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Discussion in 'Leagues' started by TerryinBangkok, Mar 13, 2019.

By TerryinBangkok on Mar 13, 2019 at 2:50 PM
  1. TerryinBangkok

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Discussion in 'Leagues' started by TerryinBangkok, Mar 13, 2019.

    1. JoshyC
      I’m Keen to go again in some of the leagues from previous years...div 1, platinum, the ashes. Please PM the codes as I changed my email address this season, and so don’t get the invites from recreates, etc.

      Also, I am still running the TS pine warmers, one of the first TS leagues ever. We had some duds last year, so I cleaned house and have some spots available. PM if your keen but top players only pls. Top 5k regulars
    2. anthak
      For platinum league, we’ll need to pick the best 18 coaches, so if anyone is keen please post in here and let us know your last 2 or 3 overall ranks.
    3. anthak
      I’ve just promoted this to the front page too.
    4. TheTassieHawk
      Has anyone already created/joined a TS Group - if not can somebody please create one and share the code ?
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    5. TerryinBangkok
      TS EXPATS 750770 14 spots
      TS DONUTS 916810 5 spots
      TS MISFITS 200336 9 spots
      TS SERIOUSLY? 447909 12 spots
      TS SOUTH AUSTRALIA 515457 13 spots
    6. pacman81
      Hi Ant, I'm keen for another crack at the Platinum league. 1837 last year, 3k year before.
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    7. anthak
      I am also keen for Platinum btw.

      Last year finished 2454 (finished poorly the last 5 weeks).
      Year before finished 15th.
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    8. JoshyC
      1775 last year
      8k year before (yuk)
      877 before that
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    9. Jason
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    10. anthak
    11. Jason
      It was hidden in an earlier blog thread, on the 2nd or even a later page of comments - so not easy to find. This location in the OP is much better.
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    12. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Joined league. Team Name Cpt Pugwash 1008th last year.
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    13. Sean K
      Sean K
      I'm in TS Seriously? as Sean's Prawns.

      I'm going to win the overall comp this year. ;)
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    14. TerryinBangkok
      Just an update, 4 days out. ORRFL is still 5 short and ORFANS is 4 short
    15. TerryinBangkok
      I see you have 2 MAZDA BT-50s in your midfield. Can't lose :cool:
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    16. anthak
      Just set up a new league if anyone wants to join it:

      TooSerious Div3
      League code: 640152
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    17. Waldo666
      I'll jump in Ant, reckon that's about where I'm at atm, cheers.
    18. anthak
      Haha, no worries. Funny thing is there’s no Div 1 or 2!
      And platinum league is only half full....
    19. Waldo666
      Hahaha, well there ya go! I haven't really had any platinum seasons recently but yell out if you need another team in there.
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