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    Well, here we are after a very high scoring round, and unfortunately the donors couldnt capitalise on all of the points being collected by the popular players. While some were getting 2800, and the top score broke the 2900 mark, the donors managed a relatively poor 2458 points in round 18. This gave us a ranking of 30k for the week, however it was good enough for us to climb 437 places in the overall rankings, to now be 15,298 for the season.

    On the leagues front we were 3 and 2. We won our game in Ucantbetooserious, but were ninth on the ladder, with a win and 1.2% behind eighth place. We also won our game in Ucantbe TS, where were in a three-way tie for top spot, but we have the worst percentage. Tsigotatheory saw a loss for the donors, leaving us in 7th place on percentage, a game clear of ninth, but in a five-way tie for that all important 4th spot, and taking on one of our equally placed opponents in the final round. We won our game with the TS Pine Warmers, guaranteeing us a minimum of 7th place, but were only one win away from the log-jam that is teams placed 3rd through 6th. We lost our game in the TS WA league, leaving us precariously placed in 8th place, but tied on points with the two teams below us.

    Its going to be an interesting final round of the regular season, but first, join me over the break to see how our boys went in round 18.<!--more-->

    We had a mixed bag this week, with some huge scores, some disappointments, and a donut. It looked like this:

    Deledio DEF 126
    Scotland DEF 117
    Goddard DEF 127
    Shaw DEF 121
    Lake DEF 49
    Carrazzo DEF 125
    Yarran DEF 58
    Ablett MID 171 captain 342
    Kennedy MID 127
    Mitchell MID 97
    Selwood MID 126
    Priddis MID 119
    Pendlebury MID 136
    Cox RUC 121
    Roughead RUC 100
    Dangerfield FWD 133
    Riewoldt FWD 61
    Martin FWD 103
    Porplyzia FWD 100
    Goodes FWD 77
    Adams FWD 93

    Shaw DEF 0
    Darly DEF 0 em
    Gibson MID 116 em
    Sexton MID 0
    Campbell RUC 0
    Pattison RUC 0
    Milera FWD 0
    Franklin FWD 0
    Sidebottom FWD 0

    As normal, starting down back, we had some excellent performances. The defenders were lead by Goddards 127, followed by Deledio on 126, Carrazzo on 125, and Shaw on 121. Combined with Scotlands 117, and our defence was flying. It did however come crashing back to earth with Yarran 58 and the Lake 49. Both of our benchwarmers, Shaw and emergency Darley failed to score, so there were no potential missed points here.

    Moving forward, and captain Gazza lead the team with a fine 171, doubling up to a nice 342 points. Next up was the Pendlebury 136, the Kennedy 127 and the Selwood 126. Rounding out our midfield for the week was Priddis on 119, and Mitchell on a relatively lowly 97. This score was made even worse with Gibsons 116 sitting on the pine next to Sextons donut. Although we never would have done it, picking Gibson ahead of Mitchell would have given us an extra 19 points.

    Onto the big men, and Cox managed 121 points this week, while Roughead got a round 100. Once again our bench was a pair of donuts to Campbell and Pattison.

    Finally our forward line, which has been problematic in one way or another for the entire season. This week well start with Franklin and Sidebottom on the pine, who were joined in the donuttery by Milera. We copped Riewoldts terrible 61, and the injured Goodes 77. The Adams 93 was an adequate substitutes score, while Porplyzia managed to ton up, with a nice round 100 points. He was just behind Martin, on 103, while Dangerfield topped our list of forwards with a fantastic 133. So, with three donuts there was no way we could have gotten more points this round from our forwards.

    We made just the one trade going into round 18, taking the decision to drop Broughton, and bring in Scotland. Seeing as Broughton didnt play, and Scotland tonned up, its looking like this was the right decesion.

    So, what else is in plan to see this team climb up the overall standings, and make an impact on the league finals? The only way to find out and have your say is to join us in the donor forum, so head on over...


Discussion in 'Blog' started by arumanayagam, Jul 30, 2012.

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