade for your SG?
      I see that it would take a bit extra planning to make sure you have enough $ for your upgrade - is that what you mean?

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