Under 18 Championships.

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    I figure, Im going to want to review these reviews in about 8 months time, and what better way to preserve them than to throw them up here.

    So, if like me, youre looking slightly towards the future, read ahead...

    (Taken from the AFL Website)
    Day 1

    Xavier McMahon - Xavier won the most disposals for NSW/ACT and he was a pretty good player all day. He also gave his side plenty of run.
    Patrick Heenan - Although the Northern Territory missed several key players, Patrick was one of sides best and won 20 touches - the most for his side. He tried really hard all day.
    Tom Salter - Tommy was really good in the midfield. He was Tassies highest ball-winner with 24 touches.
    Matt Thomson - Matt was Queenslands leading ball-winner and he worked hard all day.

    Day 2

    Ranga Ediriwickrama - He was really good. He had a high work-rate and won a lot of the footy - he won 32 possessions. Ranga was good in game one, but he was cleaner with his ball-use and gathering. He really led from the front and was outstanding.
    Patrick Heenan - Ive liked what Ive seen of him in the last two games - I havent seen him much since he was in under 16s - and hes now at Melbourne Grammar. He played a loose role in the back-pocket and hes got a license to free up and attack, but he makes good decisions. What I like about him is that hes got great balance and takes the game on. Hes been good.
    Matt Thomson - A ball-winner, hes not the biggest kid going around, but he finds the footy and he uses it well - hes now had a couple of solid games. He got 28 touches against NSW/ACT.

    Day 3

    Ranga Ediriwickrama - Ranga had a good game. Hes one of our scholarship boys and weve been really happy with his carnival and hes won a lot of footy. He worked really hard around the stoppages and has won contested footy, so he should be proud of his efforts.
    Luke Breust - I thought he had a really influential game. He used the ball well and was quite creative with his hands. Hes really clean with his hands. Luke booted two goals.

    'Eye catchers' - Metro V Country
    Nick Suban* - Subans ball-winning ability and ground work was great.
    Nic Heyne - Heyne created a number of opportunities to work his way into the game. He used the ball effectively and also created a number of scoring opportunities.
    Tom Rockliff - He was a very good player, booting four goals.

    Jack Watts - He finished with 12 possessions and booted four goals, including the match-winner.
    Shaun McKernan - His ruck-work was excellent. Vic Metro had the better of the stoppages because of McKernans ruckwork.
    Tyrone Vickery - Vic Metros ruck dominance was due to McKernan and Vickery. Vickery also won his share of the ball as well as influencing the play with his ruckwork.
    Tom Lynch - He was dominant early, but drifted out of the game. He presented up extremely well early in the game, when he was playing as a leading forward, coming up to half-forward.
    Michael Hurley - Hurley was the best backman on the ground. He just doesnt get beaten in one-on-one contests. He hasnt had high possessions, but whenever hes been in a one-on-one contest, he never gets outmarked. He also doesnt give his opponent easy possessions, so Id say he was the dominant defender.
    Xavier Gotch - He picked up good numbers in terms of possessions - he got 21 disposals the most for his side.
    David Zaharakis - Zaharakis also gained 19 possessions, behind only Gotch for Vic Metro.   

    Now, according to the Freakos latest, Suban is one to watch out for...


Discussion in 'Blog' started by CJ22, May 29, 2008.

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